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Can Not lose weight

Hi I am 57 years old and has always had a weight problem.
I Did the amino acid shots and lost weight 2 seperate times.
Each time I gained the weight back I was heavier than my starting weight.
I now weigh more than I ever have. No matter what I do I can not lose weight.
I never go over 1,000 a day. Sometimes I don't even reach 1,000.
My health is in jeopardy now and I need some help.
I have no medical insurance,so doctors visits are out of the question (emergency only)
I need to lose about 65 lbs.
Can someone help???
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well you haven't shared a whole lot of info, but I do know that 1000 cals isn't much and you proably need to actually be taking in more than that. I know it may surprise you to hear that advise to lose weight but its true. Your body could be in starvation mode and storing everything you give it as fat. If you really have a hard time eating that much, try eating several small meals and snacks throughout the day. Good luck.
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Thank you for your response.
I am sorry for not giving more info.
I will be 58 in April. I am 5'2" and weigh 210lbs.
I have never in my ife weighed this much.
I have been to weight programs that use the amino acid injections and diet pills. This program really worked for me. I have not been on this progam for the past 8 years. Over time all the weight plus more has come back.
I am a border line diabetic.
I have tried so many differnt things to lose weight this time around but NOTHING has worked.
I broke my leg about 18 months ago and while immobile I gained an extra 20 lbs.
I don't understand the 1200 to 1400 calorie intake ??
With that many I will only add more pounds. However I am desperate and will take any advice.
Thank you again. Will be waiting for more advice.
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Check out the new book by Kevin Trudeau the weight loss cure, he talks about hCG injections and  low carb lots of water diet, a good liver cleanse is recommended. He says all fat people have a sluggish liver.  Makes sense.
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I agree with kk2. You are in starvation mode. You need to up your calorie intake and you need to start to work out. This is going to have to be a life style change for you. You need to eat 5-6 small balanced meals a day. Stay away from things in a box except rice. Cook all your food from fresh ingrediants.

Good luck
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I know it seems hard to understand, but your body will simply metabolize everything better. When you're eating the right amounts of the right kinds of foods, then the body runs "like a machine" and burns the calories effectively. But if you're taking in too little, it stores them because it is afraid of not getting any more. Eat lots of veggies and protein, drink a lot of water and make sure you're exercising. You didn't say if you're limited on what you can do as far as exercise. But I feel that is the key to keeping the weight off after you lose it no matter how you lose it (but especially if you do it with any kind of meds) is to continue your healthy habits of a good diet and exercise. Good luck!
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kk2 well put :)
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Thank you all so much for your advice.
Yes I am limited to what exercise I can do.
When I fell and broke my leg, it broke right at the ankle. I also dislocated my knee and sprang both ankles.
The Dr. told me I will have pain the rest of my time.
If I walk very much my ankle will swell and really hurt. However I am going to start walking in the early morning and evenings.
I will try the higher calorie intake. I love veggies so that shouldn't be a problem.
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the more excersise you do the better your joints will get :)
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If there is a gym or Fitness center (like a Y or something) you can go to you could try swimming or an exercise bike or elliptical machine that wouldn't be so much stress on your ankles and other joints. Even just working out with weights will help you be healthier!
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I am 39 years old i have been dieting and execising and gaining weight. When I started dieting alone I lost 20 lbs. then I added exercise and gained 5 lbs. Now I have added acai berries and no change. I need help
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