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Can't Eat Enough

I weight way to much.
im 24 almost birthday is at the end of feb
im 5'6
im very active now I jog/walk 40 mins per day 5 days a week
ive currently lost 17 pounds
but im having a problem since i started to work out longer IM burning through to many calories and not eating enough. I am suppose to burn 2500 doing about nothing  I eat all meals and a snack dont skip anything but I feel full all the time then at the end of the day to make sure i eat enough food and i find out i dont I panic and eat some ice cream or almonds something fatty so it adds up right.im  shooting for 2000 cals per day
Sat, Feb 03 2007
A   Kiwi Fruit, (Chinese Gooseberries), Fresh 46, B+  Almonds 208, A   Bananas 121, B   Chicken, Roasting, Light Meat, Meat Only - Cooked, Roasted 257, B+  Rice, White, Long-grain, Regular, Cooked 205, B   Cranberry Sauce - Canned, Sweetened 172, A   Quaker, Quaker Oat Cinnamon Life 120, B-  Egg, Whole - Cooked, Hard-boiled 78, A   Bread, Mixed-grain - (Includes Whole-grain, 7-grain) , A   Orange Juice 112, C-  Chocolate Fudge Brownie Original Ice Cream 520, Total Calories Consumed: 1,919
1. if I keep going short once or twice a week will that be VERY bad? even tho im not trying to do it on perpose
2. going back to the very fatty icecream is really bad to fill in calories? and or almonds or other things high in cal.
3. should i count cal burn in work out when I figure out how much food i should be eating. I know im not suppose to go under 1200 or something like that but that includes how much your working out?
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yes thanks, but the problem isnt my being hungry all the time beause im not. the problem is im not intaking enough food per day so its putting very close to 1200 cals. including my work out. I tried eating more food but i feel so full now adays with out eating much. I already drink water during the meal and a cup after that. All I am worried about is my body at some point saying no more and going on fat lock down making it harder for me to lose more weight.

Cal's Eaten and Burned

1300 - 1700 Eaten
500         Burn

Per Day

so as a panic mode move i go to a fatty food such as almonds or something like that to fill in the cal's im missing to put me at

2000 - 1800

Per Day

but by doing that am I missing myself up as well or can I go close to 1300 Cal per day once and awhile and be ok? because I keep track and its happing about 3 times to 4 times a week
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Are you extremely under weight?  I think you're eating the wrong thing.  White rice should be replaced with wholegrain rice and chocolate fudge cake should only be eaten as a treat.  If you want to increase your weight than I suggest you eat more wholegrain pasta, bananas, wholemeal bread etc.  Even if you are wanting to put on weight you should still be eating healthy food.  What exercise do you do?  How many calories do you burn each day?  
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um im like 279 as of today

which is way over weight

i didnt break those things into snacks, but that was including snacks

but that was snacks...

so i eat about 5 times per day i stop eating around 8pm because i go to bed around 12pm sometimes 11pm

i normally eat a banana daily. as a snack after breakfast before i go walking. ive been walking around 2.5 - 3.5 miles per day the nike plus ipod attachment says im burning around 400-700 cal's in my walk.

i did kinda fix the problem of not enough food. by cutting back on water during the meal and only having one after meal. so i finally made it up to 1800 cal's with out resorting to fatting foods to full in the blank 300 to 400 i was short by almost everyday.

to much water was making me feel full all the freakin time which in turn made me not really want to eat anymore. I needed proper food intake because well ive been walking/jogging to much which is why i started worrying because i was crashing after my walks.

thanks everyone.

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Sorry but I'm having problems understanding you.  Talk me through what you ate yesterday and what you've eaten today.  Also what do you weight in stones?  When you say 279 do you mean in pounds which would make you 20 stone?
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if i'm a picky eater what can i eat thats healthy but also taste good  thats my prob   i get discouraged about foods that are good for me and yet i don't like alot of stuff
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I think I'm a picky eater and I still manage to eat well.  Tell me what you like and dislike.  Would you have weetabix or a smoothie for breakfast?  What fruit and veg do you like?  Do you like wholemeal bread?  White bread isn't good for you as its full of preservaties..
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