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Clear Lake Weight Loss Doctor?

Has anyone used or heard of any weight loss doctors in the Clear Lake City/Nasa/South Shore Harbour or League City areas of Houston?  Any opinions?  I had gone to weight loss doctor in Baytown several years ago and was successful due to the shots, but could never find out what was in them.  Wondering if the shots I got are the lipo BC injections?  Seems like the older I get, the harder it is to loose the weight, no matter how hard I try.  I welcome any and all helpful suggestions!
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Hi Brenda - thanks for the information! The location is right around the corner from my office so I will call them tomorrow.  As I said, I believe that the shots worked for me in the past but have not had the same luck with an nurse from the South Shore area who says her shots are B6 and B12 as they have done nothing for me.  Kinda makes me wonder if hers are the real thing.

I will keep in touch for sure.  Thanks a lot.
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I am going to Dr. Bergeron in Clear Lake. You can go to the website, www.wellcareclinic.com

He's fairly reasonable, they have a special right now to get started. He gives the B12 lipo injections, plus phentermine if you want it. Jennifer is the PA there and that's who you will see each time you go, she is also a nutritionist.

I've had good success so far, hvae lost 15 pounds in a month, and I am very resistant to weight loss (the as you get older thing, lol).

If you decide to go there, if you would tell them B.Lovell sent you, I get a $25.00 credit for referrals, and you will as well if you refer someone.

Good Luck, the shots definitely work, the first one I got I was sceptical but about the third or fourth day I noticed my clothes were much looser, then the weight started coming off. For me, it seems like I lose alot of inches then the weight starts dropping.  I really have not exercised  much as my schedule is very hectic,and I walk on my job everyday anyway.

Let me know how it goes, nice to have someone close to compare notes.

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