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Diet Pills - Please respond

Hi, I'm really starting to lose motivation. The only time I've ever had a skinnny day was when I was 7, as an adult, the closest I ever came to a skinny day was when I became more toned after going to the gym 4 years ago. I was at normal weight and in the best shape of my life though I wasn't skinny. I weighed 154 pre-pregnancy and I'm 5'8. I'm now 212 and I'm really missing those days since the weight has just piled up after 2 back to back pregnancies, the second being twins. Anyway, I'm geting very curious about trying fat-blocking pills or weight loss pills. I'm already on the Abs Diet and I've been able to stick with it o far and I've lost 2 pounds in almost a month, but on someone with my weight that hardly makes a difference. Have any of you tried diet pills or fat burning pills? What works? What's the safest? I've heard others say that you gain the weight back once you get off the pills, but what if you're already on a balanced diet? Have any of you stopped taking diet pills or supplements without gaining the weight back? If so, which ones have you taken?
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gee, I'm sure a lot of you have tried Diet Pills, why are there more responses to other posts today and not mine and it was posted hours ago?
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Ok, I've done them all....they all work, bontril is the strongest, I got down to 115, I'm 5'5. I am now at 130. I quit taking them last summer, can't get them without a prescription on the net anymore. they also made my bloodpressure REALLY high. you can get Phentramine w/o prescription (just google) and they work ok...not near as good ar RX, but help the hunger a little. All diet pills need RX now, and My Dr. won't ok, as In his eyes I am not that overweight, and have a healthy BMI I would love to be 115 again, but not sure it is so healthy to live on diet pills??(i've taken them on and off for 10 yrs.) As for balanced diet, I eat very healthy, and work out 4 days a week(although I have been slacking the last month. I am doing the lipodissolve shots, and they kinda take you out of commission for awhile, although I have been walking. The weight comes back no matter what unless you eat only 1200-1500 cals a day, which is really hard to do w/o the diet pills cuz your starving! hope I've helped....good luck!
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Thanks, there's no calorie couinting with my diet but I've seen some change, I just wish I'd at least drop to below 200 lbs.
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