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Do anyone take Lipotropic pill?

I have decided to take lipotropic pill along with the b12 shots instead of ordering it through Scale Solutions (trying the cheap route 1st)and I was wondering if anyone else is or if anyone knew of anybody that the pills have worked on. I will be started the whole shabang on Monday (b12 injection, 37.5 phentermine, lipotropic pills, and a 800 calorie diet)The instructions on the bottles tells me to take 2 tablet three times a day but that seem a bit much.
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2 of which tablets?where di you order the pipo pills didnt know it comes in pill form
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I bought the lipotropic pills from www.911healthshop.com. The PURE LIPOTROPIC FAT BURNER TABLETS contain the following ingredients per tablet:

L-Carnitine ................10 mg
Choline Bitartrate .........150 mg
Inositol ...................150 mg
Betaine ....................150 mg
Methionine .................150 mg
Chromium Picolinate ........50 mcg

These are the same active ingredients that are in the shot form. I will begin taking it on Monday. I will keep you posted on how I do.
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whew soory about the typo its lipo,lol anywayzzzz thanx for the info i will look it up,i am so afraid to start back my phentermine,because of the side affects but i plan to start back tomorrow and maybe the pills that you speak of also,i tell ya weight is so easy to gain but very hard to lose.
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i have searched that website and was unable to find the product will u please tell me the exact name on the bottle?
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I have been taking pill form of lyptropics with same amount on ingredients for two weeks, plus 5000 mcg of sublingual B12 and i have not lost a pound.  I read somewhere that you need 1000 mg of the inositol and the other two ingredients for it to work for weight loss.
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Go to www.911healthshop.com and type in the search Lipotropics and that should pull it up for you. I started taking them on Monday along with the b12 shots and the phentermine. I will weight in on Friday so hopefully I've lost at least two.
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I am taking the phentermine, the lipo injection, the b12/b6 combo injection, 40 mg of lasix a day, and I just started the lipo pills last Tuesday, and calorie intake below a 1000.  I have noticed that the last two days I am starving to death.  I have been on this regimen for three weeks and only lost 5 lbs.  Could the lipo pills be making me hungry or is the phentermine not working any longer?  Any ideas.
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My 78 year old father takes lasix, I think it's for his heart if I remember right.  It's definitely not to be taken for weight loss.  if anything it may thin the blood to flow easier.
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I have been taking the lipotropic pills and the 37.5 phentermine and I was noticing the same symptoms that leroysbaby was describing such as the problems with being hungry. So I decided to take a couple days off the lipotropic pills and the phentermine seemed to have worked better alone. I have only been taking this combination for a little over a week and I have lost about 5-6 pounds.
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It was the lipotropic pills.  Stop taking them and now doing great.  I have lost a total of 10 lbs is 4 weeks.  I don;t want to loose it any faster.  The Lasix is a prescription water pill.  I have a bad problem with water retention it runs in the family.  I have been on and off those for 10 years.
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I am a nurse and have done my research on the lippo shots... there is much success and it does help to control the appetite. Good eating habits such as "Natural" peanut butter for snacking on whole wheat toast w/ a banana for breakfast is satisfying and sticks with you. A cup of fat free milk or a cup of yogurt w/added fruit or granola has the same effects... I know some of you say "Ew"! But it's all about changing your taste buds and developing a taste for the finer things. Keep in mind with the lippo injections though there only to make you lose inches  "With good eating habits" what ever or however healthy weight loss is NOT fast weight loss and you have to be self disciplined and patient. Since January 05' I have lost 50 lbs...Today I am very fit and at 42 yrs old weight gain can be a fight, also I am hypothyroid; which is a deterrent of weight loss. I have noticed that I have lost inches which actually is better than pounds since you keep your muscle. I walk 21 miles a week, and run 3 a week; also I work lightly with weights 3 times a week for toning. I am 5'3" and weigh 152 lbs, but I wear a size misses 6. This shows I have high muscle mass. I am at 22% body fat I would like to be at 19-20%. which is healthy for a 42 yr old woman. I want to encourage all you woman toward the lippo instead of diet pills, which have bad side effects and eventually stop working and then you rapidly gain back all your weight plus some! The benefits from healthy eating walking, biking, tennis, swimming, or some kind of exercise 5 times a week (THAT YOU ENOY) will be life long rewarding and WILL get you to your goal. Don't give up Cause remember FIRST, it's really ALL about attitude!! You go girls!!
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Hi my name is Bre I was reading the comment section and I noticed you said something about you getting a vial of the lipotropics from Scale Solutions...is that on line or a local store? I take the the lppo shots through a weightloss center and I am paying $15 a shot once a week! Actually I pay $20 because tha lippoo shot I take has vitamin B6 mixed in....If I can get it cheaper then I am all for that. From what I have researched and worked with in biology; Lippotropic liquifies fat and the benefit of B6 included, puts holes in the fat seperates it and then sends it to be flushed from the body...that is where when taking the lippo shots one wants to be sure and eat high fiber and drink pleanty of water. Three days a week I eat raisen bran and I am a big fan of water and consume a 1/2 gallon a day!

I am interested in buying the lippo and doing my own injections to save me bundles... I am a student working on my BS of nursing so saving the cash is always a pleasure...

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