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Going off Depo Provera causing binging?

Hi all- I am in serious need of some help and answers:
I am now 23, almost 24, I started Depo Provera when I was 16. I was due for my most recent shot in October, but missed the appointment and decided to see how I fare off the shot. I have been very moody, verging on depression, and having an impossible time losing weight for some time now and I was beginning to wonder if maybe Depo was the culprit.

Well, to make a long story short, during the month of October I have become severely bulimic. I suddenly have these horrible cravings for terrible food that I never ate before...I will have huge binges (fried chicken fingers, pie, cake, french fries, gravy, cookies, ice cream...the list goes on) to the point of being horribly sick from being so full, then I'll do it all again the next day.

It's a fight with myself every day, all day long: "You will NOT binge tonight", but I fail horribly every time. I have never had the greatest relationship with food, but until the last month I have certainly never had these completely uncontrollable urges to binge like this.

Could this have anything to do with my body coming off of Depo after being on it for so long? This is a horrible disorder and I need to figure out what's going on.

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I hope you are doing better. I stopped depo provera too for the same reasons. It puts us in a constant state of pregnancy (fake) and when I went off of it there was still so much depo provera in my body I still had the ill effects from it, as you explained. It stores itself in your fat. Just it's nature.

I gained an enormous amount of weight, and didn't know it was from depo provera. I was scrutinized and harrassed by people I love who thought it was all my fault, that I needed to exercise more, eat less, etc, I was already starving myself! I was working out constantly and gained weight. They persisted I was eating when they were not around, and hiding food, which wasn't true. I craved chocolate, desserts, fried foods and burritos. I couldn't shake it until my GYN told me I had gained too much from the shot and she suggested I go off of it.My eyes were opened! IT WAS DEPO CAUSING THE WEIGHT GAIN! I wasn't the worst case she had seen though, a teenager gained 100 lbs and was refusing to stop taking the shot because she loved not having a period or having to worry about birth control.
I was lucky. I stopped immediately.

I found that a zero carb diet has got those difficult pounds off that I couldn't lose with exercise or low fat, low calorie diets.

I can't believe I suffered for so long.

I would like to hear how you are doing.
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