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HCG Protocol

I have been on the HCG Protocal for almost four weeks and have not achieved the expected results. I have been following the prescibed diet and HCG injection instructions to the letter.

I live in Houston, Texas and have been working with a clinic in Colorado Springs.  Is there a clinic in Houston that provides the HCG protocal.  Perhaps support in my local area would achieve the desired results.

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Are you following the protocol to a T?  Are you using conditioner or lotion?  I'd review the protocol again.  The original HCG Diet protocol is published at hcgdietinfo.com.  

I'm just finishing my first week tomorrow, I'm down 6 lbs and 2 inches around my waist.  The first 2 days I lost a whole inch!  The third and fourth days, I had too many strawberries and used conditioner and didn't lose anything.  The other thing that helped up the loss was adding 15 minutes of exercise when I first wake up in the morning.  I lose by the end of the day if I do that!

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I, too, am a little discouraged but went back and read Dr. Simeom's Protocol and found that mushrooms and little low calorie items (ground turkey) are probably what I'm doing wrong.  I have NHW's diet and am now going to try this week with only Dr. Simeon's list.  We'll see if it makes a difference.  I only lost 1 lbs over the entire week of strict 500 calories and lots of walking and biking.
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Can someone tell me where I can get Dr. Simeons weight loss protocol?  I've been looking and cannot seem to locate it.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
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I too haven't lost ..discouraging..  I ahve read many post by people losing and they use moisturizer..or what ever  the vice is.  I have been strict too...and nothing.  I don't get it?
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I started the HCG 2wks ago and have lost 16lbs, ..the diet has changed a little, allowing more options, but I still stay away from the starchy foods, because I know I wouldn't see the results, my body does not do well with carbs, so I'm sticking to no more than 800 calories, some days its 500, drinking LOTS of water 3-32oz a day.   I'm so thankful to have found Transformations Weight Loss in Lake Mary.   I'm in St Augustine Fl, so they will mail the HCG to me, very convenient, and the shots,... nothing to them, such tiny needles can't even feel them, so thats nice.  But anyone out there having problems losing weight, HCG is a miracle, don't understand why more doctors are not recommending it to their patients, much safer than some of the diet pills out there.  Then after you reach your goal weight, just make up your mind to change your eating habits for life, I know I am, I never want to gain my weight back ever again. I'll stick to the maintenance during the week and have my free day on the weekend, ..has to work, and I'll still continue to drink my water.  I have 45-50lbs to lose total, so I'm taking it 10lbs at a time.  :)
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I feel the original HCG is the best, ...stick to the veggies, no oils, weigh your meat, and veggies,  stick to chicken or fish, and DRINK YOUR WATER, thats very important.  I work in a call center so didn't know how I could do that, ...but I made it work, I'll drink my first 32oz in the mornings before I leave for work, then drink one on the way home, then another in the evening, ...works great, sometimes I may drink more. If you drink it quickly it will work like a water pill.  May want to limit the breadsticks and melba toast, I only eat one a day, no more than that.  Good Luck, .. don't give up, you'll get there!!

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1500 IU of HCG received Saturday, how do I mix 'dry'? No pre-mix in advance for me, many of the dieters I have correspondeded to,  have huge hunger and stress problem after 8-10 days.  The HCG looses its potency when pre-mixed - see Dr. Simeon - it desintegrates after 64 HOURS when diluted.  So I am mixing every morning my HCG with water. However I use 1500 iu vials divided by 10, that's 150 iu each less a little spill, I should be okay for 125 iu recommended by Dr. Simeon.  

Anyone else who does want to pre-mix their HCG to preserve full potency?  My local pharmacies did not want to give me bacteriostatic water, and the pharmacists looked at me 'funny'.
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I am into week 6 of the protocol.  I started the day after Easter at 161.5 and today I am 138.  I use KT's diet.  I have found that the weight loss is slowing down.  For the first 4 weeks on the program, I was losing 5 lbs per week.  Last
week only 3.  Hcg is a miracle.  It would have taken me 4ever to lose what I have with alot of exercise.  All I do now now is walk my dogs an hour a day!
Try Keven's diet. Not alot of choices but the weight comes off.

Good Luck!

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Can you give me the contact information to the clinic you are working with in Colorado Springs?
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I am very happy that I found this thread.
I too am having disappointing results on the Hcg.  I have been on the program for 5+weeks and have only lost 12 pounds.  Could I be undereating?  I am following NHW's protocol.  I have not been exercising and am feeling very mushy.  Maybe that is my problem?  According to KT you do not need to exercise while on hcg.  Has any one tried anything additional to be of help like lipotrophics or phentermine?  Thank you in advance for any help you can give me!
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Hi Everyone,  I started with the NHW for the 1st 4 weeks and lost 20 lbs. I ordered HCG from the internet and it took a long time to arrive so I was off the protocol for 3 weeks and did not follow the diet. I gained 8 lbs but my measurements did not increase. When my HCG came in I went back on the program an I lost 9 lbs that week. I started at 191 and I am now 169 plus I have lost 26 1/2 inches. I can't beleive that I have achieved this much success. I want to lose 15 more lbs. I am 59 and I did not give up my face creams and I also had a perm so I look as good as I feel.
I am sticking to the 500 cal diet with no sugar, starch, or oil. But I live in Phoenix AZ and will not give up my skincare creams. They are from Poland and have fewer chemicals and no colors so and they keep my skin moist and less wrinkled.
I actually wore a bathing suit last week to help my grandson in his swimming class and my daughter said WOW Mom you look great. I am pumped.
I love this protocol.
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Can you tell me what site you ordered from? How long did it take to get it? How much you are doing, and how often? Was it expensive? Sorry about all the questions.
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