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HCG Recipes


I've seen some folks mentioning adding some recipe ideas to a thread here, but I haven't seen one yet....so lets have some recipes here!

I'm expecting my HCG to arrive in the mail by the end of the week and I need some good ideas for what to eat. I typically don't eat any seafood except shrimp, so I'm hoping I don't get too sick of grilled chicken too fast.... ok go!
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Try broiling some chicken in lemon juice with Mrs. Dash Salt Free Hot & Spicy seasoning over romaine lettuce, YUMMY.  I am a big salad girl and that did it for me.!  I also would use that same recipe with salad shrimp.  There were a lot of them in the salad.

By the way, once in a while, eat 100 grams of protein right before you go to bed.  You might lose almost 1.8 pounds the next morning.  I did that often.  I would wait though until you have done the VLCD for at least a week.
I'm on phase 3 now, but I still eat phase 2 foods, I just eat more protein and extra fruit.  Good luck

I would love to start a Phase 3 Recipe thread.  ANy good recipes out there?  I tried the organic eggplant parm tonight.  It's the first time I've eaten organic cheese since starting this diet.  I hope the scale is nice to me.  It's made with organic tomato sauce and organic cheese.  No bread crumbs, eggs, or oil.  It was out of this world.!
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i think i'll be eating a lot of salad too....
i'd like to avoid paying 40 bucks for that recipe book, but i might have to! i'm not a creative cooker!
i might also have to get a new scale because mine is just ounces i think...
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I have started a little page of recipes on my new site at HCGCoach dot com
I have pudding, soup & smoothies almost daily...YUM!
40 lbs down & 40 to go!  Preparing to start Round 3 next week:)
Blessed, healthy, prosperous & free be,
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Try this site:

I found some great recipes there.  I agree 40.00 for the book seems a bit high to me.
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Does anyone know how much protein should be eaten with each meal?  I am hearing mixed amounts.  Also when I searched for free recipes there were about 250 calories in one meal.  That seems rather high considering that you are only supposed to have 500 in one day. Thanks
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