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HCG and Hypothyroidism

Hello my name is Kristin and I am going in a couple weeks to start HCG shots. I have had hypothyroidism for a couple of years and that is where I gained all my weight which I cant seem to shake off and was wondering if anyone else on here has hypothyroidism and also did the HCG shots and how they worked for you? Thanks
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I was diagnosed as hypothyroid many years ago (age 21). I've been on Synthroid pretty steadily since then. Never tried the shots, but did try the generic pills a long time ago. Probably very different and I didn't notice anything. When I stop my Synthroid, for whatever reason, I don't notice it right away, but gradually I notice a groggy feeling, and just not feeling myself...then I remember, 'oh yeah, I stopped taking my Synthroid'. I notice a sudden difference once I restart it, just gradually, I stop feeling sluggish and lethargic, and my mood improves, and I'm kess *itchy--enough so, that, my husband now volunteers to pick it for me so I don't run out anymore!
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where are you located? dont buy the HCG online get it from a doctor there is a big differance
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I'm sure there is a big ifference between the online stuff and the Rx version. What condition did your MD prescribe it for?
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I was diagnosed in 2004 as hypothyroid and been on synthroid ever since. My dose has changed MANY times over the years. Im on .125 mcg right now. What does HCG do?

I started the b6,b12,and lipotrphic shots this past saturday and taking Phentermine ( Adipex ). I think Ive lost a few pounds already but I'm not expecting huge results. Im trying to jump start my weight loss with the shots/pills while making lifestyle changes. I cant afford to do the shots and pills forever. Hypothyroid *****!!!!!!
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opps that ***** is s*u*c*k*s
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