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I need to know if someone suffer with PCOS and It's doing the protocol.Thanks
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Nobody with PCOS
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Hi Joanna,

I read somewhere that someone who had that did the protocol and her symptoms were improved by it. I have no idea where I read that or if it is true, but just thought I would throw it out there. I've often wondered if I might actually have that as I've had some of the symptoms, but I don't have health insurance and I think doctors are stupid anyway...so I guess I don't know.
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I also suffer with PCOS. I have been trying to research PCOS & HCG. I have been blessed with children and I have had my tubes tied. However, I still suffer from all the symptoms of PCOS. Including, obesity, hair growth, ect. I am anxious to try the hcg protocol. Please keep me posted of any new discoveries you make. I will do the same.
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Look what I find out

"Dear Dr. Daniel Belluscio,

I am currently taking the hCG shots for obesity. I have a condition called PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome).

As a result, it is very hard for me to loose weight, and I have excess hair growth from the level of testosterone. I have tried methods such as metphormine.

With that I got very sick. I have tried everything short of starving myself to loose the weight, but with no success.

The hCG shots not only have helped my weight issue, but my PCOS symptoms as well. I have lost weight and the excess hair growth has become very slow. My energy level from loosing the weight is tremendous. All which was noticed just within the first week! Which in turn gives someone like me very much hope of being "normal".

My doctor that helps control the PCOS has also been following my success as well and is amazed at the effects the shot has had. He was the one who recommended that I give this a try. I was very weary at first, but seeing the results encouraged me.

I would strongly recommend someone to the shots who is with the same condition. Even if they don't have poly cystic ovary syndrome and are just overweight. The effects of obesity are way more dangerous then the effects of this shot, if there is any. And believe me, I have done my research!

Thousands and thousands of people die of obesity. Now there is a method of helping them which is as natural as you can possibly get. Let's face the facts, obesity is an extremely fast growing killer.....

So, thank you for the research that you do. It reassures me as well as the population who do take the shots. Jennifer -North Carolina"
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I have just recently heard of and began researching the hcg injections for weight loss.  I came across the same posting that joanna770 posted a copy of yesterday.  I suffer with PCOS, obesity, messed up menstration, excessive hair growth, and PMS.  I was fortunate enough to get pregnant once and that was after years of fertility treatments.  I have been researching online for more information about how hcg effects PCOS and would appreciate it if anyone finds anything further if they could post it here so that I can look at it.  I will do the same.  Along with wanting desperately to lose the 50 pounds I've accumulated due to the PCOS, I would LOVE to have help with the hair growth issue. I took Metformin which is supposed to help alot but it made me incredibly sick and wasn't able to continue the treatment.  I am also having a rough time finding any information on side effects of the hcg injections.  I've read through most of the boards on here about hcg and it seems like the majority of them are talking about where to go to get them etc.  There is a clinic where I live that gives them so that's not an issue for me but I want to know all I can about it before I jump in.  I am one of the unlucky ones that took the Phentermine way back when and it created some heart issue (minor) and also thyroid disease in me so I won't go the pill route.  Thanks in advance for any info anyone might have...
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I just started the hCG program - day 8 - and I've lost 10 pounds! I have PCOS, my symptoms are cysts, weight gain, insulin resistance, and increased testosterone (mainly acne and smelly armpits). Probably infertility and interrupted cycles as well, but I'm on birth control pills so it's hard to tell. I had been at the same weight for 4 years no matter what I do. I did lose 10 pounds at one point by giving up gluten and consequently found out I have a gluten resistance that was making my body hold on to some weight. I've been taking metformin for years which initially helped out a little, but now just holds my weight steady. (if metformin makes you sick, try getting the kind that has no smell or smells vaguely like vanilla, RiteAid sells it. the stinky kind always made me lose my lunch) I don't know if my testosterone levels have lowered since I started the hCG, but my face isn't oily and my armpits don't stink. And I stopped taking the metformin two days ago and my energy level actually increased. I'll keep you posted as I go, my end date is Jan. 11, so the real test will be after that.
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Please post your results.. I too have PCOS and trying HCG orally. ON day 5 and have lost 5lbs.

Only time I ever lost weight was on WW and that was only 14lbs.

Need to lose 30-35lbs. Wish me luck.
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I lost a total of 40 pounds between the hcg injections for 45 days (28 pounds) and a detox diet of no sugar or grains for 6 weeks (12 pounds). In theory I should have lost more with the hCG, but my stress levels kept interfereing. But, my testosterone levels and blood sugar are all normal now. :) I haven't taken metformin or anything else (except birth control and thyroid meds) since the first few days of the hCG. My skin's a little greasy, but nothing noticable. And I feel a lot better. :)

I stopped taking the birth control a little over a month ago and haven't ovulated. I also have gained 12 pounds of water weight (ugh) in the last three weeks that isn't shedding because it normally sheds when I get my period which isn't happening yet. So, the struggle goes on.

However, I would recommend the hCG as it helped me lose the weight and evened out my blood levels.

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Hi I was wondering how long you continued on the oral hgc, what amount you took, and if you had positive results from it.  
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I've really looked into the HCG diet mainly for my daughter. She is 15 and was diagnosed with PCOS when she was 12. She is 5'6" and weighs approx. 260 lbs. She also has an immune disorder which we deal with on a daily basis. My problem is that I can't find out if any age can take the hcg shots or if she is to young. I have decided tonight I'm taking her off the metphormin after reading many of your comments on how it makes you sick, she is always nauseous and I've eliminated just about everything but that. Anyone that has any info. on age issues with this program I woulf appreciate.
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i started the hcg diet on tuesday and lost 9 lbs already and today is only sunday...i have PCOS, acne, hair growth obesity are my symptoms to name a few...most annoying..i dont get a period at all...i registered high blood pressure so the dr wont give me birth control...im 24 and my mom offered that i try hcg cuz she heard its a hormone balancer..and guess what..today i got my period..i was shocked..its been over a year since i had a cycle...but we shall see...ill keep u posted
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I too have PCOS. I have overweight, hair growth, abnormal periods, cysts, round tummy.... pretty much anything you can have. I am on day 18 or the HcG diet and have lost 15 lbs. I would have to say the best accomplishment is that I got a period in May when I just had one in April. It must be doing something to help this because I haven't been like this since 2007!
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Teenagers who have passed the onset of puberty can safely do the hcg program. HOWEVER, with the health issues that you stated, please, please, please find a doctor that will help her through the program. Yes, hcg helps almost anyone to lose weight, but for someone so young, with PCOS and an immune disorder, doing it yourself without doctor supervision could be dangerous. My husband has worked with a few teens, and a few people with PCOS, but so far, not the two together. The way people's bodies react to the hcg is so different for everyone that I couldn't recommend the protocol without doctor supervision. You can look up our website if you live in the Spokane, Washington area.
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I have PCOS also, I have done 2 cycles of the diet due to the fact when I stop taking the shots I gain all the wight back and some even following strict protocol. I have been referred to an Endocrinologist and a GI specialist my symptoms are very weird. I due advise you all to be careful for OHS(ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome). If any questions that I can help with please let me know. BTW I am only 26 and I was 133 now I am 155. so there is something major wrong. I was dumb and tried the dit when I only weighed 133 now I beg to be back there.
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i have pcos--20 plus years. have tried super amounts of exercise and low calorie count. nothing ever worked. hcg is working!! haven't had my period without meds in years. spontaneous period--usually i have pms and then no bleeding. had pms before starting the protocol then had a period after starting.
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I have PCOS, and I tried the HTC diet, using the drops, not the shots- anyway, after like two weeks of eating only 500 calories a day... I weighed two pound MORE than before.  I've been told that Metformin is the only thing that is known to help women with PCOS lose weight.  Also, I've been told that diets a little lower in protein and a little higher in whole grains and other carbohydrates that release over time.
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I have PCOS and I am just 2 days away from my 30 days on the HCG drops. So far I have lost 25lbs and feeling great........I have always struggled with a weight of 240-260 but now  I am proud to say I am 215 ;). I went to my OBGYN today we did an ultrasound and he said my ovaries has decreased from the last time we check in March 2010 but I am still PCOS I then told him that I was on the diet so he promised to do some research on it. I was on the Metformin before but that seem to do nothing for me. I have been on the Metformine since August 2010 and only had 1 period in December 2010. Since I started the HCG diet in Feb, 2011,  I got a period shy of 8 days on the diet. I am waitng to see what happens this month and if the HCG has indeed help my PCOS. I am praying it did!!!!
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I have PCOS ( hirsutism, obesity, high blood pressure, irregular periods) and I've been on oral HCG for nine days now. I have lost a total of 18.7 pounds. I also haven't had a period since November 2010, and today I started my period. It's a normal flow. ( sorry if TMI). I hope to continue the HCG for a few cycles, as I started at 288, and would definitely like to be around 150-160. I hope this continues to work as well as it does, and if anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask!
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I am starting the HCG injections next week for my PCOS and I also hope to lose about 25-30lbs along the way. Just curious, all of you that are taking HCG injections for PCOS, are you only eating 500 calories a day? That is REALLY unhealthy (I don't mean to offend anyone). Also, are you guys exercising regularly, or is this HCG just a magical substance that makes you lose weight at rapid speeds all on it's own?
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Hi, my name is Danielle, and I am starting the HCG pellets this weekend.  I have had PCOS for 10 years and I'm hoping the HCG helps double fold with weight loss and pregnancy!   I just wanted to say to you that we can partner up if you like and communicate online to talk about the process.  Also, I was concerned too about the 500 calorie diet but the protocol claims to release 1500 calories from fat storage to cover the 2000 calories that we are supposed to have on a daily basis.  This is why you are supposed to not be hungry after the first week (once its truly in your system) and its supposed to reset your metabolism so that you don't crave food the same even thereafter!  I'm looking forward to it as I have a horrible sweet tooth which is the worst for me with being insulin resistant (because of the PCOS).  

I have a reputable HCG seller, if anyone needs that information as well who has himself lost over 65 pounds with hcg.  

I prefer the pellets because its easier to measure....4 pellets under the tongue, no drops to measure.

Good luck to everyone.....
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I too have PCOS. I have been doing the HCG drops/diet since June 2010, 40 days on 40 days off and have lost almost 60 lbs. the best part is I have had several periods. To my surprise after years of infertility treatments and no luck I got pregnant! I am sad to say I miscarried after 8 weeks (just 4 weeks ago) but the silver lining is that I was able to get PG and have never been able too! I am on day 5 and have lost 5.2lbs... Doctors say the HCG had nothing to do with it but the weight loss did. I think they both did but will never know. My husband and I are both onthe drops and he has lost almost 80! We are going to finish this round of drops and start trying for a baby again hopefully 30 lbs lighter :)!

Don't give up!
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Thank you so much for your comment!  It has truly inspired me.  I have been struggling a long time with my weight and this pregnancy issue.  
Is there anyway we can exchange emails?  I have so many more questions to ask you concerning the HCG.  I just found out, through researching on my own, that Homeopathic HCG has no HCG hormone in it.  I have been disheartened as this is the one I have.
I have an appointment with my endocrinologist on April 19th, I'm going ot see how I can go about getting a legitimate prescription if I could.  

Do you have any suggestions?

Were your drops legitimate?

Thanks again for your comment!  It was truly comforting.
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Hello Ladies!

I wanted to let you know that I will begin hCG shots next week with my naturopath doctor.  She mentioned to me that the drops reset your metabolism low, while the shots reset it high.  If you read the protocol of the creator of the diet, "Pounds and Inches," by Simeons, then you will understand why it is vital to stick to the diet protocol and how it can be harmful if you do not.

If you continue to go to regular doctors for your PCOS, then you will be sent down avenue after avenue only to never get it under control.  I have suffered with PCOS since I was in high school and am now 36 yrs old.  Not until I found my naturopath (2007) did I start seeing a true picture of what really is going on.  She does blood tests that the  "so called" specialists do not even look at.  Also, the naturopaths parameters of what is "normal" on your blood test results is quite different from that of the regular Dr.'s.  TRUST ME on this one.

I am free to discuss more details if you would like to email me.  I am at my biggest now after having my 2nd baby (8mos., due to naturopath Dr. and God) at 156 and 5'4".  ***@****

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Hi my name is Maria. im 31 and weight abt 190. I hv always struggled with my weight but maintained abt 150-160 with diets... i always had issues with my cycles and only had abt 3 a yr. After years i finally got pregnant and had a healthy lil girl. After i had my dgtr i went a yr without a cycle then was diagnosed with PCOS. I reached my high of 210 and have been on diets, pills, exercise for the past 3yrs and still cant get bck down to my 150-160. I just started the shots on monday 4-18-11... I bought the shots in mexico and will be taking them myself. I WILL NOT be doing the 500 cal diet but will be watching what i eat... I will also be doing a lil running 2-3 times a week. I will keep u guys posted on if it works without the strick 500 cal diet...  
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i was diagnosed with pcos 6 years ago but have struggled with issues for 12 years. i was on phentermine when i was first diagnosed but i was pulled off after only three months but it wasn't doing anything anyway. i have been on a number of birth control pills that are supposed to help but they only make me sick and my blood pressure to go up. i have been looking for someone who actually knows what's going on with this. i read your post about the naturopath and i was curious what that was?
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I just heard about the HCG and i am excited i found this forum! In my research it said that it could cause further problems with Fertility and that really worried me. However from the sound of it most of you have since been able to conceive after round of HCG. I was diagnosed with PCOS last year and i have been on metphormin and BC but my periods still aren't happening and the weight just keeps going on even with working out and a healthy diet. Do any of you know where i can get HCG in St. Louis Missouri?
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Here's an article that explains a little bit about PCOS and treatments.... notice HCG is a treatment, so this probably explains it. I had the same issue and found this forum and searched a little more and found this site!
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I have PCOS and I lost 55 lbs with hcg shots with the 45 day program. Those who are taking the shots must take water pills because you will gain water weight. It works and I have no weird side effects if done right. I am at active beach body coach looking to help teens and adults with the same PCOS problems. If you need help with your hcg diet and need recipes or a list of foods u can eat email me at ***@****
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Also those who are scared of the 500 cal and it sounds like its dangerous it's not. The whole point of hcg is a pregnancy hormone that allows ur body to survive off 500 calories. In order to lose the weight you have to cut calories and with PCOS everything consumed turns to fat.
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My daughter is 20 and has never had a regular period.  She was extremely active in high school and basically not eat to stay thin.  She graduated from High School 2 years ago and during this time she has gained 60 pounds. It's sad to see her this way.  She is 5 ft 8 in and used to weigh 145.  Now her weight is somewhere between 205 to 215.  The number keeps rising not to mention depression.  She was diagnosed with PCOS a year ago and the only thing the doctor has done was prescribed birth control pills and depression medicine.  The depression medicine has helped but her periods are still not regular.  PLEASE HELP...  Can this HCG shot help with weight loss, periods, and reverse everything back to normal?  I don't want her to mess up any chances in getting pregnant in the future but on the other hand she is insulin resistant, border diabetic, unhappy with her weight gain, and is starting to have an increase in unwanted hair.  
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Did you try the shots?  My daughter is 19 and has PCOS not to mention a weight gain of 60 pounds in the last 2 years.  She is very unhappy and we are considering this but I am too worried about future pregnancy's, but at this point she couldn't even concieve since she wanted to.  She is on depression medicine which helps but she is boder line diabetic, insulin resistant, fatty liver, and unwanted hair is beginning to appear on her arms etc....
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So all of your posts have made me cry not a sad cry but a tears of releaf and hope.
I thought I was in a hopeless battle and that I would never find anything to help me with my PCOS. From what it looks like and what you have all been saying, Im going to try the HCG drops and see if it helps. It seems like it helps alot of what we all find wrong with us and doesnt put the chemicals made from a lab that are intended mainly for Diabetics into our systems. Thank you all for putting your posts on this site.
Ill update you all as to my progress as well in hopes that others like myself who feel hopeless in life and struggle every day to just smile and make it threw wishing I was normal hope that they too can get a handle on their PCOS and lose weight at the same time.
Anyone one have any thoughts on how its helping with excess hair growth?

Again thank you for your posts.
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Can you please email me recipes? My email is priscillacrown at gmail *******... thank you so much!
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Hi Everyone,
It's so nice to find a current forum for people who have the same condition as myself.  I have PCOS, was diagnosed about 11yrs ago and am now 34.  I was able to successfully lose weight on the Atkins diet but found my sugar cravings too much and ended up gaining back about 25 of the 40lbs lost.  I am now 3 1/2 wks in to my first cycle of hcg and am down 20lbs!!  I still have more to lose, I am currently 155 and would like to lose another 20-30lbs.  My other goal is to get pregnant this year.  With the imbalanced hormones due to PCOS I am scared that if I conceive while taking the drops that I may not sustain the pregnancy when I am on maintenance.  Any suggestions? I am spending the day researching and hope to hear from someone who may have some suggestions.
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hello all...i feel like i am the oldest here and yet the most recently diagnosed...Im 44, and weigh 270 lbs...in the last year and a half i had gained almost 70 lbs...which is what lead to the investigation of PCOS...I have only been diagnosed with PCOS and a secondary diagnosis of Lymphadema since late Jan of this year...to much of my relief I was also not crazy obese lazy etc etc...i have been on every kind of diet restrictions for ever...i dont do fad diets...i am healthy and exercise alot...i have been working two jobs as a nurse currently and have been on metformin 2000mg a day since my diagnosis...i have also did 28 days of the wild rose detox diet...i lost 20 lbs and gained back 6 of that...so I am about to start the HCG injections...i am inspired and worried but willing to try most anything...at this point in my life...I have had a hysterectomy because of my extremely heavy menstrual cycles and anemia....i have since recovered from that so now for the weight loss....wish me luck...as I wish all you luck as well
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Hey everyone!! I have PCOS, I take the BC and metformin but still keep with the cravings for sugar and it's really hard to lose weight...I was looking on the internet about this hcg diet fand found this forum... I know you wrote this many years ago but if you have the time... just tell me if any of you had ovarian hyperestimulation syndrom, read it is a possibility for people with PCOS having the hcg hormone... thank you so so so much,
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I was just recently diagnosed with PCOS this past week so I have been doing my research into different ways to help me control my symptoms. One of the biggest suggestions from my doctor was to lose some weight. Over the past year I had been trying to lose weight, not because I knew I had PCOS but because I am over weight and wanted to become more healthy. Come to find out that I do have PCOS and that it has been the root cause and common denominator of many of my symptoms (over weight/struggle to lose weight, no cycle, mild depression, acne, mild hair growth and infertility). About 2 years ago I did the HCG drop diet and I know for a fact it works 100% if you stick to the program. I lost just over 40lbs in 40 days on the diet but unfortunately gained the weight back. Knowing what I know now and the importance of keeping the weight off, I will be doing the HCG diet again for a few rounds. But this time I will be keeping a strict eye on the maintenance phase. If you're thinking about taking the HCG drops I highly highly recommend it!
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