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HCG and diet?

Canyou simply eat a low calorie diet and take the hcg injections and lose weight? I am on 3cc of HCG per day but was told to read the KT book. That seems unrealistic to eat the way he says. I have 3 children and work I can eat low cal but cant always eat organic. Can anyone help to be able to tell me if the low cal diet and injections will help me lose weight.

Thanks for the support!
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For Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the protocol, you are to follow the diet EXACTLY as instructed as far as types of foods.  It has to do with the chemical makeup in the particular foods as to why it works.  It was studied for YEARS before it was accurate.  According to the doctor who founded this protocol, if you change the diet, even just slightly, it will not work.
As far as organic...K.T. recommends it and obviously it is a better option, but if you cannot eat everything organic, do as best as you can.  You don't HAVE to eat organic in order for this protocol to work.  The only thing you have to follow is the food list.  Hope that helps!
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You say that you are on the hCG injections - are you doing them yourself or by a clinic?  Have you seen any weight loss?  Are you following KT's diet other than the organic part?

I would be curious to see if you are loosing weight by not following the KT diet.

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I have lost 33 pounds going to a clinic and useng the HCG and Lipo-B-12 shots and a low carb diet, I can eat all the protein I want. The clinic I go to doesn follw the KT book tho. Hope this helps
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how much hcg and b12 do you take/day?
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i'm not doing the KT diet.. while i respect the women on here who are, i am simply on the b12/hcg weekly injections, adipex, and 1000 cal diet.. i have lost 20 lbs in 3 weeks
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I give myself a 3cc injection everyday. I take alot of vitamins too. I started on 4/4 and have lost 3 pounds. I thought it would be more thats why I wasnt sure if I was eating right. I have the book I will have to study the food list. I just find it easier to make healthy choices and portion control is the healthiest way to lose the weight. The HCG injections has helped my appetite. The evnings sometimes gets hard though. I am very open to suggestions. I have 60 lbs to lose and I know if I don't do it right I will get frustrated and quit.
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