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HCG diet experience, anybody?

A few different things:
1. Anyone gotten great results on the HCG diet program? What was the program like? Was it exactly like Dr. Simeons/ Kevin Trudeau?
2. Anyone done the HCG diet program AT HOME and had great success? If so, where did you get HCG from?
3. Anyone experience really bad side effects?
and 4. Anyone under 18 tried this diet and had success?

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what is  the hcg diet ? just curious
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I was going to start this diet but held off on it for round two.  There are a bunch of people at my work doing it under one of our doctors, but my husband wants me to wait until round 2 so i can see how they did in the first round.  There is alot of controversy on it.  If you goodle it you will be able to find out more information on it.  :)
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I tried round one and lost 17 pounds.  Over indulged a little in the maintenance phase and gained a few back.  I am about to start round 2 this weekend with loading days over the holiday- much easier to do.  I am taking drops under the tongue and getting the same results as shots.  There are a few good discussion groups going on here.  So many of my friends have had incredible results.
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You definately need the will power to be able to do this diet. I just completed my first week.  I am taking drops under the tongue. I bought the books when I ordered mine( Dr. Simeons, the cookbook and the HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide) to help. I am happy with the results. I do my weigh-in and measurements weekly. I have lost 10 lbs and an inch per section that I measure(neck, arm, bust, waist, hips, thighs, calves.)  I am going to continue on. I LOVE food but I need to lose the weight. Good luck in whatever you decide to do. ;-)
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