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HCG weight loss injections Dallas

I just heard about HCG injections for weight loss, but am new to Dallas area (live in Forney) and need to know who prescribes these????
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Just wanted to let you know that I just opened this: all about weight loss forums dot com.
A place where it will be open to talk about HCG shots, Phentermine, etc.
Thanks and see you soon.

Can you tell us where you ordered your HCG injections from PLEASE?
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I am currently taking HCG injections and would like to know what site you order you shots from.
What are the prices and requirements to order.
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Can someone let me know where I can buy HCG injections please?
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Yes, I too would like to know where you purchase the HCG.  Do you need a prescription.  

I was on the combo of pills/shots and didn't lose much weight but I did inches.  I've been off for two months now but would like to go back on the shots.  

Let me know if someone else has had the same experience of "not losing" after a certain time.

Thanks in advance,

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Thanks everyone for the comments. I am 48 and need to lose 50 lbs. I have been doing the 3 hour diet, but my life is revolving around those every 3 hours. Too much! So I too am looking for a safe and good way to lose weight.
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I am still looking for a pharmacy for HCG injection without a prescription I e-mailed kattraff for information had trouble with the 050 are the o's letters or numbers?
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Please include me in the list for HCG w/out a prescription.  I live in NC.  My email is ***@****
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please email me where to get this medication also.  ***@****
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Could someone email me to tell me where to purchase the HCG shots online. Thanks
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I have recently learned about the HCG injections and am excited to find out who can prescribe these injections in my area of North Carolina.  I want to begin the "Weight Loss Cure Protocol", but I need the injections! I looked up the websites the author of the book mentioned and I feel like I'm coming up empty handed.  Please can anyone who knows where I can get HCG- help me out- thanks!
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the above site seems to be legit.supposedly the pharmacy sends them directly to you.
good luck.
i am gettting mine from hcgdiet.com (native healing ways.com) i am losing fast as promised but my skin is not firming up, neither am i reshaping. native healing ways does not show the ingredients in any package. so you do not what is in the sirynges.
just info
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Hi All
I to had been looking for a site that sale hcg without an perscription.  Well good new; there is a siteHCG Festival in Spain. http//www.hcgweight.com It is 155.00 plus 15.00 shipping for 23 day treatment, plus needles, seringges and diet which is the second treatment according to Kevin Trudeau. There is a site that sale the oral capsules but threw the community I learned that they are no good.
Wish you all blessing in this indevour
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I get mine from someone that works for Native Healing Ways.  I can really tell it in 5 days, I have no double chin. It is the most aswesome thing I have ever seen. I have been on these shot before along with pills, but they did not work like these do. The ones before felt like water going in, these have a sting to them.  
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Is there a Dr. or Clinic in the San Francisco Bay Area that will prescribe HCG?

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