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Has Anyone Had Bariatric Surgery?


Just wondered if anyone here has undergone Bariatric Surgery for weight loss.  I'm specifically interested in the Roux-en-Y procedure.  I've heard that some people have had lots of serious medical problems after this surgery.  It's something I'm considering but I'd like to know ALL the facts!

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hey, I noticed no one had answered your question, I guess most people on here are using other methods. So I was just going to tell you a lady from my church had surgery (I'm sorry I don't know exactly what kind) and she has already lost a very significant amount of weight and it was only a couple of months ago. I'm sorry I don't know any more details than that about the procedure but I guess I could try to find out if you want. I guess as a last resort if you've tried absolutely everything else its a good method.

Have you tried any of the weight loss medications or injections? It might be a little less drastic than surgery and they do work. Good luck!
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My best friend (who is also my sister-in-law) had the gastric bypass one year ago and has gone from 235 to 132.  Yeah she is wearing her 13 year old daughters jeans now(size 4).  The thing about it is that to get a good result you HAVE to follow the doctors instructions!!!!  You have to follow your diet no matter how hard, you have to drink your protein drinks, you have to take your vitamins.  There are serious nutrient deficiencies that can occur with this surgery.  

Another thing to consider with this drastic weight loss is that depending on your age and how much weight you start at, you will have a lot of excess skin after you lose the weight. In most cases insurance will NOT pay for tummy tucks, and breast lifts, and thighplasty.  And if you are not aware of the price of plastic surgery let me fill ya in.....my best friend needs a tummy tuck, breast lift and implants(because with the weight loss her breasts said bye-bye)& a medial thigh lift.  The cost of what she needs is $16,270.  Insurance will not pay any of it. Just something to ponder if ya think you will automatically get skinny and look like Anna Nicole did.  

Anyway, my best friend has gone from sitting in the house watching tv at 235lbs to dancing at and ON bars on the weekends!!! You can't keep the smile off of her face!!  She is a totally different person now.
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Hi BK, My husband had Gastric Bypass (roux-en-y procedure) 4 years ago.He was 420 lbs and had tried so many different diets that some he lost weight with but then gained back what he lost and more. (sound familiar)Please don't ever think that this is the easy way out. He would recommend this surgery to anyone who is really interested in weight loss, but you have to be committed to a new life. Yes you can eat foods again but it takes time. In the beginning you have to follow the Doctors instruction to the letter. If you try testing foods you may very well pay for it. the Protein supplements and the vitamins are super important. Most Doctors will have you go through a bunch of testing to make sure you are healthy enough to go through with the surgery, as well as a physciatric evaluation since there are alot of issues to deal with. It is also a major deal for your family as well.Good Luck with what ever decision you make.Oh yeah I forgot to tell you that he lost 200 pounds and looks incredible, but it doesn't stop once you hit your goal. You can still gain weight if you aren't careful.Again good luck
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I have had RnY and have had no complications what so ever. I had the surgery in 2007 and have had no dumping problems or any of the other physical things that are sometimes associated with the surgery. Although, I have had no physical problems, the emotional struggles have been very difficult. If you decide on getting the surgery I would suggest a good therapist  walk along side you through it. I weighed over 300 lbs when i got the surgery and lost over 100 lbs and the psychological ramifications of being a  very large person and suddenly becoming a not so large one was/is something that is very hard to wrap my mind around. I am still trying to figure out who I am and who I want to be in this new body. Good luck to you!
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I am not considering weight loss surgery in Mexico, but if I was, what would be your response? Do you think it is a good idea, or no? I have some friends that have gone down to Mexico for the surgery, and they had great results, but it makes me a little bit nervous.
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Hi, I had the RNY done December 30th 2009, I have lost 125 pounds now, and boy, has my life changed. My seven year old son loves to wrap his arms ALL the way around me, I'm so much healthier, so much more active. But before surgery, they do not warn you about things....for me the whole process was psychological. I developed anxiety because of the looks, because now men were holding doors for me instead of letting them slam in my face. People actually came up to me and talked to me, that never used to happen, I was big all my life and got comfortable with being "behind the scenes". They also don't warn you about transfer addictions....hence the reason I came to this site in the first place. Once you can no longer use food as your crutch, you move on to other things. For some it's shopping for new clothes, alcohol, drugs. For me, it was painkillers. As a bariatric patient, you're no longer supposed to take any anti-inflammatories. Which meant no more Advil for me, which was my saving grace before my surgery. So I started to see a Neurologist for my frequent migraines, and got prescribed Vicodin. BAD MOVE. It was heaven. I didn't have any pain, anymore anxiety, I could go like the energizer bunny on those things. I started to depend on them to get me through my days; and when my script would run out, I'd find another way. It was a very expensive habit. And I'm afraid I fell victim to the transfer addiction. I was addicted to food for soooo long, that I needed something else to hold on to. It's sad, but true. It's a very positive, life changing surgery, I no longer have high blood pressure or achy joints, I'm more active, I can shop in regular stores. Just beware of the transfer addictions, and I highly recommend therapy before and after. I wish I had.
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