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Hcg Nasal Spray

Hi everyone,

I am about to start the Hcg program. My doctor has me taking the Hcg nasal spray, instead of the Hcg shots. Have any of you used the Hcg nasal spray?  Should I have any concerns?  Oh, and any advice before I start?  Thanks and have a great day!  
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I would be interested to know if the nasal spray is effective also. I have only heard of one person who used it and she felt terrible. I don't know her personally so I don't really know what her protocol was or if she followed it correctly. A client reported to me that she looked like death warmed over and was very weak.
What is everyone else's experience with the spray?
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my office has been prescribing the HCG nasal spray for about 2 months now and it has been just as effective as the shots. the most common complaints have been headaches and constipation. most people are not hungry and feel really good while on it. good luck!
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I've been using the nasal spray and LOVE it! I dont have to worry so much about taking the drops before my meals. It will be five weeks Wed and I've lost 32lbs!!!!!!!!! Unbeliveable being that I havent lost more than !8lbs in 9yrs.
Stay encouraged............
how did you do phase 2 of the diet?  That is where I am having issues.  I start that phase on Monday
how did you do phase 2 of the diet?  That is where I am having issues.  I start that phase on Monday
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i'm on my 4th day of nasal spray and i've lost 7# no side effects and i'm not hungry.  i did the shots for the first part and did not like doing it.  i definately recommend the spray.
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I am starting the nasal spray tomorrow....want to lose 40.....any advise?
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Are you sticking to the 500 calories per day?  Is it difficult to do or does the spray  work that well at suppressing your appetite that you just don't want to eat anyway?  
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I was doing a research weight loss trial a t one time and it was a nasal spray I Loved it! Wonder if this is what I did.? I lost50 lbs in 3 months
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