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Hcg and diet pills

How much Hcg are you taking daily and are appetite suppressants safe to take with the Hcg?
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HCG does zero for weight loss..save your $$ this is a fact..look at some of my posts on whats HCG realy is..and what its does..and is used for ..any ? just ask
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Im going to buy so Hcg from hcgmail.com. My question is if every one said it works for them why are you saying it dont work, I read your post already. Is it the 500 cal diet or what.
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atleast your not brain washed..and are open to listeining...at 500 calories..you would lose weight eating 500 cals of chocolate every day..I have page after page what HGC realy is..and what it realy does...im here to help and stop fake salemen like KEVIN (NOT) TRUDEAU its not personal on anyone..if you would like the true info mon what HCG just ask..then make your own mind up..and keep in mind most are 'salesmen' here hideing..good luck to you..
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i have no problem with you at all..but Im no puppett  or brain washed ...your telling people to get info from a site which sells books..and HCG..lol think about it..time will pass and you will forget all about me..but im 100% right and thats fact...HCG is nonsense..and  you will be sorry you fell for this..I wish you the best..
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oh and..these so called proof it works..lol its prob trudeau typeing..thats no proof..lol any one can lie..have you seen the dope who claims to lsoe 30 lbs in 30 days..lol this guy belong in jail ! check out this nonsense !! its so sad..


hopefully people here wont be fooled..lol they prob will fall for this nonse,..hope you dont
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Fightfu, as a teacher, you should really worry more about your SPELLING ISSUES instead of peoples opinions on weightloss!!!!!! I mean seriously, sign up for a class, so you can actually make use of your time. You expressed your thoughts, get on with your life and worry about YOUR issues with spelling!
Thank you and have a great day:)

Hurleygirlie's success story: 3 months= 48lbs weightloss:)
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