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Hcg diet recipes and success


I am currently on the hcg injections from the Native Healing Ways clinic.  Does anyone have any recipes for this 500 calorie diet?

The information that the clinic has provided does list a few recipes but I would like to expand a bit as I am becoming board with current food choices.  Also, I am mostly a vegetarian but eat some fish.  Thanks!
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Be careful with GHI they require a IGF1 test it usually tips off your insurance and you can end up having to pay the cost of all the tests out of pocket. They suggested to me that I pay for that test out of pocket to avoid having my insurance come back after me for 1800.00. Which has happened to other patients. Anyway, the igf1 test costs 225.00, but I when I asked if I could skip the test because I didn't want to take human growth hormone. I spoke to someone named Dave he said that is their policy and if I didn't like it too bad, and I could get my hcg somewhere else, which is what I'm going to do for a fraction of the price. I hope it works out for you! Have a nice night MrsTopkat  
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Some of the posts I've read indicate they take their shots weekly.  I've just enrolled in a program that includes the shots daily.  What is your program like?  Do you also take phentermine?  I was told I could go to my doctor, have my lab work done with my lab (covered by my insurance) and send the results to this company GHI in Florida (I think) and then their Doctor would prescribe the medication.  They also prescibe bioidentical hormone treatment too.  I'd like to know the list of foods suggested you eat.  I want to make sure that what I'm doing is on track with some of the other positive experiences I've read about.
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I'm trying to get the word out there about the new group that was started up for hCG dieters.  I'm not able to post the website, but if you search for "hcg dieters" under yahoo groups it should come up.  There are already 63 members and it just started on the 9th of April!!  There is a lot of great information there too.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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I need the 500 calorie diet I will start doing the shots next week please email me with exact meal plans please i'm desperate ***@****
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The 500 calorie diet is incredibly boring:
3 ounces of water with 3 T lemon juice every morning as soon as you get up.
2 hard boiled egg whites only
2 pieces of melba toast
16 ounces of water.

1 cup vegetables cooked without oil: tomatoes, onions, peppers, spinach (non starchy vegetables), or 4 ounces tuna filet or 4 ounces chicken breast, or other meat or fish
2 pieces melba toast
1/2 orange, or 1/2 grapefruit
16 ounces of water

Dinner: 11/2 cups vegetables as fat-free soup, or cooked, or raw
1 apple, or 1/2 orange, or 1/2 grapefruit
16 ounces of water

Snacks:  1/2 orange or 1/2 raw broccoli or 1 carrot

You may substitute 1 slice of 35 calorie diet bread for the melba toast.
You may drink lemon crystal light
You may have coffee or tea with splenda
You may substitute 4 oz. sugar free yogurt for one of the fruits
You may substitute 4 oz. cottage cheese or ricotta cheese for the meat or fish.

That is about it. I have tried to find recipes but I have not found any.  If anyone has any low fat, low calorie recipes please post.  Thanks
I hope that helps!
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Hello,  I have not been able to find the yahoo hcg group.  If you are out there can you please discuss how to find you?  Thanks!
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If you haven't been able to find the group yet...here is the link!!!

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My doctor wants to put me on the hcg diet as I am diabetic and 40 pouns. My biggest problem is that I am a vegetarian and the fish, veal, chicken, etc. is nt a possibility for me. Are any of you out there a vegetarian. Can anyone give me some help.
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You can substitute brown rice with black beans for your meat portions.  Thats what I have did and it has worked fine for me.  I started 2 wks ago and am down to 173lbs.  I started at 187lbs.  The biggest thing with vegetarians from my personal experience is drinking dieter's tea with stevia in it to keep you going regularly to aid in the weightloss.

Good luck.
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Thank you for the veg. sub. for meat. If I didn't find a sub. it was going to be a deal breaker for me and HCG. Do you happen to remember what those proportopms were of rice to black beans.
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I use 1/2c of brown rice with 1c black beans but let me check on the recommended proportions for you.  I dont remember if they were the same as that ( I adjusted them a few times to get it to be a comfortable serving for me).  I will let you know if its different.  Godd luck -- you are really going to love this diet :-)
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My daughter is also starting HCg next week.....same age as you....also a vegetarian....allergic to eggs!  She was planning on eating cottage cheese only!  Please help with suggestions.
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