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What is a healthy, nutritious amount of calories, fat and cholesterol to loose weight?  I am a 43 yr old female, 5'8" and 239lbs.  I recently had a scare with chest pain (not heart related I am told by doctors).  I immediately quit smoking and still really need to loose weight.

Any suggestions?
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I started at a clinic Friday & they gave us a chart & sample menus to go by. They told us no more than around 17g TOTAL fat/day & 1200 cal. I don't know about the cholestoral business.
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I lost 90 pounds on Weight Watchers last year.  It is a really healthy program without any gimmicks.  You might try that.  It is the most recommended by doctors.  It's safe and healthy.  It is a life style change not a get think quick diet.
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Thank you for the advice!!!  Really appreciated.
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I also am on Weight Watchers. Except for a recent plateau it has been good. Patience is required as a 1 to 2 loss aveage per week is pretty decent.
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Hi Group,
As a person who is also trying to lose weight, it takes EFFORT to get results! I find it strange hearing so many people aiming to lose 10lbs a week! A healthy loss of 2 lbs per week is recommended by MOST doctor
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Ihave been on the b12 and phendimetrazine pills for 40 days and have lost 25 lbs. I have watched what i eat fruit veggies and lean meat no alcohol and feel great .I am going off pills in two weeks because you need to learn to maintain without.Great results to help u get started. It really helped and know I will keep it off exercise helps alot !!!!!!!
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