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Heart palpitations caused by phentremine diet pills.....

My sister has been taking phentremine diet pills that she bought off the internet without a prescription.  No one knew she was taking them.  She was even taking them behind her husband's back.  Now she is really sick.  Anybody else get sick after taking them?  The most disturbing of her symptoms is heart palpitations.  

Would appreciate hearing from anyone else who has had problems after taking these drugs.
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They must be ok, because there is a big ad for them right at the top of this page.  

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We are so sorry to hear that your sister is seriously ill.

As with all drugs (prescription and over-the-counter) people can have serious adverse reactions. In the case of Phentermine it has been known to cause palpitations in some people for quite some time.  So has Ephedra and even products containing caffeine.

Purchasing products off the Internet can be wonderful, as long as people know precisely what they are getting and from whom. Products manufactured in the US must meet stringent regulatory and quality standards.  Products manufactured elsewhere in the world may not even come close to US standards.

Again, we are sorry about your sister.  We hope that you will be sure to let her doctor know precisely what she has been taking, so that the doctor has a complete understanding of her history and current situation!

Med Help International  

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One of the main things with ordering online is to know your body first and if anything out of the ordinary happens to stop taking the medication immediately and see your doctor....it will be helpful to also take the doctor a sample of the pills.  

Phentermine is a prescribed drug for the same reason, you need to be monitored by a doctor...because it can cause high blood pressure etc.  You can only be somewhat safe ordering online if you are in tuned with your body you can tell if the medication is affecting you in a negative way.

The normal side effects for Phen is dry mouth, loss of appitite, racing heart and insomia....most of these side effects go away in a couple of days and shouldn't concern you.

Heart Palpitations are not normal for Phen.  Your sister needs to see a doctor.
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If the side effect includes a racing heart, that is palpitations. Palpitations is the medical word for a racing heart. Most diet pills as well as caffeine has a side effect of palpitations (racing heart).
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From the sound of her post, It sounds like her sister has a very severe case which is why I seperated to two......for the majority of people the symptom of a racing heart when taking Phen just feels like a slightly elevated heart rate, no different than when you exercise, they definately would not be REALLY SICK.  Its sounds like her heart is really going at it.

Either way......if she is really sick she needs to see a doctor
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There is a company sending or spaming email offers, free trials for 15 day sample of Phentrazine 37.5. They ask for your banking or credit card info to bill you for delivery charges only. Small Print: once you give bank or CC info they will charge your account for 149.95 20 days later automatically. Please don't get caught in this scam!! Many have.. you could read further if you google ripoff reports or Pure Energy Prod.
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By the way the company also sends out email under Thin Tabs...Beware
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sorry to hear of her condition. Ordering online is convenient, but not always safe. Do you know the website she ordered from? It is possible that she may have been prescribed pills that were not FDA approved and/or possibly "man made" to be a cheap imposter of the true drug. There are fake dr's and pharmacies online. Buyer beware! When the product is from an unknown or illegitimate source, who the hell knows what we are really putting into our bodies. Anyone can set up a website and claim to be legit, when in fact these people are making a "killing" by selling low grade Pharmaceuticals.
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There really isn't a secret.  Appetite has to be supressed with self-discipline.  Eat vegetables instead of chocolate cake every day.  You are what you eat.  I know that once we've succombed to our overwhelming appetites all winter, or even all year long, the weight we want to lose seems insurmountable.  We just have to slowly, but surely, make the right choices consistently.  Once in awhile, you can still splurge, but not all the time.  That's what got us into this mess in the first place.  And remember that temptation is everywhere, and we cannot control it.  We can only control ourselves and our choices.
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I took phetremine last year for about 2 months and lost about 35 pounds. I did not have any problems other than some headaches which finally went away after a couple of weeks of taking the medicine. I have since started taking them again this year and again the only problem that i have had is the headaches. I highly recommend this medicine if you are trying to loose some weight. But you need to learn how to eat also while taking this. I have found that I dont even crave anything sweet or I dont even wants sodas anymore. I used to drink sweet tea and sodas all day long. I have been on this medicine this time for about 3 weeks and all I have had to drink since taking the pills is water. So if your thinking about trying the pills I would say go for it. Just besure to see your doctor before starting anything new. Good luck and I hope it works for you..
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i took phentermine before and had to stop.  a 1/4 of a pill could suppress my appetite all day....but if i increased the dosage i felt like i was on speed.  i thought i was going to have a heart attack...and i also had palpitations.  i hope your sister discontinues asap forever.    
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Palpitations are not a "racing heart beat"
That condition is medically termed:   Tachycardia
Palpitations is an abnormal awareness of the heart beat whether it be to fast, to slow, irregular, or normal.
The point is any drug can cause side effects.  No one should use any substance like this without consulting a Physician first.
Also, based on info above (incorrect info) you should be careful when people who claim to have exact knowledge on something starting shooting off at the mouth.

Do research and visit your doctor if you are serious about using this drug, which is effective, as an aid in weight loss.
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Thanks for setting the record straight on palpitations!  As a former EMT/LVN that was the second thing that bothered me about the posts on here.  The first thing was people seeking advice from "laypersons" who might in fact be individuals doing spin control for the makers of phentremine.  See you doc before starting anything like this.  I think if you all apply a common sense test to this you'll know you should seek a doctor's opinion and should probably just get your self to the gym or out to work out and not eat all junk.  
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My son turned 7 months yesterday. I weigh 195lbs, not use to this weight I would like to lose realistically 25-40lbs.  Two Fridays ago I began to take  Phen, by the following Monday I was having severe mind bottling head aches.  It may have been contributed to stress also. I had lost 3 lbs within 5 days, therefore I really would like to continue using Phen.   May I please hear other success stories: How long did you use phen? and how long did it take you to get the weight off?, what form of activity did you do?, and what do you continue to do daily? After stop taking phen did the weight come back on?

Dont worry I will be seeing a Doc...I have to in order to be for my second visit to pick my next pack of monthly pills

Oh yea how about the Diet Shot?
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This pills are a scam, be aware of it >> DO NOT BUY IT << they keep yor credit card info and bill you for staff that you have not ask for it, be carefull, also has bad side effect, they do not give refunds, thats thir customer services personal answer, so be aware
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Phentremine is extremely dangerous even if you are healthy and have no heart issus.  These pills can cause long-term permanent heart problems even if you discontinue them.  Please do NOT take them.  

A permanent lifestyle change including healthy eating choices is by far the best way to lose and manage weight.  Several small meals throughout the day consisting of fresh fruits, veggies and lean meats is the way to go.  Also 30 minutes of cardiovascular exericse everyday is imperative.  
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i couldnt agree more with jt1111

phentremine DOES NOT CAUSE palpitations.
it causes TACHYCARDIA wich is not the same. like any other pill with caffeine in it.

like ANY other drug,  phentremine pills can cause other reactions to the body. good or bad.

not everyone is apt for this medication especially people that suffer from heart problems and everyone who tries to loose weight so fast without safe methods like eating well or doing exercise should consult a physician first.

or what? you thought that by taking pills you buy from internet without description would be safe to loose weight?

i think that people that buy phentremine pills without a medical advice  are more guilty than the company that produces them

(N). so dont try to blame any one else but you for buying them.

it is less expensive going to a nutriologist and getting a diet desing for you, than wasting thousands of dollars in products that might not be safe for everyone.

your health does not have a price. its all i can say
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I am not overweight and I took this just to get super skinny and was so cracked out.  It was very scary,  I haven't touched the pills since.  My friend and I took them one day and I almost lost a finger cutting up potatoes.  Had the shakes so bad.  Did not want to eat though.  Good luck Chuck.  Not for me man.
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You asked for any success stories with Phentermine.  Under a doctor's supervision, I have used it for a little over a year (15 mos.) and not had any problems at all.  In the first four months I easily lost 20 lbs., because I didn't have the "munchies".  Without the previous cravings, or mental focus on either "depriving" myself or "what can I eat now?"-- food just doesn't seem to be so much of an issue.  If I should happen to forget to take the pill, I will be reminded around lunch time by the growling in my stomach (which also makes me aware of the fact that I seldom feel those "hunger pangs" anymore).

Other effects I have felt are increased energy and alertness.  This is not a nervous, high-strung, or hyper kind of energy - not like I have to be busy busy busy all the time.  I am not a coffee, tea, or cola drinker, so caffeine has never been a normal part of my diet, even while expending the energy needed to raise four children (and the last five years of that as a single parent, working full time and going to school).  Not so young anymore, and as a 57 yr. old elementary school teacher, I have really appreciated the energy boost as I attempt to manage the energy levels in a kindergarten or first grade class!

I have experienced no negative side effects with Phentermine.  I do keep a bottle of water with me, as I tend to be thirsty (I take another medication which has that effect, also), but basically, I've just come closer to drinking the recommended amount of water --which I've always found difficult to do before.  I see my doctor monthly for a weight and blood pressure check - and my blood pressure is always great.  In August, I will have maintained my weight for 12 months.

It has only been the last 12 years that weight has been an issue for me, though I learned not to talk about it because other people still saw me as slender.  I am 5'6", and for most of my life have weighed around 120 lbs.  I have a small frame (skinny bones) and long legs, so any extra fat I carry under my clothes (up to a point) may not be so obvious to others.  However, my extra weight always came and left with pregnancy and nursing, and I have very little tolerance for it otherwise.  During my 40's I gained a greater empathy for all who were enlisted in this battle of the bulge, as I, too, with 20 extra pounds, had been unwillingly drafted into the same ongoing battle  - gaining some, losing some, over and over and over..... .  At 49, I finally had my weight down to 120 lbs. again, but within a year was post menopausal and on the losing side (of the battle, not the weight).  It  took a few years to concede that I needed another tactic, so I started working out.  I hired a trainer and began a cardio, weight training, and nutrition program.  I worked HARD 10 - 12  hours a week, and got into great condition, but after 8 months had lost only 7 pounds (maybe it was 10 lbs. fat lost, 3 lbs. muscle gained?).

I gained it back over the winter, and by Spring I weighed 153 lbs, the most I've ever weighed, even when pregnant).  In desperation, I saw my doctor and tearfully asked him if, with all our great medical advances, there wasn't SOMETHING OUT THERE that could help.  He sympathized, and even told me that for most middle aged women, it takes a "Herculean" effort to keep weight off, and precious few calories to maintain it.  Then he wrote out a prescription for Phentermine, and with it, gave me hope again.  And, as I already mentioned, four months later I weighed 20 lbs. less.  

That year, we moved to another state, and I needed to find another doctor.  My husband became acquainted with a doctor at his gym (who worked at a women's health clinic) and asked him if he ever prescribed Phentermine to help in weight loss.  His reply was, "Certainly, and with good results."  So I am in good hands still.  I had not lost weight for two months before I saw him, and he explained that Phentermine is not quite as effective after the first 4-6 months.  He stated that since I had been doing well on it, it should be safe, and likely helpful, for me to take a second pill each day.  Even when not losing weight, the one pill helps control appetite and can be used indefinitely to help in weight maintenance - which is just as important because the weight loss see-saw is so unhealthy.

Common sense should dictate that prescription-only medications ought to be obtained only from a doctor who has examined the patient and will be monitoring any ongoing treatment.  Advice from other people based on their, or someone else's, negative experience with a drug is pretty meaningless (especially if a drug was obtained without a prescription from a dubious source).  Neither does the fact that Phentermine has been helpful for me, or my friend, mean that I should advise someone else to try it.  ANY drug, in the wrong dose, or in the wrong body, can be dangerous.  In fact, I doubt if there is any drug on the market that has not harmed a certain number of people.  But using that kind of criterion for approval, we would have to outlaw all medications, even Tylenol, allergy, and cold medicines.

Maycat, your second paragraph is right on.  But since everyBODY is not the same, some people may need additional help.  We do not all have the same metabolism; the brain's appetite control area is no less prone to disfunction than any other area of the body, and for those who have not yet reached middle age (especially women), do not be surprised if, although neither your appetite or healthy eating habits have changed, your weight does.  That we should exercise, eat our fruits and vegetables, avoid unhealthy foods, is a given fact.  But Maycat, that "Phentermine is extremely dangerous even if you are healthy and have no heart issues," is NOT a fact - it is an opinion.  Conclusions about drugs should be based on valid research, and advice about drugs should be given by medical personnel.  The rest of us can only legitimately describe our own experience.

Well, MsFabolous, that is my experience, for whatever it is worth.  I have no interest in promoting Phentermine.  I do have an intense interest in getting rid of the rest of my midriff flab!  Whether I can get back down to 120, or even 125 lbs. is yet to be seen.  But even if I do, it won't get rid of the loose skin, so within a year or two I will be posting in the cosmetic surgery forums about the tummy tuck I plan to have.  Best wishes to you and all the other weight warriers out there!
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I just wanted to thank you all for taking the time to post your comments.  I got this ad in my email and decided to google it before I actually gave my info for the "free" trial.  I'm at a plateau (I'm told) and can't lose this last 20-25 lbs.  I'm frustrated now and have tried switching up my exercise routine.  I'm a vegetarian but could definitely do better with my diet.  I am looking for a safe appetite suppressant.  I would prefer not to take drugs at all.  But I realize that some drugs are actually beneficial.  These comments really help because they are from real people who have tried the product.  Thanks!!!
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Two different items are being discussed here, which may be what's leading to the conflicting answers.  PhentERmine is a prescription drug while phentREmine is a supplement that contains hoodia.  Both are widely available on the internet.
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Using hcg can suppress your appetite more safely(if used under medical supervision, of course) than phen drugs. ask your doctor about it?
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1.) 1995 i had severe (24hr non-stop) palpitations.
no apparent reason but after being admitted to the ER it was discovered that i was very low in potassium.  I was not eating properly and changed immediately my diet to include foods rich in potassium.  The palpitations abated.

2.) Aug, 2007, with dr. supervision i take phentremine for weigth loss assistance (6wk intervals with 2month or more break).  I recently started having palpitations but not all day or extreme but certainly noticible; i examined what and how much i was eating, looked closely at my exercise routine (i run and had a dehydated experience on a 100degree day 2 days before the palpitations started).  I had only been taking the pills for three days (about my fourth regimine), I immediately ate a banana, and really ate on time (hungry or not) and made sure my meals were very rich in potassium.. ie. brocolli, tomatoes, banana's etc.  The palpitations (after a week) stopped and i reduced my exercise routine to fast walking once the sun goes down. I live in Miami and the summer has been very hot.

Point: I believe that eating properly especially when dieting is the key meds or not.  Knowing your body and health history are essential.  A good exam with a qualified doctor will prove to be priceless!  My doctor started me off on a half dose for one week, and then increased to the full pill afterward but my doctor also made me very much aware of any potential side affects and cautioned me to stop if anything in the slightest was concerning.  She did tell me that taking the pill early in the day was essential to make sure i was able to rest well... added energy yes, feeling jumpy no.
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