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Help with HCG Clinic???

Hi everybody, please anyone who can help me i am trying to find any Clinic whre i can get the hcg shots i live in lafayette area in Louisiana, anybody who can help me please. i try this before a long time ago! and it really works,!!! now i need it i move from NC to Louisiana.
i will wait for any response
Thanks so much
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Id like to reccomend Body Solutions RX. They serve people in the US 50 states, no matter where you live. They are a real and reputable clinic that offers the HCg weight loss program. www.bodysolutionsrx.com
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Happy Thursday!!!!  heres a little info hope this helps have an GREAT.... day!

I work for a health and wellness center in Aventura,Fl we also have clients out of state that we coach- Violet White and I Lola White are the main coaches for this clinic.

check out   yourfatlosscoach.com   for testimonials and proof.

you really want to be careful where you're ordering too. Make sure it's Pharmaceutical grade as well. I know lately for many other people and companies they are requiring you to be licensed and under a Dr. We are licensed and under a Dr.    Dr. Pierre

   your fatloss coach has been in business over 14yrs.
We are not an HCG Clinic but promote health and wellness.
Free consults over phone are provided.  954-801-4616

I have been heavy all my life not severely obese but 35lbs consistently overweight.
My first thought was maybe thyroid,metabolism,tape worm lol .......................so many excuses and reasons why I'm overweight; sad to say America is # 1 for Obesity And

I did something about it; I did the program with Your fatloss Coach and I'm happy to say at age 25 just married go i am 114 lbs-from 155
Diets are temporary you need to correct the underlying cause a malfunction hypothalmus gland- the brain of all brains. controls appetite, weight distribution and metablism.

.... Advice have blood work checked prior to HCG- cleanses a must, water, and eat healthy. we teach all of this along with one on one coaching  and use therapies that work synergistically putiing your body back in balance. This program gave me a second chance at a quality of life that all of us deserve.  see before pic.  

"Be the change you want to see in yourselves"  Sama Health and Wellness   Aventura, FL

Yourfatlosscoach.com  - Lola White
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