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Help after major weight loss

I am a 29 year old male. I have lost 180 lbs. through diet and exercise and am down to 295. I have a lot of hanging skin and hanging flab. Some have told me that I need to lift weights to reshape my body and make the skin retract. I have lost this weight, kept it off, and continue to lose. I look at my body and I think I know it well enough to see it doesn't look like my skin is going anywhere. What can I do? What should I do? Is surgery my only option? Please give me some options.
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First off CONGRATULATIONS on a great loss! WOW!
Sounds like with such a significant weight loss, surgery might be your only option.  My  mom had GBP and is waiting to have the surgery to remove the skin left from her loss of over 100 lbs.
I have always been told to drink plenty of water during diet and exercise to give your skin elasticity (sp), it will help it shrink with your body.
But let's face it, you have lost an entire person and your skin is never going to retract that much.  
I hope you find some other options here.
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That is so amazing and impresive. Awsome job. I wish I could lose weight like that
(though there would be nothing left of me)
Im looking to lose anything at this point. My dream weight (though I was already there and still wasnt happy) would be to lose 40 lbs. no more than 50 but up to 50 Id be happy with. I am 30lbs lass than my heaviest, i have alot more muscle weight instead of fat weight and have some saggy skin. I dont know how to get rid of that let alone the amount you are trying to lose. So far my skin feels a bit tighter with doing pilates and ball excersices. Let me know what you find works!!

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