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Help with Hcg diet

Can anyone help me with food ideas for this VLCD?? Need help with protein especially and the dairy products that are allowed.
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I eat turkey, chicken, salmon, tuna etc. As far as dairy there isn't any allowed on the diet that I follow along with my hcg injections.
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Thank you. That helps. There are no doctors in Mississippi that offer Hcg for wt loss. In fact, we can only get 2 prescriptions of diet pills a year here. So any info you can enlighted me with on this diet I would be so grateful.
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Wow. I couldn't find a clinic near me the closest was 4 hrs away. I had to opt for an online Dr. Supervised program. It is working well for me. I get in a rut about meal selections. I feel like I am eating the same old stuff, but it doesn't bother me too much because the scale is moving down for once.
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according to KTs book you should dring 80 oz of water a day
drink camomile tea, green tea, and Yerba Mate tea through out the day
You can have 2 apples or grapefruit a day
then for actuall meals

Breakfast-- Tea or coffee no food

Lunch- 100 grams of meat and a handful of veggies. these can be  fresh or cooked but absoulutely no oil if you have a salad you can but balsimic vinegar on it but nothing else

Snack- apple

Supper- 100grams of meat and a handful of veggies. fresh or cooked

snack- apple

Thats it. Its about 500 calories a day
But you wont starve because the hcg burns about 2000 calories of stored fat a day.  Hope this helps
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I took a B12 injection on Thursday and I feel awesome. The VLCD is really  not bothering me as long as I make my last meat around 7:30 p.m. That way I am good for the night. I am surprised to discover my energy again. Fibromyalgia has limited me for the past 10 years. Wonder why my MD did not suggest B12?
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Thanks for the cal count on fruits. That was throwing me off so I've been avoiding them for the time being except for a small apple here & there. I stick to 2 meals whey protein (break/lunch) then 4oz high proteins as you suggested for dinner. Still baffled re: mixing hcg but I'm following your posts trying to grasp it. Did you order the b-12 online as well?  I'm so glad it helped you. I, too,  am curious why none of my docs have ever given me this simple vitamin.   I've been struggling more then ever w/low NRG which resulted in wgt gain.  My life has been like living in a prison. There are no "good" days anymore. Losing wgt helps the chronic pain of fms.

TO: sweet magnolia

I have really bad fibro and on lots of meds. exhausted all the time. gym isn't helping w/my stamina either and wgt is still rather stuck like velcro. Would love to hear your information.  Thanks.
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