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How many really know about HCG for weight loss

I have been to many forums and blogs which sent me on a quest for the original
book on hcg used for weight loss.
Has anyone out there read the original diet info???
  The doctor is so very specific about dosage and calories??????? I keep reading about 00-600-800 calories and it is spelled out that you have to stick to a specific amount!! not only that they have to be taken in specific quantities protein, fruits and vegis,,,,,,, NO STARCH!!!!!!
  I tell you this if you are to lazy to find and read information you are to lazy to follow the very extremely strict diet drug regime period.
  I am not talking about all the new books to make money I am talking about the 1959 report in the doctors journal.
  No offense intended I just wish people to be real if your HCG injections DAILY!! are 25IU over dosed result diminish drastically
Tank you for reading
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I guess I am a dummy my post should read 500-600-800 calories and say
Thank you not tank you
smile I am trying to help people not hurt themselves or waste money
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Where did you find the original report and diet.  I read the one on HCG Dieters Forum.  Is this the correct one.  I was on this diet 20 years ago but it was doctor administered and I did not pay attention to the correct amount of HCG.
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Hello this is cali209 I had problems loging in so I opened a new profile. If you would like to write me privately I would be glad to answer any questions I can.
The book was very hard to find online but you can go to Barnes and Knoble and either but it or order it for about $20.00 I can be contacted at cali2092ATcomcast.net. I must tell you if you decide to write I am not a doctor and can not give out any medical advice. I am however a IT worker and am extremely good with web searches and am willing to provide you with information on where to look or search for info. If you wish to order the original book it was written in 1959 by Dr Simeons. You do not need to mess with any of the modern books. it is a very stick regime and you will either do it or not, pay special attention to the gorging part for the first three days it is Important. It is the little details that will give you results.
I was a Bodybuilder for over 2 year and have gained a ton of weight in last 10 and tell you this is only for obese if you only have a few pounds to lose 10-30 just start a good healthy eating plan, even those of us obese need to do this , the diet is only a starter without a healthy lifestyle you will regain. Research healthy eating it means 3 to 6 meals a day of great food, do your research and decide for yourself never listen to any one person including you doctor. All specialist say get a second opinion get to or three or four
Good day mates.
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hey my mistake again I was a BB over 20 years
silly me
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i printed out a copy of the book from the files section of the hcgdieters yahoo group at groups.yahoo.com. you have to join the group with a yahoo acct. to be able to log in and print it out.
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copying a book is knowing ?? lmao !! tisk tisk...Cali run far away fast !! HCG is a joke...for 2 weeks..im still waiting for the room dr. (that girl) to send me 1 report on facts..and truth..other then from someone selling it.,
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I have nothing to prove to you fightu. Although, I would be willing to make an appointment for you to discuss your needed therapy further.
Otherwise, I think I will stick to enjoying the many lives who are changed through the process and keep up to date on the political arena surrounding recent events.

I find it ironic you went from discrediting hCG altogether, then to admitting its other uses, and now just wanting tangible proof of it's benefits during weight loss.  
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you cant prove anything..because they is no proof..leave this people alone
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i read that hcg doesnt work all over the place by people selling other drugs and then I read just as many things about how people are loseing weight using it.

BUt here is the one thing I have noticed. Not a single post from anyone who took hcg and said it doesnt work.

Interesting. So from that pont of view, its seems to me that hcg does work, since people are losing the weight, and those who are not making money from it, are pissed off. I swear thats always the way it is.

I had a guy at my house selling bottled water, telling me I was making myself sick from drinking tap water. I had to laugh. He even showed me Medical Proof about the contaminants in my water. He went on and on and I stood there almost laughing. When he was done, he asked, what I thought was so funny.

I let him know that the aquifer that my well taps for water is the same one used in the bottled water sold under a popular brand name, and that if its good enough to be sold for 2 bucks a bottle on the shelf at the store, then its good enough for me to drink from my sink. I have a filter on my sink as well as a softner outside, but thats to remove the same things they do at the water bottleing plant.

basically, if a person isnt making money from you then they will tell you it doesnt work.
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you seem smart...use your head..come on..lol  you trick your body into thinking its pregant..ive been asking for 2 months.....noone can she 1 true study...from a non seller of HCG its junk..dangerouse..and a waste of $$
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i dont actually care what it does as far as tricking my body, since all those weight pills are the same thing. they trick you into think you arent hungry.
I am just curious as to how these people have energy to do anything on 500 calories a day!! I eat just under 1000 and feel like I am going to die.  I think thats the only thing I am skeptical about.
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I've been on the program for 14 days and have a very high level of energy.  I've been following Dr. Simeon's protocol to the T and have been consuming only 500 calories per day and I am not hungry.  This would not be possible without the HCG.  I will not get into the technical stuff because there are some here that do a good job of that (those who actually have gone through the program and know firsthand).  I have lost 13 lbs so far and feel the best I've ever felt in my life!  I am 49 years old and was a fitness instructor for 18 years and I feel good now as I did 20 years ago.  I was the most skeptical at first but I did my research and read the 'Pounds and Inches' manuscript by Dr. Simeons several times.  Be careful who you listen to here...........there are always a few naysayers (and usually the ones who haven't gone through the program to prove it to themselves).  Good Luck!
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