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Hysterectomy & Weight Gain

I had a complete hysterectomy 16 years ago and went from 114 to 175 pounds. tried every diet out there, did the exercise program and still no loss. Then I had vaginal dryness so bad causing so much pain and also my back started going down hill.  The docs put me on hormones and I had side affect and had to stop. Tried over the counter they did not work either.
About 2 years I found a medical doctor that put me on Biodentical Hormones including estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.  It has been a life change for me.  I have lost about 10 pounds, but my weight stabilized, no more dryness and my back pain has gotten so much better.

  The Biodentical Hormones have changed my life, helped my relationship and I have absolutely no bad side affects only good ones.  It took about a year to get it adjusted but it is working great now. I wish I knew all this 16 years ago. I would have done things differently.  

Now I can finally concentrate on the weight loss.
The question I have is has anyone heard of a woman who has had a complete hysterectomy, lose weight with HCG? I have recently started the HCG diet. Thanks
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this is a lifesaver diet for women post hysterectomy, post menopause and with pcos
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thanks so much for your support.  I am on day 13 and lost 9 pounds so far. feeling great.
I did have a stall for 3 days.  my weight would not move. I kept pushing thru it and then this morning weighed myself and finally lost.  The most difficult was when I get to watch everyone else in my family eat stuff I can't and I am being really good on the diet and couldn't lose.  So it was an encouragement when I did.
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when you stall do an apple day or steak day, then you don't have to wait 3 days to resume weight loss. also, they say drink 2L of h2o. that's only 9 cups--you may need more. and make sure you are getting your 100g protein 2X per day or you will not lose. also, if you get plenty of sleep, you lose weight while sleeping. i am very happy for you.
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My BFF had the same hysterectomy issues as you, she lost 32 Lbs, so yes it can and will help you if you follow the protocal.  Good luck!
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congrats to your friend!! i love hearing these stories. my doctors for years doubted my claims that i wasn't able to lose weight. one doctor told me to my face i was lazy and a liar and to "simply put down the chips and soda". eventually after having some hormone workups done they decided i was "way out of whack". this diet has been the only thing that has worked for me in over 20 years; and works for so many people. i was skeptical at first, but am so happy i tried it. again, keep giving encouragement, lots of people are reading these posts!!
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Thanks so much for all the encouraging words to both you and beazer.  I found out this week that I had an allergic reaction to meat, never noticed it before until now that I am watching everything I eat.  It actually made me gain 2 pounds back so I am still at 9 lbs, gave me a headache and my joints were hurting again.  As soon as I did a cleanse 2 days ago, it all went away.  I knew I always had this problem when I ate any type of sugary foods. It really affects my arthritis, now I know meat does the same.  So besides the weight loss, HCG is helping a lot of other problems I have been dealing with for a long time.
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