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I am a chef by the way...

I am wondering if there is any one else out there doing the HCG diet and is a chef????
I am a chef and the diet for HCG does not suit my work. Would it really be best to take two months off work to follow the HCG diet protocol?
Does any one have any suggestions or experince as a chef on teh HCG diet?

Best Sandi
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all you have to do is wear gloves.
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Why does it not suit your work? Is it because you need to taste the food as you are cooking or just the touching of fatty foods? If it is the touching, the last posting is correct, wear gloves. If it is the former, I wonder if you would still lose weight, but just not as quickly? When I did the protocol, when I followed it EXACTLY, I lost about a pound a day. When I was a little, shall we say, inexact on following the diet, I still lost weight but at a pound every two or three days.
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