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I count 9 saying they are doing the HCG program!!

I think I have seen about 9 names out there saying they are doing the HCG program either from a clinic or starting to order online.
Bass_Master and Night Owl - our dear researchers
Want2bealoser - 15 lbs in two weeks - our weight off leader
And then the rest of us - in waiting:
elusiventity, Aunt_Susan Shewoolf China 2 donner 1 and then  myhealthmatters2me.
Sorry if i left someone off.  Let's us know.  
With so many negative responses to this program, I can say I am here to support everyone.
Bass_Master started a site where we can post our success. So, I plan to tune in to that particular site for that reason.  

I want to be like want2bealoser.....

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Count me in on the "waiting" list.  I received my order the other day, but I'm still in Phase 1.  I will be starting in the next month!!!  I would love to be a part of this group.  My email address is ***@****

Thank you!
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What is his other site?
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I am working with NHW clinic in TN.
My hCG and starter pack and diet info shipped yesterday.
So I will start on Monday, I hope.

Please add me to your list.

I am planning to lose 60lbs in 8 to 12 weeks.

Do you guys thin this is doable.

Also where can we find this site to 'really' post our journeys????

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I'm starting the phase one next week.
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Great results.
Just wanted to ask why you are not following Native Healing Ways protocol?
Is there a problem with it. I am awaiting my package from them.

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There is nothing wrong with the injections, just their plan (food) is different from Dr. Simeons protocol. I spoke to Cathy and she said that I shouldn't be following KT's plan, so I decided to include the Melba Toast and eat my apple for breakfast and lets see.....Let us know your progress.
Good luck for you  
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Aspiring user here. Count me in. I am following up with those who use the TN Clinic coz i intend to go through them. So, please keep us posted on your results.
Thank you.
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Now I show - catwoman 857, Vquest, jjz - Tenn. program
Then we have danijill, shelly 606, bitten, heathrod 651

So we have quite a support group here.

Please post and let us all know - how you are doing!  I really am interested in the results from the Tenn clinic vs those of us doing the KT/Simmons program.
Those two days off might be a benefit.  And of course, how long the program is. And then the injections site.  Most importantly is the diet!!!  
And that is really what I need support from everyone on.  Staying on a 500 cal program is really committing.  I understand the HCG will keep you from being hungry in Simmons outline.  And I recall it saying that on the days you don't take it, you may feel hungry.  So, just curious from those of you that stop on the weekend - is that the case or could that be the reason the doubling up of the HCG on Friday...

Keep us posted.

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I've been on it for about 3 weeks (monday will be 3) and i do it through a clinic here in TX... lost 16 lbs so far.. its the one thing that has finally been working to help lose that baby weight we all dread so much =-)
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Count me in!
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I am on the program w/the TN clinic also
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I'm with the TN clinic also. Count me on.
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I'm with the TN clinic also. Count me in on the waiting list please.
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Hi everyone! It is very good that we can count on this forum for support. It's good to know that we are real people, not those individuals that they show before and after picture during a commercial ad for another wight loss pill or program which most of the time, if you note they are wearing the same clothes and posing in the same position! That tells me something: PHOTOSHOP!

Anyway, See i think now I read it makes sense that higher dosages will cause your system to build up immunity, I have been taking 200ius/day .. this week has been very slow in terms of weight loss.. lost 2 only.. I still have a couple of days to go until finish my third week. So... I decided to add exercise - starting yesterday. I am following the TURBO JAM - which I tried before and loved it. I am very lazy towards exercising.... and this is the only one I found that I like to do...

I want to lose the total of 30lbs by the end of this phase, and hopefully another 30 the next time I do it and then 20 more the third time.

Keep the support messages coming!!!
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Today is my 12th day and after the first 2 days, which I gained 2pounds, I'm back       on track and lost 8 pounds including the 2 that I gained, so I started 175 pounds and now I'm 167. I started walking just yesterday and I'm following KT instead of my clinic's program, because it's closer to Dr. Simeons protocol.
The only think that I've being doing and and not so sure if it's OK is using chapstick once in a while, because here in Colorado is so dry.
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Add me also to your list...

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I am so excited to see so many people doing this.  I can't wait to get started.  My income tax money should be in my bank account tommorow and I will be able to get the rest of the products and food I need to start Phase 1.  I am going to order the Colonix and Toxinout programs. I have been reading the testimonies on the site and I can hardly wait to get started.  Good luck to everyone and someone give us the web site that was mentioned earlier.
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Count me in. I'm waiting for my things to arrive.
So excited to see others doing it.

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I my risk being a pathetic whatever you call it, BUT

If you go with NHW, please use may name as a reference:\\\ I get a week free if i have that on your form!!!

my email is ***@**** and I am happy to support and just chat about our journeys!!!!


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Count me in even though i am getting real close to my goal weight, and the next step is the maintenance phase for me. I have lost 50 pounds total. I have refered several people to the clinic in Tennessee. Thanks, fit&fun
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You are THE star for the NHW, TN clinic......

thank you, thank you, thank you

mind you

i have yet to get my parcel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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You sound like me~ Still waiting!!
I think in a month all 28 of us now will be telling some similiar stories....

Yea - to fit....
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I have read lots of posts and have found lots of great information!  Thank you all for sharing.  I apologize if this is already stated somewhere and I missed it...but, can someone tell me how many IUs are in the injections from the TN clinic?

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I lost 18 pounds my first 2 weeks and I go to a Dr for treatment, I dont order it or anything. 33 pounds gone so far!!
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