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I desperately need to drop pounds

Help!  I desperately need to loose weight fast.  I know everyone wants that.   All I keep hearing is: "there's no quick fix and that it'll come back fast."  I am going on vacation to Jamaica for a cousins wedding in June.  I have 3 months to get results.  Please Please Please help out there. Can anyone offer me advice as to what works quickly so that I can stick to it.  I need to see rapid results in order to stay motivated. I'm open to diet plans,supplements, etc.  as long as they really work efficiently.
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HCG injections girl! It's fantabulous and no side effects and it stays off. I just started a few days ago and can't wait to see my results!
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I agree with buffy. Get the HCG injections. Ive lost 7 pounds in 4 days and I am losing inches too. It is the only thing that works this quickly. If you dont find a weightloss clinc where you can get them, you will have to order them and have them mailed to you. While you wait, you can try to Master Cleanser (lemonade diet) My husband is doing that diet right now and he has lost 6 pounds in 4 days. His belly has gone down some and he's feeling more energetic. Good luck to you.
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read atdoggs post
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i ment to say you will loose weight very fast. believe me i have a very slow matabolism . and its way cheaper then hcg injection.   its a total 50.00 weekly and if you want extra shots 5.00 more
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Hi Nessy,

Not sure if you heard about Phentermine pills, but it really works!!!

I went to a local weight loss clinic in my area and got my phentermine 37.5 mg from a real board certified physician.  This weight loss clinic is great because they also have B6 and B12 injections, but I haven't tried those yet.  I started out at 170 pounds and so far, I have lost 20 pounds in one month just using the phentermine by itself.  My goal is to get down to about 125-130 pounds.  

I am eating a low fat low cal diet (about 1000-1500 cals per day).  I also exercise 5-6 days per week.  I do 1 hour of cardio every day and weights every other day.  I try to drink lots of water, but I could do better!!!  I take one phentermine and one multi vitamin per day.

BEWARE!!!  Before I found the weight loss clinic, I tried ordering phentermine online and found out it was a complete rip off and a fake!!!  Thank goodness my credit card company reimbursed by creidt card for the charges. I will NEVER EVER order phentermine, or any other meds online ever again! I don't care if someone else had success with it.  It's just way too dangerous and risky to rely on some unknown source when you're consuming something into your body!!

For those of you thinking about ordering online, please don't!  All you have to do is check your local phone book or do an internet search for a weight loss clinic in your area.  It's the safest way to go.  I wish I had gone that route before, but I learned a valuable lesson.  I'm actually glad I got scammed.  Because if I hadn't I would have foolishly consumed something from an unknown source placing my health and life in danger.  I guess I was so wrapped up in what other people were saying about online ordering and so desperate to lose the weight that I didn't stop to think about the HUGE RISK I was taking.  

YES YES YES phenetrmine 37.5 mg works!!!!  Just be smart and get it from a local REAL doctor at a REAL clinic or office!!!!

Hope this was helpful to you.  Good luck in your weight loss journey and God bless!!!!
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How are things going for you any results- hope all is well....

If you can lose weight naturally by eating healthy and exercising; great KUDOS but not everyone can.

I have been heavy all my life not severely obese but 35lbs consistently overweight.
My first thought was maybe thyroid,metabolism,tape worm lol .......................
My hips and thighs were grossly abnormal- I got tired of hearing it looks good on you; flaunt what god gave you- God didnt intend for anyone to be fat. Thats a direct insult I feel. I did something about it I did the program with Your fatloss Coach theres one in Jamaica now to0. were in Aventura fl.
I'm happy to say at age 25 just married to this day 4months ago i am 114 lbs-
Diets are temporary you need to correct the underlying cause a malfunction hypothalmus gland- the brain of all brains. controls appetite, weight distribution and metablism.

The coaches in all consultation which are free via phone or in person are about 60-90 min free no charge

for my honeymoon first time in my life to wear a two piece and be comfortable inside and outside my skin.

Im going for training now - and gonna get certifited with the ISSN- for sports nutrition, I have a career field that I love and desire all others to know the quality of life that is out there.... Advice have blood work checked prior to HCG- cleanses a must, water, and eat healthy. Your releasing abnormal fat thats the purpose of the HCG a second chance at a life You I deserve thats what this program did for me. see before pic.  

"Be the change you want to see in yourselves"  Sama Health and Wellness   Aventura, FL

Yourfatlosscoach.com  - Lola White
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