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I really need help with weight loss

Hi, Im 28 years old and 230lbs I have been working about 3 times a week at most due to my work scedule its hard to keep 3 times every week.  Im really trying to lose weight.  When I was younger I was on meridia and workingout and got down to 175 which was awesome. I want to get there again but my doctor gave me meridia and its not working like it use to, not at all actually.  I have read multiple post on this website and I just need something to help me get the weight off quick and with me working out also.  My doctor will not prescribe me anything again because he is a ***  I have tried slim quick and it just made me feel really weird.  Can anybody help me?  Is there anything I can take and not need my doctor to write a script for that will actually work and work fast???
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Hi, I know this is not what you want to hear, but fast weight loss is like a band aid on a 10" cut. The only way to loose weight is to take in less calories then you use. 3600 = 1 lb. 2 lbs a week after the first week is a good safe amount to loose wheather you take pills or not. I am on a clinical study making the weight loss easier for me because I can stay away from binging and hi calorie foods with little effort. Up and down 100 lbs for the past 35+ years I went to Overeaters Annonymous instead of meds and it worked when I worked the program. So what I am suggesting is find good low calorie foods to substitute for what you usually eat, and exercise whan you can, all you can do is your best. The over the counter "Diet" stuff is not FDA approved and does not have to be safe.You see the commercials and what they promise, You gotta laugh at how stupid they think we the consumer are, but actually, they know how desperate. Renee
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