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I want Phentermine and B12 shots

I have used adipex(phentermine) and have had the B12 shots before and it was awesome. That was before I had kids and moved to NC and then to SC where I currently reside. I have had two kids and Im approximately 45 lbs overweight. My daughter is 7 months old and I know they say to give it the same amount of time it took to put it on. Well Im only 2 months shy of that date and I still have 45 lbs to lose. I would really like to find a dr in SC that prescribes phentermine and offers B12 shots for overweight people. Im very self concious about my weight and have been really depressed to point I have had to be medicated for months for it. I know that if I could just lose this weight it would take alot of pressure off of me. Please someone help me to find a weight dr. who offers phentermine and B12 shots. Thank you so very much.

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Dear Tonya I too feel your pain and have been searching months and months my son is one and i am atleast 50 lbs overweight I have found one clinic so far (im in nc) that does phentermine and Hcg shots which ive heard the combination is amzing and most ppl have lost up to 20lbs a mth doing this I have no insurance unfortunately so the cost for me is around 670 and the closest i found so far is in salisbury nc which is a 4 hr drive for me but im so depressed about it im willing to drive it still doing research to see if i can find someone closer where about do you live if i find anything in your area i will let you know.
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Try doing an internet search on google. I am in Texas, but that is how I found mine. I searched
weight loss clinics houston
lipo b injections houston
bariatric clinics houston,,,,,etc.

It should pull up some in your area. Good Luck
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I'm in florida. And I guess form reading your posts that doctor's don't prescribe phentermine. I didn't realize it would be that hard to find. I only just found out about it and would like to try it. I was under the impression that any regular physician would prescirbe it (if one is overweight). I'm going to google it now and see what I find.

How does B12 shots aid the phentermine?
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I just found this site to buy phentermine. I see on there that ther is:
- phentREmine
- phentRAmine and
- phentERmine

Is there a difference? And, has anyone bought them online? Do you think it's safe...I mean, how will i know I've gotten the right thing?

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I would not risk ordering phentermine (that is the correct spelling) online. I have read several posts about being scammed and I sure would not want to take something like that and not know what the ingredients were.
Find a weight loss doctor in your area to prescribe it for you. Search weight loss clinics for you area, or bariatric doctors, etc.
That is how I found a doc close to me.....
Those are not drugs you need to be buying online, especially since you don't know what the real thing looks like or how it affects you.
Good Luck
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I couldnt remember what the clinic was called so Ive been searching for phentermine online, I too have heard about alot of people getting scammed.  Thanks alot I appreciate all the comments and help.
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I am overweight i am in the military part time guard.  I am 180 lbs I have gained about 30lbs over the course of a year.  I feel terrible.  I don't have much time to excercise because i have a very demanding job, now.  I have an appointment set up at a weight loss clinic in greenwood, SC next week.  The clinic is called "color me well" i was referred to them by a coworker and they prescribe phentermine and the b12 shots.  the only bad thing is they don't accept insurance.  the first appointment is $245 and then after that they are $100, but I heard it was well worth it.  I really want to lose 40-50 pounds over all.

Good luck
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I live in Raleigh, NC and I see Dr. Josephine Brown her program is called Choices Weight Management.. I have lost a total of 53 pounds since Oct 8,2008.. they do not take insurance but they will give u the paper work to file your own...
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there is a weight loss clinic in Wilmington, NC that perscribes Phentermine. It is called Physicians Weight Loss Clinic. Randall parkway. 910-520-7463
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HI Penelope,

I am not sure if you are still looking for a Dr in the SC area, but if you are call Dr. Deli Wang, he is a referral Dr, so let him know that Suzanne Eber sent you and he will set  you up!   lost 40lbs through him.  Cash only though it is $150 first visit and then $65 each visit after that.  He is located in Sumter SC
anybody know of any physician in Maryland or WV who prescribe Phentermine?
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