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Just a few pounds....

All I want to do is lose 5-8 lbs. (Depending on the day I fluctuate about 3-4lbs). It seems like I am already as healthy as I could be. I try to exercise, but I am a student, and don't always have the time or energy.

I've been trying to get to my goal for about 2 months now and my weight doesnt seem to budge. How can I get rid of these last 5(ish) pounds without starving them away?!

Anyone else VERY close to their goal, but seem to be at a standstill?

Also I know I haven't platued (sp?) because I havent really been trying to lose weight because I am already a very healthy eater in the first place. I cut out icecream from my diet and dropped 7 lbs like cake, but now I have no idea what else to cut out. It was my only indulgence!

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You could try cutting out pasta & white bread, rice, things like that -- switch to whole grains & whole wheat possibly... Also, try switching sugar for Splenda & drink diet soda... these things helped me.  I also did Weight Watchers, you can do it online, and I lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks with it... But what helped me do that was everything I just mentioned above (and eating less!)

You could also try Pilates or Ballet -- helps to make you leaner, less muscle-y & all of the stretching is great for your muscles & loosing weight

good luck...
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Yes, eat less breads, pasta, and fried foods. Diet drinks have lots of sodium in them which makes you retain fluid which could be the last few pounds you need to loose. If you want to kick start it. Eat breakfast yogurt, fruit w/ cottage cheese, or a healthy cereal. With fat free milk. No fruit or melons for first week; these have natural sugars that are hard for your body break down. Next week do fruits with no melons. Drink lots of water too. This can help flush out your system. Exercising could really help a lot too. But, I know how you feel I haven't made time for it and have recently gained back 5 pounds! I lost about 30 pounds 1 1/2 yr. ago so that's a big deal! I don't have any of my fat clothes to wear anymore so if I gain too much and I can't wear my current wardrobe I'm in big trouble.  I can't gain weight or I will have to wear jogging pants around until I loose it! Try to have a healthy snack around 9:30-ish like maybe a few almonds or yogurt. For lunch do a lean meat like fish, chicken, or pork. Of course grilled w/o lots of butter or sauces. With a veggie. Or a salad is a good option. Watch the dressig though they can be very fatty!! If you can't go with the low fat (like me) just do a little of the kind you like. If you deprive yourself of things you like or crave when you finally get them you go over board. So if you want chocolate just eat a bite or two and be done with it. Do supper the same (lean meat w/ veggie) Don't eat after 7 pm. Eat more salmon or tuna they have Omega3s in them and this helps to speed up your motabolism. Good-luck!
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Maybe I should have been a little more specific on just how healthy I am. I am VERY VERY healthy, and the last time I ate a bowl of pasta was probably about 5 years ago.

Here are the list of foods I DO eat:
Mixed Berries
Veggies in a nonfat-low cal marinaria sauce
I always order dressing on the side
I don't drink coke, and if I do, it's diet, but this is extremely rare.
Low-sugar yogurt.
cottage cheese (rarely)
Salmon + fish. I only eat fish. I haven't had red meat or chicken in 4 years.
Sometimes I will eat a teaspoon full of peanutbutter.
I DONT eat bread. If I do have a bread product it will be like crutons on my salad, or a bit of a role at the dinner table, if it's provided....but this too is sparingly.
I drink light soy milk - probably half a cup a day (60cals= 1 cup
so my half= 30)
I drink lots of green tea and also decaffinated teas as well
I only use splenda for sweetners if needed.

This is just the basics. I probably have more foods that I eat than this, but all are along the same lines. REally healthy. Almost nothing is refined, and I don't eat lots of fatty meats. I take Omega=3 supplements everyday, multi-vitamin.

Anyway. It's frustrating. I am like the healthiest person I know, and my goal is to lose 5 lbs.

Like I said earlier, I am a student, so the suggestion about taking up ballet is sort of an impossible suggestion. I try to stay active, and if anything I am walking around campus all day.

Thanks for the suggestions though. I hope this additional info has help sort of drive home the situation. I am SOOOO HEALTHY and yet the pounds wont budge. :(
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I know its a bit late for this post but maybe you are the ideal weight for your height already and your body knows you dont need to lose any weight? I read that the other day as it happens. Its hard to know what we should believe off the net though. I need to lose about 7 pounds to be within normal weight for my height but even 1200 cals a day plus exercise at the mo isnt shifting so much as a pound so i am in a similar situ.
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A year ago I started eating less watching my intake and going to the gym at least three times a week.....I gained another 20 lbs! So I went to a weight loss clinic and these are my results.
Female 35yrs old
Starting Weight 164.4 4/18/06
B-12 Injection on 4/18/06
Phentermine 37.5 daily in the morning
Week 1 Weight 159.4 4/25/06 (lost 5 lbs)
Week 3 Weight 155.6 5/9/06 (lost almost 9lbs to date)
Was on Vacation last week and ate like a pig!
Injections:I am doing a B12 and Lipo Combo on Tuesday and a Lipo on Saturday so this is my second week on the Lipotropics injections and the third week on the B12.....the first week I just did the B12 but then I spoke to a women in the waiting area who was getting the Lipo Shots.
Oh and I am still going to the gym three days a week but last week I didn't go at all. All I do is Cardio for 1 hour Treadmill and the Elliptical

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