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Kevin not true-makeing doh

Human chorionic gonadotropin
(hCG) is a peptide hormone
produced in pregnancy, that is
made by the embryo soon after
conception and later by the
syncytiotrophoblast (part of the
placenta). Its role is to prevent the
disintegration of the corpus luteum
of the ovary and thereby maintain
progesterone production that is
critical for a pregnancy in humans.
hCG may have additional
functions, for instance it is thought
that it affects the immune tolerance
of the pregnancy. Early pregnancy
testing generally is based on the
detection or measurement of hCG.

Kevin Trudeau has been banned in Boston, and everywhere else in the U.S.

Trudeau has also agreed to pay $2 million to settle charges that he falsely claimed that a coral calcium product can cure cancer and other serious diseases and that a purported analgesic called Biotape can permanently cure or relieve severe pain.

Trudeau, a prolific marketer who has either appeared in or produced hundreds of infomercials, is banned from appearing in, producing, or disseminating future infomercials that advertise any type of product, service, or program to the public, except for truthful infomercials for informational publications.

In addition, Trudeau cannot make disease or health benefits claims for any type of product, service, or program in any advertising, including print, radio, Internet, television, and direct mail solicitations, regardless of the format and duration.

Trudeau is paying $500,000 in cash and transferring residential property located in Ojai, California, and a luxury vehicle to the Federal Trade Commission to satisfy the $2 million monetary judgment against him. In the event that the court finds that Trudeau or his companies misrepresented their financial condition, the order would require Trudeau to pay $20 million pursuant to an avalanche clause.

�This ban is meant to shut down an infomercial empire that has misled American consumers for years,� said Lydia Parnes, Acting Director of the FTC�s Bureau of Consumer Protection. �Other habitual false advertisers should take a lesson; mend your ways or face serious consequences.�

In nationally-televised infomercials, Trudeau advertised that Coral Calcium Supreme, a dietary supplement purportedly made from Japanese marine coral, provided the same amount of bioavailable calcium as two gallons of milk, could be absorbed into the body faster than ordinary calcium, and could cure cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, lupus, and other illnesses.

In a separate infomercial, Trudeau claimed that Biotape, an adhesive strip, provided permanent relief from severe pain, including debilitating back pain, and pain from arthritis, sciatica, and migraines.

In June 2003, the FTC filed a complaint in the Northern District of Illinois against Trudeau and some of his companies, alleging that these disease claims for Coral Calcium Supreme were false and unsubstantiated. The Commission also alleged in a separate action that Trudeau violated a 1998 FTC order by making the Coral Calcium Supreme claims and the pain-relief claims for Biotape.

In July 2003, Trudeau entered into a stipulated preliminary injunction that prohibited him from continuing to make the challenged claims for Coral Calcium Supreme and Biotape. This summer the court found Trudeau in contempt of court for violating this preliminary injunction when he disseminated a direct mail piece and an infomercial making the prohibited coral calcium claims. The court ordered Trudeau to cease all marketing for coral calcium products.

The settlement announced today permanently bans Trudeau and the other defendants, Shop America (USA), LLC, Shop America Marketing Group, LLC, and Trustar Global Media, Limited (�defendants�), from appearing in, producing, or disseminating infomercials that advertise any product, service, or program and, regardless of the advertising medium used to make the claim, from making representations that any product, program, or service can cure, treat, or prevent any disease or provide health benefits. The order�s ban on future infomercials exempts infomercials for books, newsletters, and other informational publications.

In addition, the order prohibits the defendants from transferring, selling, or renting personal information collected from customers who purchased Coral Calcium Supreme and requires the defendants to destroy this information for certain customers. Finally, the order contains standard recordkeeping provisions to assist the FTC in monitoring the defendants� compliance with its prohibitions and requirements.

The names and addresses of consumers who call to order the book "Natural Cures 'They' Don�t Want You to Know About" are being sold to telemarketers, junk mailers and other direct marketers, the New York State Consumer Protection Board (CPB) has learned.
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I found you !!  I knew this would wake you up !!

where does this talk about the HCG sales pitch ?
I just sent for some info from 1 of the biggest steroid dealers in the US...I will get the truth about HCG & fat loss...oh and great prices on HCG !!  LOL
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If anyone wanted to know about his slimy dealings and really know who is selling them things, all you have to do it look up his profile on wikipedia ( to get the names of all his companies) then go from there, researching public files and court records. Its really shocking how many people worship him for bringing hcg to light, when the man did nothing but mass market someone elses work.

I have nothing against hcg if its working for people, but KT did nothing in the way of discovering this, researching this,  or even promoting it other then making a profit from it by mass telemarketing. And then to lie to people saying he has nothing to do with those "suggested" places he says to get meds from...they are ALL HIS COMPANIES!!!! - OR - he gets kick backs. You can sit there and not believe me, but do a little digging...just remember, I warned you about the **** you will dig up. Its not good, at all.

A friend of mine said " He might be a slime ball, but I am so glad he told me about hcg" I wanted to roll over in a grave when I heard that.  Its like saying, well I know the mechanic sliced my tires so I had to buy new ones, but we are much safer now with new tires on the roads.
- folks...the info was always there, you just have to get more involved to find things. Its been public since like 1954 or something like that. It was no big secret or anything. Some people dont want to go get the info, they like it brought to them. Beware who is knocking on your door with the next miracle...

I mean maybe they should spend half the money they do pushing drugs and put up healthy commercials for foods that are great for your body and less "have it your way at burger king" commercials.

Ever notice the worst people shout the loudest on tv? Ever wonder why that is?

You hardly ever see a health food store screaming over the television about colon cleansing or how great all the supplements are for you. When was the last time you saw a commerical for organic anything really.

I know I know...I am ranting...but I just so sick and tired of hearing how "Our saviour KT has delivered us from fatassdom."  

You know what...I am going to write a bood...."Everything that KT didnt want you to know - the REAL weight loss cure"
Inside will be a menu planner of a healthy way to eat and a rigid exercise program. And if you call now, I will throw in 5 lb weights to carry when you powerwalk.!!!
Oh, and For those who cant get out and exercise in that way, I will have special programs that my dad used ( he was wheelchair bound with a heartbreaking disease AND cancer on top of that) but HE still exercised and moved what parts he could.

so so so sad -

Happiness and a healthy body isnt in a bottle....its out there to seize and enjoy.
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oh dont mind me hunny, Im PMSnig and I am all bitchy and ranty. LOL

Ignore me for atleast another week. lol because I imagine I will start complaining about George Bush next if I dont zip it.

Oh and the damn garbage man who dumps half the can of trash on the driveway every freaking time. Like HOW hard is it to actualy get the trash in the truck.

not to mention that stupid woman at the gorcery store who leaves her basket in the parking lot, RIGHT where it will ding my car EVERY time.

Oh and dont even get me started on gas prices....

*hugs* I need chocolate. Seriously...I want a bag of potatoes chip, smothered in chocolate over a bowl of chex mix so I feel its healthy.
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Oh don't get me started on george bush and lazy garbage men!  

On the serious side, you should send that KT info to the editor of hcg diet info-  she posted on another forum that she was looking for articles from "both sides of the fence" and the site itself is more pro - Dr. Simeons than kevin trudeau.

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yes, you guys are so much better than everyone else.

EVERYONE...when fightu35 lost his argument against hcg, he took off a couple of days to re-group. He started posting under another name, (which is against the terms and conditions of this website btw), and went back to attacking the person who reported the hidden diet in the first place. He can't win in an argument against the diet, and it is easy to argue against the book itself because no one can argue that kt doesn't have a record. Good job son. You never cease to entertain us!!!!!!!!!! You are really convincing all the people who are losing so much weight to stop. (People that he considers to be idiots.)
I know that you want to stop scammers from making (this is how you spell 'making') money, but all you are actually doing is discouraging more people from correcting their lifelong weight problem. If bashing kt is all the proof against it you've got left........yes, you DID lose the argument. Why else would you start posting under another name?
anyone remember the post called "my last post"? i think he's posted about 10 after that one! and some of them have been deleted by this website as inappropriate.
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organic producers are 'not allowed' by the fda to advertise what their goods can do for us. it cuts into the chemical makers profits. they have to rely on a public who will inform themselves.
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Who's following KT?  I'm following Dr Simeon's Plan.  KT just got the word out to look at Dr Simeon's work, as far as I'm concerned.  Yea for Omvibrate.  Booooooooo for those who have no business being on this forum because they aren't dieting and really interested in the truth.  My opinion is that they are being paid to bash the HCG diet.
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3 months later..still no proof..................
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this is from 1 of the  countrys top selling sites..i asked him about HCG for weight loss..heres his reply........

I havent read that book yet, but I can tell you, from years of personal
experience and from feedbaik from many many customers, that injecting HCG
does nto lead to significant wieght loss (if at all). if you want to shred
fat you need to take a fat burner such as clenbuterol or Tiraticol
(Thyroid Hormone) and/or take a course of Growth hormone

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Oh we know who you really R  and what ever that guys says I still lost 38lbs on the program, Who cares about KT and his money making schemes. I'm still glad he opened my eyes!
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you love to ignore facts...lol sad..so very sad..have a great day  !

you lost 38 lbs from low cal intake..not HCG  fact
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I lost 30 lbs in thirty days and Actually I'm still losing weight after returning to more calories ( phase3)EXPLAIN??????????????   I'm down a total of 47  lbs  hummmmm  whaaaaat happpppened?
Avatar universal
YOU  IN NO WAY LOST 30 LBS OF FAT................FACT
Avatar universal
NO !   FACT !  been muscle tested    FACT!!!!!!!!!!
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SHE...you can not fool anyone with a brain...I am a expert and pro.......a lil fact for you..
it takes 3,500 calories burned(more then you ate) to lose 1 lb of FAT (not water)
it takes about 150 calories eaten (more then you burn) to gain 1 lb of muscle...

not 1 person beleives you...lol
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for some one who sounds so sure of him self , you sure can't spell, and that one stament you added by some one else, looks to me like you wrote it(jack) because he can't spell either, im by no means taken sides, i have read things from you and others and some make sence, some don't, im like, you can't trust or believe anything these days. now that is sad
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