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Hi, I just started on Lexapro today for my high anxiety. I have been on wellbutrin for 5 months and have had no weight gain... I have actually lost weight. Reading all these blogs has me really nervous about taking the lexapro now. Has anyone been (or is) on Wellbutrin AND Lexapro? If so, have you seen any weight gain? I am hoping the the wellbutrin will cancel out the lexapro! let me know- thanks
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I've been on 20mg Lexapro and Wellbutrin 150XL for three years and I haven't noticed any real weight gain. Lexapro is not known for weight gain.
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Lexapro is horrible with weight gain... I have gained 15 pounds in six months... I am in good shape  5'4 was 135 pounds now i am 150... went to the dr yesterday to get on wellbutrin to LOSE THE WEIGHT
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I was looking into take Lexapro for grief anxiety, that pain you get in the pit of your stomach from heartache or loss?  I think it works opposite of what you do during the anxiety.  If you are an eater when you are having anxiety then you will probably loose weight, if you don't eat during anxiety then you will probably gain weight. When I'm anxious I don't have an appetite at all.  It just isn't there at all.  I have to force myself to eat or I'd die.  Are all of you gaining weight, a non-eater during anxiety?  

thanks for the info

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I was on lexipro for about 1 year and went from being 135 to 245  I gained a hundred and 10 lbs from it... but i don't think that the lexipro was completely responible for my weight gain.... I am 6'4 (male) and at 135 i think i didn't eat that much or anything becuase of my depression.... I think i used that as something i could control when i felt my life was uncontrollable... My healthy body weight is 184 it says online, so now i've balanced out and weigh200lbs.. which if 15 lbs over healthy body weight... and that is fixable by just eating right (which helps with depression anyways) and exercise which also helps with depression....
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I've been on and off of Lexapro for about 5 years now. Every time I go on it, the weight gain and decrease in sex drive after about 4 months is enough to make me go off of it. It definitely helps your anxiety, but I'm a marathon runner who can't keep the weight off on this drug. I'm going to the Dr. Monday to see if they can do something else.
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