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I am on day 19 of the diet--tomorrow marks the halfway point!  Am not taking B 12 injections, only the hcg injected in the fat roll at the stomach.  I alternate sides each day.  I was really apprehensive about giving myself injections as I was terrified of needles as a kid.  But I was only nervous the first couple of days.  And the injections do not hurt (I'm using short needle ultra-fine insulin syringes).

I did not have a vast amount of weight to lose--just 25 to 30 lbs, that I have not been able to shed for the last 20 years.  I will diet and get some off, only to have it come right back and bring several friends along!  Finally, I just said--Enough is enough!

I will be honest and realistic about my experience because you need to realize this is not something you do on a whim or as an "I'll try it and see" fling.  You do need to be committed and prepared to see it through, in spite of a few difficulties.

The first day of injections I had a bad headache.  It was Saturday, and I could not reach my doctor's office.  So I went online and found Dr. Simeon's original protocol and saw that he allowed aspirin during the diet--just enough to take care of headaches.  I took 3 aspirin and the headache went away.  So apparently that part of my experience was not uncommon.

Although my friend did the diet and said she had absolutely no hunger, I have been hungry from day 1.  I binged the first 2 days before I started until I thought I would throw up (my friend had told me to eat, even after I felt I couldn't eat any more).  So it is not that I didn't start right.  I have not missed any injections and have not altered at all from the prescribed diet.  Yet I am hungry--on a scale of 1 to 10, maybe a 7.  Also, I am still having to cook for my family which is not helping things.

I called my doctor's office, and the nurse tried to tell me it was in in my mind.  I assured her that I have been on diets before, know how the mind works in food cravings, but this was definitely hunger with a rumbling stomach to go along.  She replied that a lot depends on a person's individual metabolism as to how their body responds to the hcg.

But before anyone gets discouraged, let me say that it is working--amazingly!!  I am down almost 15 pounds in 19 days.  I am seeing weights that I haven't seen for years. And best of all, my body is reshaping.  I had done some extensive weight training a few years back and got pretty strong in my upper body, yet I could never see the muscle tone.  A personal trainer told me I had too much fat covering it up.  Ouch!  Well now, I am starting to see that upper arm muscle tone--and it sure looks nice!

I've never had a real waistline due to a long ribcage, but now a waistline is appearing.  Fat deposits between the legs are shrinking visibly, and I'm getting in clothes I haven't worn in a while.  Slacks that were tight on me when I began are now absolutely baggy. People around me who don't even know I'm dieting are already noticing that the weight is going. I also have no droopy skin.  In fact, my face and hair seem more radiant. Best of all...it's happening so fast!  I've suffered feelings of deprivation for much longer periods of time on diets in the past with FAR fewer results.  So whenever I get hungry, I just remind myself--Every day when I step on that scale and see another pound or partial pound gone, I am saying goodbye to it forever!  For unlike other diets, this one has the ability to keep the weight off permanantly (unless you go to McDonald's everyday for 6 months and supersize your meal or something crazy like that).

Have I been tempted to quit? Yes, more than once.  But I keep reminding myself of how good I am going to look and feel when it's all over and how bummed I would be later if I let myself quit now.  (I'm almost halfway through already!!) Also, I think about how much money I paid to go on the diet! :-) :-)  Summer is coming up, and I keep visualizing myself in that new, slimmer swimsuit.  So...go drink another glass of water!  Make some more tea!

Here are some things that have helped me, and I'll pass them along...

I chop up my veggies so I get more in the 1 cup measure (I eat 2 cups for each of both meals).  It also looks like I have more when they are chopped.  Sometimes I even will chop a veggie like celery or cucumbers in a bowl and mix it with some dill, salt and pepper and apple cider vinegar or lemon juice to make a "salad."  Then I only put half on my plate and leave half in the bowl so I can go back for "seconds." Also, I cut apples in halves and even quarters to space them out through the day.  The nurse told me it doesn't matter so much when you eat everything as long as you eat it all every day with no additions or deletions.

I also stopped eating cooked spinach or even raw lettuce in the first few days because the spinach shrinks to nothing and neither the spinach nor the lettuce had enough bulk to help me feel full.  I've done well on chopped tomatoes, chopped and steamed cabbage, chopped cucumbers and chopped celery (raw or sauteed in a bit of water with organic seasonings).  When I feel like I just HAVE to have something with a little more taste, I chop up onions (as my veggie for that meal) and saute them in water with my meat. I don't eat the 1/2 grapefruit often because I found that apples and strawberries do a better job of filling me up.

Keep drinking tea and water (you can drink even more than the minimum) and try to find things to do that keep your mind busy and off of food (like this week I am working on taxes).

I found a recipe online for an apple cider "cocktail" that I mix and drink before meals.  It has helped some with hunger.  Recipe: 1 TBSP raw apple cider vinegar in 3-4 oz. water with about 4 drops Stevia.  Mix and drink it down.

If you get constipated, pick up an herbal "laxative" tea from the health food store and drink about 1/2 cup before bedtime.

And just remember in those weaker moments...the weight you are losing is permanently gone as long as you eat halfway sensibly in the future!  You can do pretty much ANYTHING for only 40 days, and you'll be soooooo glad for a LIFETIME afterwards that you endured!

Happy Dieting Everyone!!!

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Thanks for your post. I just received my hcg today and am probably going to start Monday. (waiting for my cycle to end) It's nice to hear from others that are doing it and having success. I am wanting to lose 50-60 lbs and I am soooo excited!

Did your doctor give you diet? If so, is it exactly what is in KT's book? The company I bought from varies a little but I am going to stick to KT's book I think since it's what was originally  said to eat.

Congats on doing so well and hope you keep it up!
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My doctor gave me a diet that is almost exactly what the originator of the diet, Dr. Simeons, had as his protocol in the 1950s (by the way, you can find Dr. Simeons' protocol online). The exceptions are that I do not have breadsticks or Melba toast and I have 2 cups of the prescribed chopped veggies at each meal instead of 1.  Most of the veggies have so few calories that one more cup does not make a difference.  But it can make a difference in your hunger levels.

I will have to say that I have noticed maybe a 50% drop in hunger since taking the apple cider vinegar "cocktail" before meals.  Of course, it could also just be where I am in the diet--day 20 today.  Yay!!  Halfway there!!

You CAN reach your goal weight on this diet if you stick with it and reshape your body at the same time.  I have been on lots of diets before, and this one works better and quicker than anything I've ever done.  And of course...BEST PART is KEEPING the weight off once the diet ends!!

Be SURE you binge eat the first two days of injections, and I mean eat really fatty stuff like fried eggs and bacon, pork, food with lots of cheese, cream, rich desserts like cheesecake.  I did eat a lot but not really foods with a bunch of fat because (through previous dieting) I am so used to avoiding those types of foods.  That may have been part of my hunger problem.  Guess I'll never know...

LOTS of success to you!!
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I too experienced hunger at first, but it did fade.  I'm day 11 on VLCD and have lost 14.5 pounds.  I've found that spices help alot!!!!.  Also, use organic chiken broth while cooking your meat.  let it cook down, it creates a nice sauce.Yummy.  Check out the hcg support group on yahoo....You tube, tons on info about HCG protocol.  Check out mamaclok, she's great!!!  VERY GOOD STUFF!!  Best of luck.
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How can i get the hcg diet here in chicago ( i actual live in the suburbs in Lansing Il). I need serious info on the hcg like where to get it from---- the real stuff
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where can i get the hcg diet in chicago i need to know where i can get the real stuff
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I am in St. Louis and as everyone else, have no idea where to get the HCG.  No clinics by me I don't think.  If anyone is on a mail order with a reliable company...please email me with their info.  Thanks!  j.***@****

Congrats to those that have lost!
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