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Lexapro-For Goodness Sake, How Long Will It Take?

Whenever I feel particularly bloated or gross, I find my solice in these stories on this page.  I have no exciting one myself.  Divorced with 2 little children and took a job as a high school teacher as green as they come.  After allowing myself to cry in front of a class of 17 yr. olders who were dying to do just about anything besides work as well as getting far too irritable and unfair around my children, I knew I had to make a change.  I got on Lexapro and took it for 2 yrs, varying my dosage from 5-20 mgs, depending on the season and the reason.  4 mos. ago in March I quit cold turkey.  I had some emotional swings but nothing I couldn't handle (like I said, I'm a high school teacher, I can handle anything.)  After I quit them, that's when I started putting 2 and 2 together and realizing how much weight I had gained...wouldn't you know it, 20 lbs. on the nose.  Now everything I read on this site helps me to see that I'm not crazy.  I never eally changed any lifestyle habit other than drinking more red wine at night.  I thought maybe those evening calories had caught up wtih me.  I gained it in the wierdest places too:  Right in my stomache, waist, and rear.  I went from a size 2 to a size 8.  So 4 mos. have come and gone since I quit it...when's it going to start evaporating??  I read one blob that said 6 mos. is the lucky number...are there any success stories out there?  Is that right?  Does it start coming off after that?  I'd just like to hear 2 people tell me that YES, after 6 mos. things go back to normal.  I am miserable and I feel disgusting.  Any insight would be beautiful at this point.  Thanks, A
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