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Lexapro and weight gain!

So I am having the same problem as many of you i am reading about.  I also am taking lexapro and have gained weight no matter what i do.  I am 19 years old and before i started taking lexapro i weighed 90 IBS.  Since the medicine i am now up to 160Ibs.  I work out 6 days a week and have a very good diet.  I am also in basketball in college, so i should not have gained that much weight.  No matter what i do i cannot loose the weight.  The last post i read everyone talked about how they had gained weight, but no one said how to loose it! PLEASE help me loose the weight!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the weight gain has made me even more depressed HELP!!!!!!
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I gained a bunch of weight on Lexapro, too. I am starting the Hcg protocol Monday. The lexapro also messed with my thyroid and adrenals and I have ended up taking hormones to correct AFTER getting off the lexapro.
No depression at all(except the normal getting bummed out after something bad happens). I was able to lose 40 lbs slowly after addressing my hormone issues and getting off of antidepressants with minimal exercise.

Starting hcg to jump start weightloss again. I am 41, and it does get harder as you get older to lose weight. When I was your age it came off so quickly.
It's the lexapro for sure.
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within 6 weeks - gained bout 5 lbs; as of last week, I stopped med --> as weight gain will be difficult to contend w/ & cause more depression. So, while starting Lexi, I was jogging 3 miles a day!!!! Typically, I always felt extremely hungry after jogging - not w/ Lexi in the system THO.

While I was not eating more, I gained weight - Yet,
after stopping Lexi, I noticed immeciate upsurge in appetite after jogging, which is seeming more normal (metabolism is affected severely when using the DRUG).
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