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Life after depo provera

I had my last depo injection january 26th 2007, I began to get a period in june and have been on and off sice then, how long should this last?
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How was depo provera for you?
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depo provero is a good bith control, but it made me gain weight.  The good thing about it you don't have a period and you only have to get a shot every 3 months.  i gained 10 pounds in 1 month.
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I was on Depo for a year and a half.. I gained 60 lbs, got horrible horrible miagranes, it increased my anxiety levels, and gave me acne. Everyones body will react differenct, and I wish you well. The only possitive thing was that I didnt have a period, and didnt have to take a pill everyday.
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Tell all your friends to NEVER use depo! I think we are going to hear alot more horror about this drug.
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Hello all,
I would just like to say that I am a true believer in the Depo.
I was on this form of birth control for 3 consecutive years. During this time, I stayed very active and ate the same foods I did before and I actually LOST weight. I then decided to take a break from the shot and quickly got a period about five months after my last injection. My first two or three periods were heavy and they were painful... very very crampy. Then they became normal and everything was fine. I then decided to get back on the shot about 9 months later. I have been on this birth control now, the second time around, for 6 months and feel great! No weight gain, no crazy head aches and what not. I actually feel better on the shot than I do off of it. I think that every form of birth control works completely different with each woman depending on their own body type. Mine loves the Depo, other's hate it. I think it is something you just need to try for yourself. It's not always the best idea to make decisions based on other individual's judgments. :)
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When so many women is suffering from the same if not similar medical problems why even risk it... So far you say it worked for you let's pray you can say that in a year or so
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Hello i have been on  depo for five years with no breaks at all. In that five years ive gained around 25 lbs with no diet or exercise what so ever. Besides the weight gain I have nothing negative to say about depo. I haven't had a period in 4 1/2 which is great. Depo does work different for all women. I have one friend that gained 15 lbs in three months on depo and i have another friend who suffered from hair loss while on depo. The key is just finding a birth control method that works for you and for your body and remember that all birth control have some sort of side effect.
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You don't have a period, Huh? I had a shot & I'm having my period now. I hate this drug. The side effects say you can still have periods & also break thru bleeding. I don't need it for birth control. I have a hormonal imbalance which I've had since I began my periods. It's ruining our sex life, too.
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ive been on depo since i was 15 not sure around the time of the year it was but i will be 20 in sep, at first i had NO problems what so ever, i at the time lost ab 20lbs which which put me at 120lbs which i loved now prolly 4 1/2 yrs later im at 160lbs and cant loose it to save my life :( on top of that ive had migraines since i was like 5 (they run in my family) so depo made them stop maby only one or two a year, within the last month ive had 4, :( and so im now thinking ab just coming off of it for awhile, im really big on the no periods thing 3yrs was so enough for me. so i think ill just go off it til i get them again then go back to it. bc honestly i loved it, and i dont want to get pregnant so i guess what im asking is how long am i looking at til i get a period or can get pregnant , i dont need any scares

please an thank you
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