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LipoLaser, history of cancer

Can you explain why cancer patients are not suitable for the low level lipolaser (purposes of fat reduction)?

Are those people truly at great risk, or is this just a way for clinics Can you explain why cancer patients are not suitable for the low level lipolaser (purposes of fat reduction)? cover their butts a little? (Uncertainty)?

I am was diagnosis’s with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and completed treatment a few years ago. I am completely cancer free and display no signs of concern. I really want to do LipoLaser (low level infrared) treatments to help “trim the fat”. I know they state cancer patients shouldn’t get procedure, but can those who have beat disease safely receive procedure? Why? Why not?

**the non-invasive treatment that only permeates fat cell membrane, leak out stored fats - there are so many variations of this stuff I though I’d clarify.
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Don't know, but just thought that one point you made, they just want to cover their butts, makes no sense if you think about it.  They make money off you only if they do the procedure, right?  So that's what they want to do.  Whether or not this is the best way for you to take care of your weight issues is another story.  But the rest I can't tell you other than once you've had cancer and cancer treatment you have somewhat of an impaired immune system for the rest of your life as cancer treatments do that.  It's good to be alive, but one has to accept the limitations that follow certain treatments, and if a result of your treatment is greater risk of certain complications, you have to accept that and adjust your life to that by eating the best you can, exercising, and all the other things that keep your immune system as strong as it can be.  I'm guessing that if you research your procedure thoroughly it will explain in detail why those who had cancer shouldn't get it, if that's truly the case.  I"m sure someone else will come on here though and do that research a bit and tell you what they found, but there's no substitute for thoroughly researching for yourself.  Peace.  And congrats on overcoming the cancer.
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