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Lipodissolve - Anyone else doing this? Results?

I've just completed my 2nd lipodissolve treatment.  This time I did 2 area's, upper and lower abdomen.  The first time was only on lower abdomen and I could see definately see a difference.  

Anyone else undergoing this?  If you already did it, what was your results?  

This is definately not painless.  Swelling, bruising, burning and pain for about 2 days.  I can tolerate it, but the first hour after the injections is pretty tough to bear - but it does get better.  Any questions, just ask me.  I'll share my experience.  

Please share your experiences about this treatment.
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I live on the Illinois side of St. Louis and have considered this.  What type of costs are we talking about?  Will insurance pay for part of it?  Are the doctors willing to give any pills to curb your appetite?  What is to stop the fat from reaccumulating after the shots? Thanks.
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It is very expensive, but I am hoping that it is worth it.  Each area is considered a "different area".  Such as, upper abdomen is one area and the lower abdomen a different area.  One individual treatment is 600.00.  If you buy a package of 6 treatments to one area it is 2400.00.  2 area's - 6 treatments - the cost is 4000.00.

Insurance does not cover this.  Interest free financing for 1 year or low interest -to finance over 2 years.  

There are diet drinks that you can purchase there, but I didn't do that part.  I am sure there are other things they offer besides the diet drinks.

They told me that the fat cells are dissolved and that they don't come back.  I guess this is supposed to be like liposuction.  

Day 2 - after my 2nd treatment.  Pain is minimal, abdomen has more swelling and feels heavy - just like after the 1st treatment.  Redness, but no bruising yet.
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Aren't you a little afraid of what the oversea's site is sending to you?  I'd be worried that I wasn't getting the right thing. I am paying about 350.00 a session to treat 2 area.  Do you have the website address for the oversea's doctor?  Would love to see what they have to say on it.  Thanks


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Thanks so much for the website and the information.  I've already paid for the 6 lipodissolve treatments - so will go through with that.  Wish I had known of this site first and just bought the stuf myself.  I'm a nurse and have no problems giving myself the shots - at least I don't think I will - LOL.  If I see good results with this, I will prob. do the next round myself.  

Thanks again.
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Hi, I just had my first lipodissolve treatment on Friday (it's now Sunday, so it's 48 hours ago) I had it done on my abdomen, in a circular area with my bellybutton in the centre. The swelling is bad, and has spread beyond the injection sites to my hips, the tops of my thighs and even down to the tissue above my pubic bone. It's also very tender. Did anyone else experience this? I am so upset - I feel I should have left well enough alone. I don't have a weight problem, just a small cushion of fat on my tummy..:(
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After my first treatment, I did experience swelling.  Felt like I had this huge heavy abdomen.  About 3 days later it was not heavy like that any longer.  I did get minimal edema above the pubic bone (ponds area, lol).  Didn't get any edema in my thighs, though.  

I've had my 2nd treatment to the lower abdomen approx. 2 weeks ago.  I can tell a differnce in my "pooch".  I still feel sore and at times get a weird little pain by one of the "lumps".  

I've had one treatment to the upper abdomen, don't see too much difference yet.  Hope after the 2nd treatment, I will see a difference.  

I can still feel these little "lumps"  all though my abdomen.  They say that "pea size" is okay - they eventually go away.

I have to go 3 weeks between treatments this time, due to being out of town.   Kind of glad to have the longer time, just to see if I get more results.
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