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Lipodissolve - Anyone else doing this? Results?

I've just completed my 2nd lipodissolve treatment.  This time I did 2 area's, upper and lower abdomen.  The first time was only on lower abdomen and I could see definately see a difference.  

Anyone else undergoing this?  If you already did it, what was your results?  

This is definately not painless.  Swelling, bruising, burning and pain for about 2 days.  I can tolerate it, but the first hour after the injections is pretty tough to bear - but it does get better.  Any questions, just ask me.  I'll share my experience.  

Please share your experiences about this treatment.
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I live on the Illinois side of St. Louis and have considered this.  What type of costs are we talking about?  Will insurance pay for part of it?  Are the doctors willing to give any pills to curb your appetite?  What is to stop the fat from reaccumulating after the shots? Thanks.
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It is very expensive, but I am hoping that it is worth it.  Each area is considered a "different area".  Such as, upper abdomen is one area and the lower abdomen a different area.  One individual treatment is 600.00.  If you buy a package of 6 treatments to one area it is 2400.00.  2 area's - 6 treatments - the cost is 4000.00.

Insurance does not cover this.  Interest free financing for 1 year or low interest -to finance over 2 years.  

There are diet drinks that you can purchase there, but I didn't do that part.  I am sure there are other things they offer besides the diet drinks.

They told me that the fat cells are dissolved and that they don't come back.  I guess this is supposed to be like liposuction.  

Day 2 - after my 2nd treatment.  Pain is minimal, abdomen has more swelling and feels heavy - just like after the 1st treatment.  Redness, but no bruising yet.
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Aren't you a little afraid of what the oversea's site is sending to you?  I'd be worried that I wasn't getting the right thing. I am paying about 350.00 a session to treat 2 area.  Do you have the website address for the oversea's doctor?  Would love to see what they have to say on it.  Thanks


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Thanks so much for the website and the information.  I've already paid for the 6 lipodissolve treatments - so will go through with that.  Wish I had known of this site first and just bought the stuf myself.  I'm a nurse and have no problems giving myself the shots - at least I don't think I will - LOL.  If I see good results with this, I will prob. do the next round myself.  

Thanks again.
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Hi, I just had my first lipodissolve treatment on Friday (it's now Sunday, so it's 48 hours ago) I had it done on my abdomen, in a circular area with my bellybutton in the centre. The swelling is bad, and has spread beyond the injection sites to my hips, the tops of my thighs and even down to the tissue above my pubic bone. It's also very tender. Did anyone else experience this? I am so upset - I feel I should have left well enough alone. I don't have a weight problem, just a small cushion of fat on my tummy..:(
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After my first treatment, I did experience swelling.  Felt like I had this huge heavy abdomen.  About 3 days later it was not heavy like that any longer.  I did get minimal edema above the pubic bone (ponds area, lol).  Didn't get any edema in my thighs, though.  

I've had my 2nd treatment to the lower abdomen approx. 2 weeks ago.  I can tell a differnce in my "pooch".  I still feel sore and at times get a weird little pain by one of the "lumps".  

I've had one treatment to the upper abdomen, don't see too much difference yet.  Hope after the 2nd treatment, I will see a difference.  

I can still feel these little "lumps"  all though my abdomen.  They say that "pea size" is okay - they eventually go away.

I have to go 3 weeks between treatments this time, due to being out of town.   Kind of glad to have the longer time, just to see if I get more results.
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thanks for that....did you also experience any numbness in the treated area? I have a huge numb area all around my belly button. the swelling is down a bit today - feel a bit less hideous! x
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Had my first injection 6/09/06. Some pain Friday- swelling and felt like I was carring a basket ball around Saturday and part of Sunday (very sore). Feel great today and think it will be worth it in the long run.
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Yes, I definately had numbness and it last a while. Kind of freaked me out for a while, but it's gone now.

My upper abdomen has lost all of the "lumps" really fast.  I've got lots of little "lumps" on my lower abdomen.  When I run my finger across my lower abdomen it's still pretty tender - but better.  

I have to say that after 2 treatments, my abdomen is getting much flatter.  I have been very skeptical, but it does appear to be working.  I am schedule for a total of 6 treatments on each area (upper and lower abs).  I am hoping that after 4 treatments I won't need any more and can transfer the extra treatments to my upper back area.  

Let's all keep each other updated with our progress.  Thanks for sharing with me.
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feeling better now.....did anyone get told to massage the area treated for a quicker, better result?
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No one told me to massage the area.  Were you advised to massage?  Do you have any lumps left?
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It's been just over a week with my first injection. I can notice a significant change in my lower belly.
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Today I had my 3rd treatment to the lower abdomen and 2nd treatment to my upper abdomen.

I am soooo sore - lots of bruising.  Especially, on the upper abdomen - I do believe that she put more in this time.  Oh, and the basketball on my lower abdomen has return.  Did I say that this hurts?  Yes, defiantely hurts.  

I can tell a difference and will go through with all 6 treatment, but it does seem like a slow torture.  

I ask her about the numbness after the last treatment, she said this is normal due to the fact that they do go through nerves with the injections.  

I'll update you in a couple days when I am not in pain - lol.  Don't let this discourage you all.  It is working - I can defiantely see a difference.  

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Well, 2 days after 3rd treatment.  The swelling is less and definately less pain.  Bruising is still present, but a bit lighter.  

Did something really stupid yesterday, donated blood.  What was I thinking?  Dah!  Was totally wiped out and sick afterward.  So, don't ever give blood 1 day after having this done.  

Oh, think I will definately wait for 4 weeks before another treatment.
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Hey St louis 1---just tonight signed up for a package......still not sure which areas I will have treated.  Now having second thoughts------------so, make me feel better.  I have signed up with the people who do the treatments every 6 weeks.  No guarantee, suggest 3 treatments per area.  It sounds like you are doing them every 2 weeks.  Are you going to Kaplan or LipoDissolve???  Why did you choose there?  What about the guy who was going to do it himself??? Thoughts???   What was your original size?/  Age??? COuld you share that info??  There are 3 of us also here in STL.  Just went to a "Seminar"------impulse buying you know......anxious to hear from you.  Share anything you would like to.  Are you happy???
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Oh, I've decided not to try to inject myself.  Better to have someone else do it.  Plus, not sure I completely trust buying something to inject into myself from overseas.  Just a bit of afraid of it.  

How much are they charging you for your treatments?
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Hi Megan,
I went to the Lipodissolve down in the valley by Chesterfield Mall.  A guy at work, who is really large, had it done and he is looking great.  I saw his results and decided to try it.  

I'm very early 40's.  5'3, about 138 lbs.  Size 8 - 10.  Not considered fat, but I sure don't look like I did when young and weighed 105 lbs.  Wanted to get rid of the fat on the abdomen.  I want to fit into my clothes better and not have the belly bulge.

Cost - $4000.00  ouch!!!!  That hurts too.  Paying over 12 months, interest free. I'm going to pay it off early, like in 3 months.  

This includes 6 treatments to 2 area's.  Upper and lower abdomen.
If I see good results after 4 treatments - I can use the other treatments for other area's.  Love handles, is what I am thinking.  

Treatments are to be 2 weeks apart. I started with 1 treatment only to the lower abdomen to see if I could handle it, it hurt, but it was tolerable.  Didn't see a lot of results after one, it definatley takes 2 treatments to see results.  

I'm not sure why they want you to go 6 weeks between treatments, maybe just your places treatment plan.  

Expect you abdomen to swell, like you are 4 months pregnant.  It goes down after about 3 days, at least it takes that long for me to go down.  Expect it to hurt, or should I say burn. The first 24 hours are the worst - it is tolerable, but it does hurt.   Take your tylenol before you go, it's a must.  If you have anything a bit stronger at home, take that when you get home.  I've got Ultram for back pain and I took that to help.  
You will have this little lumps - after the swelling goes down.  They dissolve in time.  I am going to wait 3-4 weeks for the next treatment.  I want to see what results I get with this, so maybe use the other treatments for love handles.  

I am defiantely seeing results.  I was hurting a lot after the 3rd treatment - it is so much better now - 3 days after.  Plus, even with the swelling still a bit present - my abdomen is much flatter than it was.  It does work, at least for me.  I'll continue on with it.  
I've not told my hubby about this - he'd kill me.  He makes fun of the commercials on the radio and I just sit there.  So, far he's not noticed my abdomen tenderness or the swelling.  LOL

Any other questions, just ask.  

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Hey there, st.louis1here.  Thank you so much for the reply.  They do seem to downplay the pain angle.  Our pricing is lower for 2 reasons.  One is that they were offering plans in which the more treatments you purchased the more the price went down.  Since there were 3 of us we combined our wants a bought a bunch of treatments.  Each area we pick will be around $1200.  So I can do upper and lower abdomen (2 areas in their opinion - mine is that it is one large area ;-)) for 2400.  I have heard about the 'pregnancy' swelling.  Very funny that your husband didn't notice!!  I know for certain mine wouldn't either, but he is all for anything I want to do so no problem there.  Did you notice any difference in your upper abdomen specifically?  Am curious if it just appears that the upper needs it becuz the lower part is larger.  Sounds like your results are wonderful and am glad to see that.  The place we are going to does it a bit differently; same drugs tho.  The shots are grouped together 1/2" apart and then less material used.  I suspect yours were 2" apart but more material used.  I'm guessing 6 of one etc. in results. (1 method came from South America and the other from Europe)   Am also curious - I have a conservative 30lbs. to lose.  Have you or anyone else had this procedure done without being at your ideal weight???  Congrats to all!
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I found this site, and st.louis1 comments were enough for me to give lipodissolve a shot (no pun intended).  

The place I'm going to is 4 visits for $1225.  They will give no more than 10 syringes full at a time. (although I'm not sure how much each of those is).  They said dont take any anti-inflamatory drugs for 10 days prior to treatment and none during treatment.  tylenol (acetaminophen) is ok.

They said do not massage or ice treated area for 48 hrs, and no exercise or strenuous activity for 48hr after treatment.

I am doing outer thighs.  I am 40 yrs old, 5'6", 145 pounds, and wear size 6-8 in pants, just have large legs :(  I got 6 syringes the first visit, and they said that was a large dose.

They said it might burn or sting really bad for an hour, but it didnt.  It got numb really quickly though.
They said some people had nausea the first hour and diarrhea the first day, neither happened to me.  I swelled pretty quickly and it felt really hot.  That lasted about 36 hrs.  I'm just 48 hrs in now and there is some bruising and a slight amount of swelling and heat still.

I only had one scary event, last night I woke up and had a strange sensation in my chest, a tingle like what menthol does.  It came and went maybe 4 times in 1 1/2 hours.  I will mention it when I go back.  They said no sooner than 2 weeks, so my first I signed up for 3 weeks apart.  So July 11th for my next visit.

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Glad to see that we are all keeping up with what is happening to each other.  Makes me feel better to go through it with someone else.

My pain is mild today and I only notice it when I touch my abdomen.  The swelling and bruising is much better, also.  

My upper abdomen is so weird.  Right below the bra line, I have these "fat hunks" under each breast.  It's right over those ribs you can feel.  That's the only way I can think to describe them.  That is the upper area that I am having treated.  2 treatments so far, still waiting for the swelling to go down so that I can see if I have good results.  

The shots I received were about 1/2 inch apart.  Lower abdomen had 14 shots, upper had 14 shots ---ouch!!!  28 shots at each visit.  It's payback for all the diabetic insulin shots I have given people over the years.  LOL.  

The cost of your plan sounds so much better.  I also heard that the "Vein Center"  is now doing the shots.  I should have price shopped before having it done.  

Any of you done botox?  Hey, I'm on a self improvement roll!!  It's that middle age thingy.   LOL
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Hey St. Louis and to all:  Okay, so our first consultation (the 3 of us are going together) is tomorrow afternoon.  I'm excited and keep reviewing the comments where people like the results.  It is motivating.   I wonder why ice woudn't be okay??  It is certainly non-invasive....
I have seen botox results and they are certainly effective but not sure about doing it myself.  I'll do at least 2 areas (prob. abdomen like you and others).  If pleased, I think I will go for more areas.  What oh what to do next..... As for other procedures, I have some sunspots on my face that oxygen isn't burning off so I'm sorta considering the various options for face skin. I look forward to hearing people's stories.  BTW, does anyone know a 'non-responder' where it didn't work??
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Be sure to let us know how the consultation goes.  I had my consultation and received the shots the very same day.  Wasn't pressured to do it by the business, just wanted to get started on it.

One other thing they told me was not to take any hot baths or get in a hot tub for 48 hours.  I love my hot baths.  LOL.

I've located a few sites that have before and after pictures.  I went to google, under images, and typed in (lipodissolve before after Photo.  If I can locate the sites again, i'll post them on here.

Good luck.

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I'm one week in.  All swelling, bruising, etc gone.  Have a few small lumps and an occasional itch/sting around them.

stlouis1 ~ how did the swelling compare on the 2nd and 3rd visits, compared to the first time?
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Actually the swelling and bruising was worse this last time, 3rd treatment.  It could have been because it was a different nurse practisioner injecting.  She kinda hurt and didn't go fast enough.  You want them to go fast, if they are giving you that many injections.

It has been 1 week after my 3rd treatment.  The swelling in upper abdomen is still present, but much better, softer - just lumpy.  The bruising is completely gone and this was where it was the worst.  

My lower abdomen still has swelling - definately much softer, though.  It was so tight that my hair folicles could be seen - they looked like big pores.  Sorry, for being so descriptive, but figure somebody might want for comparison.  The brusing is just light yellow, now.  No pain except when I push on it.  It had hurt so bad, even when I sneezed or coughed.  All that is gone - last at least 48 hours this time.  

How many shots did you receive in each area?  We're you nauseated at all?  First time I was, but the last 2 times, I wasn't.  

I did the 12 month payment plan with zero interest, but paid it off today.  I started reading bad things on the internet about the credit card company they use.  People were saying that after 3 payments they started charging interest and they had a hard time getting it cleared up.  

I paid a fortune for this - it better make me skinny!!!  LOL!!  People better start noticing.  LOL.   I've stll have 3 treatments to go - so I'll stop whining.  :.)

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