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Looking for doctor in Miami

I have been having a hard time locating a doctor that uses the B12/Lipotropic shots.  I used them when I lived up North and they worked very well.  I would like to start using them again but can't find anyone that offers them for a decent price.  I live in the South end of Miami - Kendall.

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Hi Celi,

Please email me at sandypar1968 at gmail.  I think they deleted the message with the recommendation to the doctor in Miami because I gave their website.  I am in Vancouver but she sends me kits so that I can give myself the B12/B6/Lipotropic injections.

Have a great day!
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Hi Celi,

I saw your post and thought I responded but now I don't see it.  Anyway, I am in Miami and I go see Dr. Gloria Moreira.  She uses all kinds of alternative treatments as well as the B12/Lipotropic shots which I get twice a week.  I've lost a lot of weight with this system.

Take Care,
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Thanks for the referral.  Went to see Dr. Moreira - I actually wanted just to buy the b12/lipo kit and self inject but when I went to the clinic it turns out she uses all kinds of things - hypnotherapy - acupuncture - enzyme therapy - herbs - real interesting.  So I decided to splurge and sign up for the weight loss program - it is not expensive even though it would be cheap to buy the injection kit & self inject I would not get all the rest of the services.  For those of you that are out of the area you can buy the kits from her if you can't find anyone in your area.  I am happy going to the clinic twice a week since she gives me cds to listen to to boost my will power.

Have a wonderful day!
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You can order self-injection kits from Dr. Gloria Moreira 786-306-8009.  She sells the  B12/Lipo and the B12/B6/Lipo.
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