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Metamucil and weight loss (gain??)

I've been instructed by my doctor to take metamucil to help me with constapation problems BUT since I've been taking it I've only noticed weight gain and no change in bowel movements. I have seen some people on here say that they've lost weight due to metamucil. IS this true? Is the weight I am gaining due to water weight? How did anyone lose weight taking metamucil?? I would liek to know since I stuggle with my weight and I would be relieved to knwo if eventually taking metamucil would help me lose weight, but for now I am concerned. I gained 3lbs in 3 days!!!
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Hi i use metamucil alot. I did the same thing at first. I learned that you have to drink alot of water. also go to the herbal store and get some licorice & fish oil to take every morning and night.HerbalLax is somthing you can take till you get your bowels moving also.You can take one every night with the other stuff till you start to go regulary.I hope this helps. I have chrones-colitis.Constapation in my life when i dont do this..
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did you eventually lose weight? i've gained almost 5lbs from this and I am very upset! :(

I actually didnt take any metamucil yesterday because of the weight gain. I try to drink as much water or fluids as I can. I drink a lot of tea too.
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I wrote the post on metamucil and weightloss but even the doctor i am seeing for the eating disorder program says i can take it and it has nothing to do with weightloss.  I have no clue about weight gain but if you look on the calorie count it is very low so i would guess something else is going on in your life for your weight to be affected.  I'm not a doctor but that's my guess.  Metamucil is continuing to effectively aide in my constipation i always make sure i follow the instructions about getting enough water also.  Hope you get to the bottem of why you are gaining weight.
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Hey there,
Metamucile is full of fiber witch absorbes sugar and helps metabolize fat faster. Although it does this it also is heavy in content. If you put the metamucil in a cup and let the formula take mold you can see and feel the effect that it acheives. After you see this just imiagine what it does in your body. It multipilies. If you dont have regular bowel movements it continues to build up . So take my advice on the fish oil and herb lax.weight watchers is a wonderful diet to do when doing the metamucile. It helps inhance the effects of the fiber. And if weight loss is somthing you want it can assist in that also. Weight watchers uses fiber and calories to calculate out points for you to eat. I hope this helps sorry about the spelling. I am awful at spelling.Ps.Try the sugar free metamucile. I find it helps cut some calories...
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Hi. thanks so much for all the info. I have actually done the whole thing you suggested about putting the Metamucil in a cup and let it do its thing. I think I have something wrong with my digestive tract or something becuase I do believe all the fiber just builds up. I do have some herbal laxative tea, which I sometimes drink. My doctor told me not to use those though. Is she being over protetive?? I think they're fine and they make me feel better, if you know what I mean. I dont drink metamucil as often anymore becuase of the weight gain I've experienced, but I will try not to fear it so much.

I've done weight watchers points before, and for me, I am a small eater, so even the minimum of 18 points, i think it was, was way too much food. I don't know why I am gaining weight. I think it's also because I haven't exercised in a while and it's catching up to me. I haven't had time because of exams I've been working on. I am starting again with exercise, so hopefully that will even me out. It was only a 3lb weight gain, but it wont budge! I was hoping to lose 5 lbs by last month, but after I was put on the metamucil regemin, I gained those 3, so I need to lose 8. What a disappointment. And 5 lbs isnt a crazy goal, but now I feel like 8 is going to be much tougher.

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Hey I just wanted to let you know your doctor is right. Those tea's and diffrent things to get your bowels moving should be used only as needed.The metamucil is the best way to go ....Have you ever had a colonoscopy?I know it sounds gross,but if you have colonitise,chrones,diverticulitis or somthing medically wrong you may need more than just metamucil.I am so sorry about the spelling. My mind is horrible since the topomax started.Thank goodness that really is the only sever side effect.Davetterrr
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I don't see how it would be possible to be hungry after taking metamucil. Especially the powder kind. It requires a lot of water and it expands after time in your stomach. I have never been hungry after drinking it, and on the contrary VERY full.

I love metamucil because it keeps me full. But I am still have constipation problems. My weight gain was NOT due to over eating. I don't eat much anyway, but it was due to not being able to go to the bathroom....even WITH metamucil. I have lot of problems I guess. :(

Diggers, your advice was very helpful by the way.
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Everyone is different.Sometimes people who are diabetic or have a problem with the thyroid gland can have diffrent effects to fiber,protein, and sugar.I think everyone should have a good gastrologist.Talk to people in your area to get a feel on who is best to go talk to where you live.....
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There may be something simple and effective to help you that helped my son.  At first he wasn't going to go with it but after going to the local healthfood store, spending a WHOLE bunch of money on a big regimen he was to follow, but a hard time (with his busy life) following it, so money wasted, then he tried what I had in the first place and it really helped him- He told me "Well, Mom, this stuff really gets ya moving!"  e-mail me if you like and I will share it with you... for whomever is really serious about getting some help here.
I used to be on a bunch of meds (as our whole family WAS) I don't go for that like I used to since we were able to get out of that 'go nowhere but down' system.  I also don't go for complicated stuff that is expensive.  You DON'T get what you pay for except more pain, with so much stuff out there!  BUT, if you seriously want help, simple, effective and relatively low cost, email me.  If so, be sure to put that you are from this forum in the subject line.  

J :)
e-mail ***@****
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Appearantly, it is hard to get email addresses in this place, I am at aol  ..... so the first part is dhart7267... then (at aol dot com) why won't it post my email??? Anyone know??
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In response to all the metamucil questions...has anyone just tried eating a few pieces of fruit a day.It is very effective and healthier than the aspartame in metamucil. Have a few figs or prunes or a good old fashioned apple. Not that many calories and loaded with nutrition.
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The Dr's are usually against herbal things b/c they do not provide money for them. You probably will never find a Dr who supports any herb or home remedy b/c well then you wouldnt need a Dr. Herbal teas are good for a lot of things you should resort to them before any RX.
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