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Metformin and weight loss

I've been taking 500 mg/day of metformin.  Just wondering if any of you have taken this, and if so, have you experienced any weight loss?
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I am on metformin ER(extended release) 500mg 1x daily ( after supper). I have been taking it since December 2011, I have lost 30+ pounds, I was put on it for pre-diabetes.  I had a rough time with the diahrea and stomach pain. I can not tolerate pasta of any kind, anymore, I no longer eat alot of breads and have minimal potatoe type items.  It is even coming to the point that pizza is becoming hard to handle.  I used to snack all the time at night but no longer do so.  I have yet to start excersing but do find myself with much more energy. Exercising will be the next step.

When i started on metformin i weighed 250 lbs, cholestrol was 190, and my A1C was 7.0 with an average blood sugar of 151,  As of today my weight is 216, cholestrol is 175, A1C is 6.1 and average blood sugar is 112.

i have to be very careful about what I eat wether at home or eating out, very minimal carbs or else the diarhea sets in

Hope this helps!
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I read through your post and I am fascinated by your story.  I am 49 and last February I was diagnosed hypothyroid then in April, was told I have Hashimotos.  My doctor put me on levothyroxine which was nasty, nasty and the endo' started me on Armour thyroid which is much better.  The so called depression that my own doctor thought I had (I refused antidepressants) completely lifted when I took Armour thyroid and I know it is because there is a link to the T3 in Armour thyroid - Levothyroxine is just T4.

Anyhow, I had initially gained 6 kg until my Hashimotos was diagnosed then since April last year, I have gained another 10kg, in spite of the fact that my bloods are within normal range and my energy levels are good.  I walk my dog for an hour and a half each day, I am careful with what I eat - no junk food and have always been a healthy eater.  At 1.68 (5'6) I was 57kg (126lbs - 'ish) and a UK size 8 - US size 2-6.  My weight is continuing to increase and I am absolutely desperate and COMPLETELY share your views on refusing to accept that you have to grow larger simply because of our age or whatever!!!  I don't buy new clothes - I just go around in my pyjamas!!  Crazy, I know!  I have stopped socialising and only go out in the car or to walk my dog for a good cardio workout and in the hope that combined with the Armour thyroid, my metabolism is kept moving!

Out of sheer desperation, I have bought glucophage and have been on it now for 2 weeks.  Side effects were mostly headaches but they are easing but so far, not an ounce has come off.  I am at the 2000mg dose and have loss of appetite and food tastes strange, yet I still have not started losing weight.

I'd be interested to know how you get on with metformin and would love to stay in touch.  Your attitude is very determined (like me) and I wish you all the luck in the world!!  :)

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Please pick up and read this book immediately: Why We Get Fat (and what to do about it) by Gary Taubes. He's a highly respected Science journalist who explains why otherwise intelligent doctors have it so wrong when it comes to issues of weight and why we gain it. It's all about insulin and the carbs we eat...NOT CALORIES in or calories burned thru exercise. You are NOT crazy, your doctors ARE misinformed. The info in this book has changed the way I eat and, along with 1 week on Met, resulted in a 6 lb weight loss so far. Good luck, msesq, I completely relate to your post and can't wait to hear back from you soon...it will be good news, I'm sure. Good luck to all!!
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I hve been on met for 10 yrs.5oo mg will help with craving for sweets but i suggest a low carb/high fat diet.  Im on 2000mg again to control my sugar.

good luck
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I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in January 2012. I have been on metformin 500mg twice a day and started to watch my carbs and I cut out my sugary drink (iced tea), In the first month alone I dropped 18.5 lbs. I was closely watching my carbs and eating a lot more salads and drinking water which I never really did.. I am so proud of the weight loss, I have a long way to go still but if I continue to eat like i am then I think I will continue to lose.. They say to eat 50-70 carbs per meal, I have kept my carbs on the low side, usually around 50 per meal.  I have never eaten 3 meals a day but I am now, but they are healthier than what I used to.  I cannot imagine that I am losing weight by eating more per day.. I never had believed this until I did it myself.
Also someone mentioned that the Depo shot usually causes weight loss, you are absolutely wrong.. The Depo shot causes weight GAIN, This is why my doctor did not want to give me it at first, she watched me closely and luckily it had no affect on me, if you truely want to lose weight, eat like a diabetic has to, google what is good for a diabetic and how to eat if you are a diabetic..... the diabetic diet works great, I'm living proof, to bad I wouldnt have figured this out before I was actually diabetic......good luck everyone
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Not sure if you will get this.  But I am also diagnosied with PCOS.   I am on metformin.  The first time I took it I ended up taking 1000mg AM and 1000mg PM.  I lost 50 lbs.  I ate a very low carb diet.  Almost no carb for a few weeks then increased the carbs, but not more then 40 a day, and never in the form of refined sugar or White flour.  Then I got pregnant, something I never thought could happen - and due to the metforimin  I was able to conceive. Doctors dot know why it works on fertility, but it does in about 50% of PCOS cases.  I went off the meds and diet for the pregancy.  But I am back on it again and lost 12lbs this month - but am back on the low carb.  Look into diabetic diets and even Adkins Diet (what Im doing) if your colesterol is okay.  GOOD LUCK!!
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I am 65yr.  I have been off Metfomim for years.  I was presecribed 500mg ER 2 x day.  After one day I am extremely tired after I take one pill.
I am concerned because unusual tiredness is a Severe side effect requiring immediate medical attention.
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I also just started Metformin, 500mg 3x a day, on March 8th because I have PCOS. I watch what I eat now but never deprive myself 100% from the good stuff. I just eat smaller amounts and have a healthy breakfast. After work, around 5pm, I do 30 minutes on my elliptical. I have lost 7 pounds in the last two weeks, starting at 178 lbs. and weighing in this morning at 171 lbs. I just wanted to share this because I know that when I first started Metformin, I was very eager to see the positive results that others were having. As for pregnancy, it is not the reason I decided to start Metformin, it was more for weight loss and the other side effects of PCOS, but if I do get pregnant, it would be absolutely wonderful! Good luck all!
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over a year ago my wonderful husband was put on diabetic med. metaformin 500 mg a day. he takes his in the day time. he weight 237lb at time of diagnos  and has in a less than a year dropped over 50 lbs not dieting but he contributes it to the medcine working his body right.  ten days ago my doctor who is interesed in my severe fluid ( rare lymph edema that is absorbing all over the body due to fluid leaking from accident.  I say I got Garryez  my own research is on it.) problem benefiting from metaformin. I weight 287lb at that visit. gained twenty pd a year did not lose even at 600calorie diets.  she suspect im my problem coulod be metabolic syndrom.  something I did not check before or really knew much about.  I would go on the same drug. and in ten days I lost. and I actual did not diet. did not increase my exercise as I was peesing alot. I did not check it. more I drink the more I pee.  a neighbor noticed I lost weight and ask me If I had. I said I check it in a month time at my doctors appt. I did not want to have false hope but had a vision from God that I would have help to reverese the condition.  apparently it working for me. I suspect alot faster than my hubby was due to lymph absorbtion.  it gives me no changes in bowels though I am on a heartburn med to help me. I do not get nausea. but feel extreley tired. and also have top of head heaches.  I start a pt class for my knee and hips to strenthen next friday and plan on getting weight then. I will report back. my water diet is on tripod.  and I plan on sharing the good news with everyone.  I can't find my scale. but I feel smaller.but at my big size I would not want to excite anyone with a three lbs this after drinking fluid weight water loss.  but I am hopeful since 2004 summer I had not lost fluid..  and I am not dieting.I actual began forcing myself to eat 6 meal smaller a day. metaformin makes me not able to eat a large meal.  I don't know why.
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Hi Alll
I was diagnosed type 2 diabetes 7weeks ago, I have lost 24.5lbs in that time. You will loose weight on meta formin ;500mg twice a day by just talking it but to grt the true benefit  my advice is eat  little and often using the gi index to plan your meals and snacks.i also attend slimming world and follow the green plan ,planning to go to the gym next week and put some exercise into my  life haha. You only get out of it what you put into it I don't want to be labeled I have been overweight al my life it's time to change now.
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Metformin helped a little bit in the beginning for weight loss. I dropped 20 or so lbs at that time.
I've been taking it two years now and hasn't contributed to any additional weight loss by itself.

I don't know why it works for some or most and not others. I'm one of those in that percentage it doesn't work for weight loss. I'm taking 2000mg's a day, two tabs in the morning, two at night.  Be great if it aided in some weight loss though!
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Hey, did it help you? your story is very much like mine! i've been suffering for 3 years and i'm been extremly ill, i've been that ill i've had to go into hospital! i put 17 kilos on in 3 months! and due to that i started to have stage one liver failure! since the begining i have put on 30 kilos, it's ruining my life, i don't know what to do, i don't have pcos or diabetes but i do have a adrenal gland tumor BUT the doctors said it's on the bottom of it and it doesn't effect my hormones, so i don't know what to do! i've had hormones problems since taking the pill (three years ago) and just in the 3 months i took it (like i said i put on 17 kilos) no one would belieive me, one hospital have finally said "we think your weight gain may be due to your hormone problems" and all my doctor says is you have to loose weight before my hormones get better, but i can't loose weight because of my hormones!! i don't know what to do anymore, the hospitals won't take me seriously, just because i'm fat they think i eat lots, but i don't! My doctor is refusing to give me metformin because my blood sugar levels are fine, but my gamma gt has gone up and i've having liver pains again! i just wish someone would listen to me and take me seriously! me and my fiancé are also trying for a baby, when i was finallt pregnant last year... I lost the baby due to low progesterone  :( since my miscarriage i only have a period once every three months,  we are desperatly wanting a baby but there is no point in trying now because my hormones are all over the place and my testosterone is way to high!  what can i do? how do i convince him to prescrib me it ?
if anyone has answers please email me ? liccle_leigh_eya***@****
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My story is a little different - I've been put on Metformin for weight loss and to help with the cravings I get from my psychiatric medication. I have bipolar disorder.  Does anyone else share this illness and if so, how successful has Metformin been for weight loss?
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I was prescribed Metformin 500 mg, to be taken twice or three times daily, to help with weight loss and cravings. I have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, with a fasting blood glucose of 101 and fasting insulin levels of 23 (should be <5 according to doctor). I am also on thyroid medication (Armour Thyroid) and Medrol and Florinef for adrenal fatigue.

I recently went on a low carb diet, but could not stand it. All that fat made me feel sick. I also found that diet very boring after a couple of weeks; only meat, fish, oil, butter, cream, cheese and low glycemic vegetables allowed. I ended up missing fresh fruit and berries,  starchy vegetables like carrots and chick peas and some nuts and almonds.

My question is: are fresh fruit, berries, beans, chick peas and nuts OK when you are trying to lose weight with Metformin? Or are you supposed to stay off all of these foods?

I need to lose 40-50 pounds according to my doctor.

Is there anyone else here with a thyroid/adrenal problem who needs to lose weight? It seems a double challenge with endocrine disease, even on optimal dosages of replacement hormones...

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I thank you so much for your honesty.
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Hi joyelane,

  I am 57 years old.  I had a period January of 2010, another in January of 2011, another in February of 2012 and the last in February of 2013 (with none in  between).  That was BEFORE I started taking Metformin.  I have been taken 1 in the morning and 2 inthe evening since April and have lost approximately 28 lbs.  I don't think having your period has anything to do with Metformin, you may wish to consult your gynecologist and have your hormone levels re-tested.  
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I'm 51 and have been on metformin for several years for type 2 diabetes.  It does help to regulate the period.  I was very irregular for years, had endometriosis and had been on the pill.  I stopped the pill over 5 years ago, gained a lot of weight and am somewhat surprised to hear that metformin is used for weight loss.   I still get my period but have missed a month here and there, peri-menapause? who knows.  Sorry I can't comment on weight loss.  I was on another T2 diabetes med that made me blow up.  I just got off that and have seen crazy fluctuations in my weight.  I lose and gain 2-3 lbs on a daily basis.  Hoping that will finally settle to a steady weight loss.
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Hi Audrey - I started on Metphormin about 2 months ago,  up to 1000 mg daily.  Im not diabetic,  but my doctor prescribed it because I was gaining weight despite a decent diet and a ton of excercise.  She was thinking that perhaps my body wasnt doing what it was supposed to regarding insulin.  I havent lost any weight,  and getting pretty dejected over it. There are some days I actually excercise twice a day!  Eating lots of protein,  etc.   I'll give it another 30 days,  see what happens.  I hope it works for you!
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I would very much like to know your results as I have had a very similar exp, we have diabetes in my family, my daughter age 16 was diagnosed insulin resistant, but they did nothing for her, she's gone threw eating disordered behavior trying to loose weight and now lives on vegetables and yet still gains??? I have low thyroid too but meds have never helped with weight loss, I also eat one small healthy meal a day, and only loose if I totally starve for days...one day of eating halts the loss...its very discouraging...now I am loosing my hair I look like a radiation victim and still my doc does nothing, I like you have lost faith, and have great research skills, can you keep me posted on your progress, we are in Canada
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have you been tested for celiac? its a wheat allergy and causes some of the same type symptoms that lactose intolerance causes in people that cant digest that...I was part of a breastfeeding network and one of our members had this issue withing 6 months she looked and felt like a different person, it can cause weight gain and retention..might not be your issue but worth checking into.
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