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Need a Doctor

I need to find a doctor in the Greensboro or Winston-Salem area.  I am looking for someone who will prescribe appetite suppresants. I would appreciate any help or info!!
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Am living in the Stone Mountain Ga. area and looking for a doctor who give the B-12 shot for weight loss. If you know anyone please let me know.  thank you
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There is a doctor in Statesville, NC and we have several pt's who come from Winston-Greensboro area.  Dr. Michael P. Grouard is located in Huntersville and Statesville, NC the number is 704-766-1000.  The website is letsgetthin.com and he offers a lowcalorie diet along with AS and HCG injections.
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what is "AS" ?

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There is a doctor in Georgia that provides the whole b12 weight loss program. The website is www.770getthin.com and they have about 4 locations are the metro area so give them a call.
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there is a doctor in morganton, NC
he gives diet meds and HCG and B12 shots
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Don't know of a doctor in Greensboro, but I do know of two great personal trainers. Damian and Retha Fisher. They are wonderful and will work with you on diet and exercise.
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Just wanted to let you know that I just opened this: all about weight loss forums dot com.
A place where it will be open to talk about HCG shots, Phentermine, etc.
Thanks and see you soon.

Come and visit us!!
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