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New Topamax User

I just started taking Topamax and was wondering what others' experiences have been as far as how long it takes to start losing weight, side effects.  I am on 100 mg now.  I feel kind of nauseus and even my diet pepsi's don't taste good anymore!  Is this normal?  What is the max dose to take for weight loss?
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Hey! I use to take Topamax for headaches and weight loss was a bonus. Although, I never lost any weight on it. My doc said some people do and some don't. I do know that I was not able to drink my diet sodas anymore. My doc said that is very common and people who drink regular sodas with it usally don't care for the taste so in return they loose weight.
I went off of Topamax because I had hair loss and tingles in my arms and hands...I could not stand it.
I have heard people say that Topamax helped with their headaches and helped shed a couple pounds in the process.

I wish you best of luck!
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Hello Coco!

Be careful with the consumption of Topiaramate (Topamax)it's loade with side effects including blindness, go to this site and read all about this drug.

good luck to yah!.
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I take topamax for migraines.200 mg a day. Look into the HAIR LOSS!! it realy helps for headaches.
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Don't forget about the possibility of developing kidney stones, breast pain, menstrual problems (for women obviously) body odor and inability to sweat while on Topamax.

Basically anything that is carbonated is going to taste like **** while on this med.  Sodas are carbonated; sodas contain sugar.  You stop drinking soda and consuming that sugar, sure you'll lose weight.  Diet sodas don't necessarily mean anything if there is high fructose corn syrup listed in the ingredients.  I don't drink diet soda so don't know.

I was given Topamax for headaches.  Only I wasn't having headaches, I was suffering from brain zaps as a result of withdrawals from Zoloft.  After much debate, I decided to give it a try.  2 weeks later and only at 50mgs. I'm done.  I had added anxiety, pins and needles and oh yeah, a major full blown migraine headache the other night.

It's an anti-seizure medication, period.  A friend of mine read an article in the paper about docs prescribing off label uses (certainly headache is an off label use for a drug to prevent seizures) in exchange for some kind of value from the drug companies.
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