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On a mission to locate the elusive injectable Lipotropic supplement

I have been taking the B12 shot on my own with no results.  (Yes I have previously been to a weight loss doctor for those who like to tell me to not inject myself).  I now realize that it isn't the B12 by itself that is what causes the weight loss.  It's the combination of B12, other B Vitamins, and Lipotropics that include amino acids that is what the doctors are using and what is creating the desired results.  

So, does anyone know where to get these Lipotropics?  The doctors are getting them somewhere, but I can't find them.  I did locate a site that sells a injectable "B Plex" that includes Vit B1  99.9 mg,Vit.  B2 4.5mg, Vit B3 90.9 mg, Vit B4 9.1 Mg, Vit B5 9.1 mg Vit B6 4.5 mg,  B Vit Complex Inositol 4.5 mg + Dl-Methoionine 9.1 mg with the 2 Ml vial of Vit B12 90 Mcg.  But I don't think this is it.

Any help is appreciated.

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The weight loss clinic that I went to in Cali, got their medication from Lagere Pharmaceuticals.  I checked out their web site last night, but the injections aren't listed.  I think that they only supply the medication to physicians.  The only thing that I've seen so far, as to buying you own injections, is from Dietqueen's hookup.

P.S. the comment about giving self injections, wasn't made towards you.  It was friendly advice for ANYONE who give themselves injections, that haven't had the proper training, just to be careful in hitting their sciatic nerve when giving the injections.  It can cause severe pain in the lower back, buttock, legs and knees.  It can even cause Sciatica.  I work in internal medicine and pain management and deal with patients with chronic pain symptoms.  Even when we give patients injections we have to be very careful not to cause injury to the patient. For us hitting the median nerve and the sciatic nerve can result in law suits.  Just looking out, not hating!!!
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Well thanks.  Dietqueen has the same Doctor as me.  He was the one who told me that the shots don't work for men, so I never went back.  He did not indicate to me that he was interested in selling me the formulation for home use.  So... the hunt continues!
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That's very interesting because the clinic that I went to provided services to men also.

I'll let you know what I find out.

You're not alone!!!
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scoutpilot- I'm in your boat. Do you think Bplex injections will do it? I have searched all over the net for lipotropics as well and I all can find is gimmicky pills. If you find anything please let me know as I will you. Any suggestions would be great!
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thank you so very much! do you really think he will mail us the vials without seeing us? that would be great! I will send him an email. thanks!
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I am sorry, but I am really at a loss about your claims.  Not your weight loss claims, but the shots.  I have visited Dr. G~~~~ and he does not offer his injections for sale to people who want to inject themselves.  At least he didn't offer them to me.  He does give the shots at his office, but he discouraged me from getting them.  

You say to give him a call, but you don't provide his phone number.  The email address you provide is close, but that is not his actual email address.  Why are you being so vague?  

(I am not divulging the Dr.'s name and his web site because a.) I do not have his permission and b.) because this is not the direction I intended this discussion to go)

(and I am disappointed that this thread has not stayed on course)
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oh great, I sent an email to the address it hopes that he may mail me the shots. I have searched for hours on the net and there is nothing, how is this possible?
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Please let us know what you discover.  I am curiuos to know what you learn and if this is a differnet source than what I am familiar with.

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I appreciate your comments, but I think you missed the point.  I have personally visited a doctor who specializes in this field as you suggest.  However, he would not give me the Lipotropics shot because he says "it doesn't work for men".  He also does not sell this shot for for use as previously suggested.  

The bottom line is, I accept full responsibility for my actions and the products I decide to purchase as well as want I may or may not inject myself with.  I simply want to find out for myself if this will work for me... or not.  I am not promoting that anyone here do the same and I want to make that point perfectly clear.

Thanks for your concern and I appreciate you comments.
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PLease see your doctors. This cure your own weight" got me in trouble I spent so much time and efforet, and i found out that i was chasing the wrong thing. Any way, I dont know who Dr. G is, , but I see Dr. K in beverly hills who is a weight specialist. He does offer the lipotropic injection, and everyone who i bumped into in his weighting area loves it. He does not "buy" these injections. He has a compounding pharmacy mix up his ingredient for him. So for those of you who are trying to find this thing online, i dont think its a specific thing that can be sold,it is a specific ingredient of different things. and also companies may call it "lipotropics" but its all a matter of what is really in the vial that you are being sold on. anyone can open up internet shop and call their products anything they want to call it. TRust me, I have been burnt before, and my line of work is with internet business fraud, so i really know what frauds are out there on the internet, ESPECIALLY in form of medications and injectable medications and vitamins. this is because the consumer does not really know what is in the bottle, and when you buy it from internet, NO ONE IS RESPONSIBLE!!!!!
Anyway, this is from my personal and also professional experience. If anyone is interested in the doctor I see, I will be happy to share the info. his name is Payam Kerendian, DO.
Good luck with all your attempts. whether its Dr. K , Dr. G, or Dr. X,,,,,,,, just see someone who specializes in the field.
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I emailed your dr so hopefuuly he replys? I live in Ohio so I hope he will assist me via mail?
I'm with scoutpilot I am looking for this stuff on my own to administer on my own. No one in my area gives weightloss injections so my hands are tied.
Thanks for all the help.
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I think Dr. Kerendian In beverly hills sells them
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