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Hello everyone,
I am new to posting a question/response, but have read practically every post on this site regarding weight loss.  I started my program on 10/20/06 and am very proud to say I have lost 10 pounds to date :)

I know there has been alot of success using this same program and just wanted to post mine and thank everyone for all the information and support that we get on this site.
I am going to a weight loss clinic here in Houston on Jones Road and wanted to know if anyone else is going to that same clinic?  If so, what are your results?
Also, to anyone who is using a similar program, what are your results? I think it would be great to have a results post, that we can check in with each other weekly for encouragement.
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Just wanted to add that the AMP shot is a combo of b12 & b6, im not sure if it also contains lipotropics or hcg.
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Forgot to add I am on the b12/lipo shots every other week.
They will let me stay on the shot and some supplements.  Hope to be at 126 when I get off the adipex...

The rest will have to come of the very,very hard way. Perimenopuase really slows down the metabolism...

Usually diet and exercise only resulted in losing 2 to 4 pounds a month!!!

I weigh in on Tuesday.
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Congratulations on your loss of 10 as well.  I have alot more to lose a total of 55 pounds, so now I have 45 until I reach my goal.  You're right, eating small meals every few hours helps alot, I had been doing that for awhile and the weight was slowly coming off.  This program gives results much faster, my only dilemma now is once it comes off to keep it off!
I usually eat every 3-4 hours small meals, drink lots of water and I started walking 2-3 days a week for 30 mins/day.  I want to progress up to 5 days a week of walking, but want to take it slowly.  I do not want to burn out quickly by doing too much too soon and then the weight loss will stall.
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Congrats on the weight loss.  I am going to a clinic here in Houston near the Med center.  Affordable and so far the program seems to be helping as long as I take the perscription appetite suppressant... I do have more energy though!  Lost 4 lbs in 2 weeks and probably another 2 lbs this week.  I go Monday or Tuesday for my next shot.  
I can only take 1/4 of the Adipex(phentermine generic) at at time.  I take 1/4 in the AM and then around 2PM the other 1/4.  It does help...
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It's hard but at least we are trying are here to support one another.

The appetite suppresant really made a big difference. My problem is my husband loves to cook and we have been getting into big arguments about it since I started this program.  He gets off work late and gets home about 7PM and then gets to cooking and dinner is ready about 9 pm.  He works at the airport, baggage handler, so doing physical works keeps him slim.  Not me!  I can't stand him coming home. making yummy smelling meals and I have to smell it get hungry and eat a salad for dinner. Hence the suppresants.  But what happens when I get off of them????

He has come around and instead of cooking 5 to 6 days a week only cooks once a week.  Believe me it was a battle...

Alot of my lady friends say they wish their husbands cooked.  Careful what you wish for....  He cooks great but does not believe in skimping on the gravy and cooks hearty tasty but very fattening meals, steak, lasagna, stews....

Before we were married I never ate dinner.  I tried not eating all day and just eating dinner. Little did I know that was the worst approach.  Puts my body in starvation mode and then I eat his fattening meals.  I know I sound very unappreciative.  I don't mean to be..


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I am going to a clinic in the NW inside the loop, near NW Mall.
I have lost 10 pounds as well.  But I am not doing the fluid pill and can only tolerate 1/2 of the adipex and started on 10/10.  I am also on the GI diet as well (low GI).

I am really happy with the results.  I did not have alot to lose.  I was at 140 and wanted to go to 120.  I have managed to get to 130 several times but can't seem to get below that.  I am 47 and 5'2" with a small frame.  Weighed 105 in my younger years but that was not too thin for me since I am so short and small framed.

They have allowed me to stay on the adipex for 1 and 1/2 months only.  And will not prescribe it for me anymore.

But again, nearing menopause, I work out, eat right but I could not lose weight until I tried this program.  The diet is easy to stay on and eating small freqeunt meals seems to have also done the trick.

Worried I will gain it all back when I get of the adipex in 2 weeks....

Hopefully I can maintain.

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I am in the Beaumont area and just found out about a doctor here that does the B12 Adipex combo for weight loss. I work with a girl that has lost 20 lbs in the last month. I am writing to the lady in Houston. I have a horrible metabolism. I am 42 years old and weigh 138 lbs and I am 5'0 tall. I have had a hysterectomy so that made weight loss even harder. I do exercise, believe it or not I walk 2-3 miles a day on a treadmill. I like you, would eat very little in an attempt to lose weight and it would just pack the weight on me. Since the hysterectomy I have "no throid" called Hypothyroidism which means once again my metabolism is horrible. This is the first day that I actually have hope for my weight loss. I am going to get an appt. with the doctor in Beaumont and move forward. I was just curious about side effects from the shots, etc. Are there any side effects I need to be aware of?
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what is a AMP SHOT ?
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does any one no where i can find a dr. here in south florida
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I am also in my late 40's and going through the change.  I just know if we don't try to drop the weight now it is going to be even harder later on.  I also, realize that support has to come from our family. It is a health issue for us.  I am overweight by 40 lbs. and I have high cholestrol, leg cramps and my knees hurt and I am 5'7.  I can only imagine if I was shorter how many other issues I might have.  I tell my husband, I need your help, please be considerate.  Then once the weight is off then we can go back to some of our old habits, but in moderation...
You know what I mean!!!
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AMP shot is what my clinic calls the shot that I receive. It is a combo of b6, b12 and adenosine ?? I'm not sure exactly what that is.  They call it a B12 cocktail.  
Go figure!  I know it gives me more energy for a few days when I take it.  I get shots twice a week.
I'm not sure of the dosage, because my sister goes to a clinic in Beaumont and she only gets hers once a week.
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I have a sister in Beaumont who goes to a clinic there, its probably the same one you will go to.  She was the person who told me about it, she lost a total of 30 pounds in about 4 months.  But moreso, she lost inches she went from a snug 16 to a comfortable 12 and some size 10s.  She also has not been on the pills and has been watching what she eats and still exercising 3-4 times a week and has kept the weight off!

The only effects that I had in the beginning is that I would take my fluid pill and appetite suppressant on empty stomach.  When I did that it made my nauseous.  I was ready to give it up!
My sister told me her dr. said not to take it on an empty stomach.  So after I eat breakfast, I wait about an hour then take the pills.  I also read that it causes some people not to sleep at night.  I haven't had that problem, no problems sleeping at all, but I do make sure to take my pill before 10 am. Sometimes I take half a pill, sometimes a whole pill.  I take a whole pill when I know I'm going to eat bad that day, so that I don't eat as much.

Good luck, and let us know how your loss goes.
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Can anyone help me?  Please tell me how you located doctors that administer such treatments?  I have been searching in Michigan for a long, long time.  It seems that you all have had such great sucess.

I have tried all with some success.  I have been on liquid diet, colonics, herbal remidies, Medifast, Weight loss clinic, weight watchers, jenny graig, la weight loss, read evey weight loss book there is out there (and no I did not do it while eating a bag of oreos!) LOL And dont even get em started on every diet pill known to man!

I have had several personal trainer and and even contiplating trying to find a weight loss camp to go away to, but those are al very far away from michichigan and the travel is what is so expensive.  I have had unseuceesful cosmetic surgeries and even tried to have a doctor wire my jaw shut.

I simply need to lose my last 20 lbs.  I am tired of living my life everyday with 20lbs on my mind!  The problem is however that my family is genetically obese.  All the women in my family or extrememly overweight and I am trying to prevent that future for myself!  Help me find a doctor that does these shots in my neighborhood.  I am located south of detroit, we call it the downriver area.

I want to live a happy healthy life and I cannot with this on my mind! And yes I do see a counselor and yes I have tried hypnotherapy!  Acupuncture isd the only thing I havent tried and thatis becasue it is not offered in my area!

PS.  I am also, an organic foody!
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I would like to try the Amp shot,adipex,And fluid pills,I know the are a few clinics here in the houston area (anything close to katy would be great)If any of you out there could help me out on a good clinic the name and locatian and prices I would be greatful.thanks alot crkaty77450
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May I ask  the address of you clinic and how much it cost i am veru intrested,Thanks crkaty...E-mail ***@****
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try online at internetmedicalclinic.com it lists several clinics in houston area, prices vary at each location.
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Thank you so much for your response,But It just took me to another web site instead that lead me to all sorts of clinics and docters how do I know which ones provide the shots and diet pills without calling them all up?
                                   Thanks crkaty
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Will someone please send me a clinic in/near Katy, Tx that offer AMP SHOT, ADIPEX AND FLUID PILL.
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does anyone know the address to one of these clinics in houston, i cant seem to find on.
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try internetmedicalclinics.com.
i forgot to put the s on the end of the address earlier. they have a few in the houston area, one on jones, harwin, 1960 and somewhere else.  they are pretty good. hope this helps.
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There is a clinic which offers the same thing as IMC. They even have the AMP injection. I have lost 60 pounds going to them. It is Beaumont health and wellness clinic on fannin.
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Could someone please tell me of a doctor who offers the HCG injections in Houston,TX. ?
email : ***@****
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did you ever find a place for the shots? I'm also pretty int. but seems like everyone gives run around on whether you can get them here! if so-please email me
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the best AMP inject is KYNOSELEN and is legal...
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