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Side effects of diet pills

Hi everyone

I did the 8 week regiment with slimquick.  I had no side effects accept that I had great energy but the last few weeks I had cramping and heartburn.  I decided that I just wasn't going to continue and get back to doing things naturally but the day I stopped taking it it was like my body crashed!  i was so tired. by dinner time I just wanted to go to bed, i had a severe headache also.  has anyone else ever had this happen to them?  and is it typical?
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I started taking slimquick and for a month everything was good i was losing wait and had energy, until one day i was working out and fainted, i had never fainted before i started taking slimquick. then i stoped taking them and my i got sick i was feeling dizzy all the time and couldnt breath right and felt weak and lazy also scared. i am now trying to recover from those pills. from now on ill just do it the natural way!
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I have been taking it for 2 weeks and decided that my dose this a.m. will be my last.  I have been moody, tired, achy etc since starting it.  I wish I could get a refund.  My weight is about 137 and I wanted to lose just a few more pounds.  It's not worth it.
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I started using slimquick about two weeks ago and I started getting these headaches that I can't seem to get rid of. It hurts my eyes and makes me feel more stressed than before I started them.
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I started slimquick 3 days ago and I had to stop taking it. I experienced huge amount of anxiety but since i dont drink coffee, thought the caffeine might be the problem but that i would get used to it. I couldnt sleep the first night, the second night (yesterday i had chest pain at night). Today i did my regular exercise routine, I had to stop eraly because of MAJOR chest pain (it felt like i was having a heart attack), after the second one about 4 hours later I knew i had to stop. I suffer from anxiety on the regular so it might be that too.
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i was taking slim quick for about two week and had to stop because i was feeing dizzy and my heart was just racing and couldnt breath
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Thank you so much for this site! I was taking the old Slim Quick didn't seem to bother me. I guess they changed the formula or something. I have not been able to sleep at night. I am having breathing problems . I too do not drink any coffee, yet my heart seems to be pounding all the time. I feel like I am having panic attacks! I exercise every day, twice a day, all of a sudden I can't get through my rountine! . When I am out for my power walk, I can't get a proper breathing pattern . I am stressed all the time.  I can't get through my chores of the day, it seems to over whelming!. I don't even want to leave my house! Took this product before. I loved the way it controlled my hunger and still left me feelin calm. Now a year break from it and a new package, and I  feel like I am having a nervous break down! I am so glad to read that others are experincing the same thing . Sad thing is I just started another bottle.I didn't think it was the Slim Quick, thought it was just me! Now after reading these comments I feel better. I am not alone! or going crazy! signed  getting sick over getting thin!Sylv
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