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Skinny Girls with Cellulite

My friends think I'm ridiculous because I won't take my swim suit cover off when I go to the beach. They just don't understand... I have cellulite!! It's very noticeable & I don't understand why it's there. I exercise frequently. I'm medium/slender. It WILL NOT GO AWAY! I can't afford to go to a doctor about this one. The only way anyone could get me to go is if my life were in danger. If any of you have any advice that could be valuable to me, please, let me know. I'd appreciate every word of it.

Thanks again.
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Check out Teresa Tapp. She is about age 51, was a Pre-med student when her life took a different course. She is a great teacher and has really studied this stuff. Her exercises work well and get you fit but also keep you healthy. She is all about the lymphatic system....don't get me started! I have been so healthy since studying the concepts on how our bodies work...

But, she has a program called "Body Brushing" and it has been very helpful for me. You can find information on her website. She does have some exercises on the site so that you can "Try before you buy" but I think for the Body Brushing technique you would have to purchase the kit. The brush will last forever and the brushing itself takes about five minutes a day. Really revs you up, too.

Good luck,

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Here is some more information on the Body Brushing I mentioned. I guess the reason I initially was intrigued with this concept is because having worked with special needs kids for years, I knew that "brushing" was a soothing technique used for some of the kids. It helped in many ways. It stimulated the lymphatic system, so I was aware that it was a good thing.

After I bought my rebounder I found so much information about how and why it works and all about the lymphatic system, formerly known as the circulatory system. Rebounding and the lymphatic system go hand in hand.

Lymphatic system, white blood cell formation, inflamation, wather retention...felt like I was getting a Master's degree in this subject area. And, all I wanted to do was bounce away! But, then the brushing technique was mentioned and it spoke of stimulating the lymphatic system to help rid the body of celulite and to tighten the skin.

So, when Teresa Tapp, whom I greatly admire, wrote of using the brushing to help rid the body of celulite, I was very interested. You might have seen my post on the thread below...I have been studying this stuff for some time now. I mostly stay with what has worked for me, but always interested in learning new things.

I know this information is more of a "Teaser"..sorry about that. But, thought I would post it since it does give a bit more information.

Good luck....

Cellulite Is Not Just Fat!

One of the best kept secrets of the modeling industry is that models get cellulite. for years, we've been told that cellulite is fat and nothing more. Well, I have seen thousands of models with "bumps" on their buns/thighs and they sure didn't have any excess fat on their bodies! We've also been told that if we exercise, cellulite goes away. Well, I've seen hundreds of women who work out all the time, and although they are "fit". they still have cellulite. I think women deserve to know what's involved with cellulite production and how our body can eliminate it. The CRT
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I agree with Mary.  Just dancing isn't going to do it.
There are lots of professional dancers (and top notch athletes) with cellulite.
It's also determined by genetics.
Just curious, are you a man or a woman?
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I hear you. Great to get free information. And, it is so great that you have had success with this program. I actually developed a similar program while in college, dropped over 40 pounds and have maintained that weight loss since then (I am 53 now).

But, I was able to greatly improve the performance and shape of my body through aerobic activity. And, although I love my rebounder and box stepper, I frequently do exactly as you suggested. I dance.

Covert Bailey is my big hero (see my post to the thread below if you care to read more on my story) and when I first started to follow his advice (back in '82...yikes!)dancing was one of the exercises he suggested. So, I just invented my own dancing in place and turned my music way up. In my case it was critical that I monitered my heart rate so that I could do the exercise effeciently (and I have benign tachycardia, too) and really understand what I was doing. But, have to tell you, it was fun. It still is fun. I have been doing some form of exercise at least 4 days a week since the early 80's and it has paid off big time.

T. Tapp is great though, in that she explains so much about the lymphatic system. And, she started out working with cancer victims (mostly those in the hospital having chemotherapy...her Mom died of brain cancer when Teresa was only 6 years old). Having had my own struggle with ovarian cancer, I am always interested in hearing about ways to improve our immune system and to keep our bodies healthy.

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Wow! Thank you so much!  I actually just started dance classes last Thursday. I had been wanting to do hip hop lessons for some time now. I guess one of my problems then is… I don’t drink enough water!? I work out everyday too! I do kickbacks with my legs & squats hoping that I can get that smoothness I desire. I can’t wear thin cloth (like my work pants) or you can see it. It’s so embarrassing for me. My whole family has problems with cellulite in the same areas as I do. We all have “apple bottoms” that are dimply & we are all embarrassed by it. I will look into the whole brushing technique & of course I WILL TRY IT. I work so hard trying to work against the cellulite it’s not even right that I can’t “shake it off”.  I’m always inconsistent with my diet. I am a struggling young lady & I pretty much “make do” w/ what I have stocked in the fridge or anything I come across at my workplace. The only thing I keep the same about my diet is I never eat past 6:00. I don’t like sleeping on the calories that I’ve ingested throughout the day. I didn’t really mention that I’m actually struggling with an eating disorder as well. It’s kind of hard to talk about & I don’t think it has anything to do with the cellulite that is concerning me. Or is it?
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Hi, I'm new to the site,but love the discussions. I just wanted to let everyone know that Mary Kay has a new product called
"Cellu-Shape Contouring System". It has a daytime & nightime formula you just rub into your thighs,buttocks,abdomen etc.I haven't used it but Several of my friends have & it seemed to work on cellulite by smoothing the dimpled look & people have lost 1/2 " or more also.It also works on "skinnyPeople" with cellulite.There are other products available I'm not familiar personally with them.
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