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I have been taking Topomax for one month.  My doc prescribed it for me for weight loss.( 50 mg/day) I have not lost a pound...nor have I lost my appetite.  Irritability?  Yes.  Weight Loss--no.  I am on Zoloft 50mg/day for depression for 11 years now.  Does anyone know if Zoloft can deter the weight loss?  I have been struggling with my weigbt for so long and have heard of people having such positive reults from Topomax.  Any advice from anyone?
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I am a person who has been labeled borderline bipolar which means I'm functional in society.  I hold down a good job and I take Topamax (200 mgs) along with Prozac(20 mg) every day.  I've taken Topamax for over a year. Since July of 2006.  And I lost 78 pounds.  A wonderful thing, but it did not cure my feelings of anxiety or the ups and downs of bipolar illness.  My doctor told me it was a mood stablizer, never referring to it as being used for seizures, migraines or weight loss.  I discovered those things on my own. I discovered the weight loss on my own too. It was shocking to one day be walking through the mall and realize..."Hey these shorts don't fit me  I need to buy new clothes...like now."  It was crazy, and the beginning of a weight loss journey that was incredible.  If anyone wants to know about they can write me back.  I'll be glad to share.

Be aware additionally if you are a woman and taking this medication of the possibility of it messing with your monthly cycle if you lose a lot of weight as I did. Make sure to get your blood work checked frequently so that nothing is happening that shouldn't be happening to you.  Unfortunately for me, now I live with the complication of the stress of infertility. My doctors are great and working it out with me, but had I known then what I know now, I might have chosen a different path with my medicine.  Be aware of the side affects of all medications that you take before you take them, I wish I had.
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I suffered from migraines for 15 years; about 2 a week. I went on Topamax and now I am up to 200 mg a day. I have not had a one migraine since Labor Day. I have lost about 13 pounds but I am on slim fast as well. I have tingling in my hands and heels and trouble with my train of thought. So far so good. I hope it continues to go well, I also am on no other medication and feel ok the rest of the time. I could afford to lose another 25 pounds but no more, so maybe I will stop the slim fast soon. If the Topamax has anything to do with it.
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I was originally put on Topamax for the prevention of cluster headaches/migraines.  Seemed to work very well and I lost 20 lbs over the course of 2 years. First bad symptom was when I had originally been prescribed 25mg, twice a day - Dr thought it needed to be 'upped' to 'normal dosage', so after taking 100mg a day, developed the sensation of a 'burnt tongue' - physician thought it was a sinus infection, until that medication did not clear it up, so he delved into the symptoms of Topamax - very deep - and found that there could be different sensations of the mouth.  I went back to the 25mg, 2 times a day, since that was working quite well all along and I couldn't understand why I would have to take more than necessary.  After feeling good,  & many, many less headaches, my hair started to break off and fall out.  This was excessive, and since I had long hair, very disturbing.  It would be 'in a pile' after combing through it - I was treating my hair like a baby's.  Looked on the internet and found out that many experience this symptom also, after taking it for a while.  I stopped it immediately - now use Axert when I get a migraine; gained back the weight (which was easily kept off during the use of Topamax, but not worth bad hair).
Hope you do not experience this - I would never take it again. PS -  Depakote did absolutely nothing for me.
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My physician just put me on topomax last Thursday. I have been taking effexor XR for four years and have gained a total of 16 lbs. I exercise regulary and can't lose weight, that's why I went back to see him.Had I not been exercising I probably would have gained 50lbs instead of 16. He said it was do to the effexor. I started topomax Thursday night, 25 mg daily, I am sleepy, lathargic, lazzy. I don't want to get out of bed.All I have done is SLEEP.  I am weaning myself off of the effexor. Someone please tell me that these symptoms will subside. I thought this was to help with my mood and replace the effexor, I am not to increase the topomax until I decrease the effexor again. I am at a lost. I know I can't live like this.
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My Dr. has recently suggested I take Topomax for my monthly mingraine headaches. I am leary of taking this drug. I currently take Imitrex for migraines, which seems to help now & then. I usually get a migraine once a month, right before my period. I also take Zoloft 100mg, and Xanax 0.5mg, for depression and anxiety. I'm wondering if the side effects of sleepiness, hair loss, and memory loss are worth taking this drug. The only good side effect may be the possible weight loss, which would be helpful. Wondering if it's worth it.
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I noticed that some people are extremely tired taking Topamax. This is my problem. I am currently taking 50 MG and 10 MG of Lexapro and Im extremely tired at all times. I want to sleep all the time and I do sleep 9 hours a night and wake up tired. This is my only adverse sideeffect. I do have minimal memory loss and work reterival problems but nothing that extreme. Is anyone taking not Lexapor.Topamax together and if so are you constantly tired? Im considering going off the Lexapro to see if I notice a difference.
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Over the last 20 years I've been on Zoloft, Wellbutrin, Prozac,and Effexor.  I've gained 125 pounds but now doctor ever mentioned that this was a side effect of anti-depressants.  My effexor was a very low dosage and I found myself with a lot of confusion and all the rest that goes with depression,  He put me on 5 mg of zyprexa to be taken with effexor and later doubled my effexor.  Emotionally I have never felt better, BUT the last 25 pounds were gained in this 2 months.  He then started me on Topomax.  I start the 3rd week tomorrow.  I have already lost 10 of the 25 pounds.  I love it- an appetite suppressant that affects my taste buds.  Certainly feeling full doesn't usually stop a depressed person from eating.  So, for the first time in my life, I feel encouraged.  At 52 years old, after raising 2 beautiful daughters and 2 more almost raised, I actually feel like I might really be able to lose this weight.  By the way, no tingles (yet) and I still LOVE my coffee!
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I began taking topomax to counter the weight gain I had from being on Seroquel when I was hospitalized for depression.  I had also been diagnosed possibly bipolar and borderline.  Nothing I could do would help me lose the weight.  So I started to take It.  I had no side effects, except in the beginning I had itchy skin, no tingling, no sleepiness, a small bit of forgetfulness, but it is gone, I lost the weight, and best of all , my mood stabilized wonderfully--better than on any other mood stabilizer I have ever been on.  This drug has been like a miracle for me and I don't know what I would do with out it.  I know I am very lucky compared to many of the people posting here.  I don't have nightmares or headaches, no more itchy skin, no tingling, lost my weight, and I can handle being alone which I would go crazy over before.  I am so grateful for topomax.
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After suffering from migraines all my adult life, my doctor decided to put me on Topomax. I had never suffered from any other signs of depression or numbness until then. I had started on a lower dosage and was moved up. At first I was feeling great and I even lost some weight, but I soon started feeling numb and tingling. I did lose the taste for pop but most other foods were fine. After being on my full dosage ( I believe 150mg ) for about 1 week I thought I was going crazy!!! I found myself dazing,even as I was driving. I would start crying for no reason at all. I felt as if I was letting life go by as I spaced out. I even broke down to a close friend and asked her to not let me go crazy. I cried to my nurse to get me into the doctor as soon as possible. They did test after test believing that it couldn't be the Topomax and she urged me to stay on it. All the test results came back good. And when I went home I flushed the Topomax. Besides a migraine once a week...I feel great. I was told that this drug is used for seizures and I think that is what should stay at. I believe it numbs your brain and anyone thinking about it should stay away from it!!!! If I had seen this site ahead of time things may have turned out different.
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hi im on 50mg of topamax, 50 years old and suffered migraines my whole life and the last 5 after a facial shingle outbreak a daily occurence, so topamax was a saviour, from weekly mirgraines to one every 5 weeks was blessful. BUT i have had anough of not having control of y life, yes the weight control is great, but all the other side effects that know make sense after reading this site, have come clear, i have had enough of feeling tired, fuzzy, life passing me by, depressed, sad, tearful, paralzyed, tinging, numb, all of those side effects, are not worth giving up control of ones life, whats a day if it passes without living it, whats a day when it passes in a daze of wishing you were in bed. horrible. ge up. work. go home. cook dinner. bed. day in day out. chores. bed. nighmares. everything a chore. days off no fun becausse your so tired. topomax has taken my choice to have a life.
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I am a former school teacher also.  Going in to class with a migraine was the pits.  I am now retired but still do not like the headaches.  I am now paying $114 for 9 Imitrex pills (thanks to Medicare part D), I was paying $40, which i thought was a lot, but it looks better to me now.

I was on Elavil (got so thirsty), and started Imitrex in 1997, which was a G-dsend.  now my migraines have gotten worse and the neurologist has prescribed Topamax 25 mg 2x a day for me.  

I have been on many antidepressants since my husband passed away in 2002.  I stopped them last July 2007.  I do not know if I feel any different but this year I did not cry like I had been for the past 6 years.

I have not started yet.
What are the awful side effects I should expect?

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I was on topomax for 2 years for migraines.  After about 8 months I started losing weight.  I went from a size 10 to a size 2.  I've always been a 9/10 my whole life.  Being a tiny 2 for a year and a half was great.  I Lost my insurance so I couldn't afford my prescriptions any longer.  My eating habits during the topomax usage didn't change other than I realized I could eat hot fudge sundaes at midnight and not be effected.  Now, I'm back to my regular eating habits (no sweets at all) with the exception of Smaller portions and nothing seems to work, the weight just keeps COMING BACK.  I'm now in a size 6 and afraid to eat anything.  The only TRUE weight loss is no calories and stress !! ha.  I hope this helps all who are trying to lose weight with this drug.  If you stop taking it, the weight WILL COME BACK.
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You can only go by what your body tells you. But, since 1982 i have had migranes from a ceberal aneurysm and topamax, (200mg that is 2x a day)the most you can take, and the other pill is another godsend, to me MIDRIN. They work.. Midrin, is for the onset, everybody told me it was stress, depression, take all those anxiety pills and i kept telling them no. I know what a headache is.You know too. Specialists at big hospitals said you depressed,no your making me angry,so my doctor listened really good to me and heard,one thing, my life was crazy, topamax,with zoloft would work. But i would sleep all the time.  So by putting zoloft at bedtime, now i am wide awake all day. If you sleep during the day, ask your doctor to put one of your pills at bedtime. As for the tingling, and numbness, change your position, on the way you are sitting. Mine comes from using my hands alot to. If you run out of insurance they have that montel williams bus insurance,(PPA) 1-888-477-2669 or www.PPARx.org and don't forget walmart has there $4.00 perscription plan, you can pick it up at the store or look at it on the web site and get your doctor to give you one of those, for a 3 months supply.  If you take topamax and don't think about the side affects, you will not notice them. I only tell my husband things, if i hide them, because i am a forgetful person, even with or without the topamax.
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I've been using Topomax for two weeks to help prevent severe migranes which were combined with numbness of the tongue, face and arms. I've only been suffering with migranes for a couple of months so my heart goes out to all of you who have been suffering for so long.

My migranes started once a week with the numbness and then they were a little less severe with no numbness but I had them every day. I took Topomax once a day for the first week and my headaches were relieved but were not completely gone. The second week I was instruced to take it 2x a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. It was then I started to feel relief. The headaches have gone away for the most part but quite often I feel naseous at random times. My appetite has decreased and I can go all day without eating if I didn't get naseous. I usually eat only because I feel naseous not because I'm hungry. I find it easier to eat if food is in front of me but definitely out of sight out of mind. My mouth is dry all the time and I'm always craving water and I'm not a lover of water. Forget soda! It doesn't taste right. It fizzles in my mouth and then leaves a burning feeling. I have noticed that my hands and toes get tingly sometimes so I'm glad to read that it's a side effect from the Topomax. I was worried it may be another part of my body getting numb since I suffer from that symptom. I have noticed that I've been very irritable lately but I thought that it was because my dr took me off the birth control pill since Topomax decreases the effectiveness of it. After reading your comments, I'm thinking it may be an effect of the Topomax or a combination of the two.  I've been snipping at everyone. My emotions are totally out of wack. I don't know what I'm feeling anymore. I go back to the neurologist on July 15th so I'll see what he says. Thank you for all your comments, they were all very, very helpful.
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I am considering taking Topomax for weight loss. I am approaching 50 years old and have tried everything to lose 30 lb. Are the side effects worth it? Any advice is very appreciated.
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I have been taking Topamax for almost 2 months now.  I have horrible migraines that completely wipe me out. I am very irritable and extremely tired all the time. I am a single mom with two small children and can't afford to be snapping at them all the time.  I only take 25 mg in the mornings.  The doc told me to take it at night but I couldn't fall asleep so he told me to take it in the mornings instead.  I have had no success with weight loss.  I could stand to lose about 30 lbs.  I was hoping for this side effect to kick in soon.  I walk two miles each day and go to the gym 2-3 times a week.  I just do not have enough energy to function.  All I want to do is sleep when I get home from work.  Something seems very wrong.  Does anyone have any advice?  Thanks!
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HI, i take zoloft for OCD and tourettes and my doctor prescribed me topomax for mood swings and weight loss, because i have gained 80 pounds in the 7 years that i have been on zoloft(weight gain has been in the last 4 years) I havn't started  the topomax  yet cause i am scared of the side affects. are they worth it?

anyone with similar situations?

has anyone had seizures because of the topomax, cause i have heard tht that is a side affect?
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I am surprised the 2 mile daily walking is not helping you lose weight.  Have you had your thyroid checked?  I know the migraines can be awful.  I have been suffering with them for too many years.  Perhaps your doctor can prescribe Xanax for you as well?  Just a suggestion.  I only recently started Topamax so I do not know the weight loss results, I sure could stand to lose 30 lbs as well.  
I wish you the best.  Keep us posted.  If I could I would walk 2 miles daily.  Good Luck.
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Hi, I am Pauline from Kimberlley, South Africa.  I have Rapid Cycle Bi Polar and have been taking Topamax 200mg for the past 3 years.  It was a last resort as none of the other mood swing inhibitors worked for me.. We encountered huge problems with the medical aid as it is not recognised as a treatment for Bi Polar in South Africa.  I have not experienced any weight loss from taking Topamax but that is probably due to the fact that I also take 120mg Cymbalta and 400mg Serequel..  Surprisingly, the medical aid discontinued my Trepeline 100mg for some unknown reason and despite all the medication that I take my Bi Polar is not under control.  I have a full time job and am too exhausted at the end of the day to even consider exercise, and I only eat when I have to prepare food for my husband or kids (when they are at home).

Good luck to the rest of you
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I was recently prescribed 50mg am/pm per day of topomax and Im hesitant to start my medication. Im bipolar and have used alcohol to self medicate. Im concerned with the effects alcohol will have when mixed with Topomax. Anyone have any experience, good or bad.

As well I dont need extra energy, I have plenty of that. I need sleep. All the talk of tingling scares me. I can see that giving me a panic attack. As far as weight loss, Im 5'3 117lb. like any normal american woman I want to be thinner, but Im not taking this medication for that reason. I just want to feel level and not trade one set of problems for another. Is it worth it?

Not to sound rude it just seems like most of the postings Ive read are people hoping to lose weight. I just want to feel better. Whatever that means.
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OK gang ... going to throw a new one out to you! I am a 10 year post op bariatric patient (and bariatric medical professional) who has successfully lost 175 lbs and was just 20 pounds shy of my target BMI goal weight (we all know that BMI scale is ridiculous anyway! LOL) I had a very difficult year as my Dad lost his valiant battle with cancer and I gained 20 pounds back (20 + 20 = 40lbs). Well, again, I work in medicine and know what to do as far as diet, exercise, dealing with the "demons" - - but I just could not get the scale to move more than 5,6,7 pounds. I even completely eliminated dairy! I begged my surgeons to consider trialing me on some of the new weight loss medications to help me get back in control - they would not hear of it.  So, I went to a bariatrician and metabollic doctor out at a very highly regarded health care facility who looks at obesity from a cellular level. I am NOT a medication taker but I agreed to trial some of the new medications being used for weight loss side-effects ... one of them being Topamax. I must tell you that I am quite surprised at the rapid results and how much I feel in control again. Not that I was out of control - I just have a handle on the grazing - the mindless, unplanned eating. Even picking at veggies! The mad-sad-happy-glad kinda eating ... GONE! I have lost 23 pounds in 4 weeks (keep in mind I will lose quicker as I am gastric bypass) and I have never felt better. I am on wellbutrin to curb the cravings and a low dose of phentermine - all until I reach my target weight. I may stay on the anti-depressant as this is the first time that I have ever been on one and I feel that it helps. There is something in the Topamax that almosts causes an anorexic like aversion to food. I am eating but making very healthy, very controlled food choices. I predict that regain following bariatric procedures, long term, will become an epidemic, as more people become farther post surgery, and medication, along with a more structured diet, will come into play to maximize long term success.

PS. Side effects : some tingling in the fingers, ringing in the ears???
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I went on topamax several weeks ago for migraines and also found some relief for mood disorder on this drug.  From several comments I have read I understand several individuals have also found significant weight loss as a positive side effect.  I could stand to drop some added weight also.  Since I have been on topamax I have not lost a pound in fact I feel as I have gained weight.  I exercise daily, watch what I eat ,drink minimal alcohol and do not have any health issues contributing to weight gain. I am currently at 200mg.  What doses are people taking where they are also dropping weight?  Any suggestions?  Has anyone heard of someone gaining weight on this drug? Thanks.
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Since I have been on Topamax, I have found that everything I eat tastes "tinny".  Has anyone else experienced this?
I am only on 25mg 2x a day.
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Has anyone experienced hair loss with Topomax?  I've been on 50 mg for 5 weeks prescribed for migrane preventive.  I did loose about 5 pounds and I feel really good.  I've also been on a mood stabilizer - Lamical for about 9 months so I know the new drug I'm taking may be the source of the hair loss.  So, recluctantly.  I stopped taking Topomax two nights ago and my hair doesn't seem to fall out after I wash it. It's still too early to tell how much more hair I'll loose.  I'll I don't want to discontinue using Topomax but I can't afford to loose my hair.  
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Hello.I am Lori, from Arkansas.I have recently started Topomax for migranes 100 mg./day. I was so relieved as I read all of your comments. I have went for days wondering why my sodas all tasted flat.lol  I have also experienced some tingling in the heels and fingers and also different food tastes, but nothing unbearable. I am hoping for the weight loss effect of this med as well. I have noticed the dry mouth an being thirsty alot and almost total loss of appetite unless I feel nauseated.But, no changes on the scales yet, seeing as I have only taken the Topomax for going on 3 weeks now. I really enjoyed reading your comments,They were really helpful to me.Although, I have to say, the  comments on "hair loss" and "memory loss" with Topomax is very scary tome..being a single mother of three small children.
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Hi Lori,
I am on a much smaller dosage (25mg 2x a day) and I have that funny taste in my mouth.  I stopped taking it for a while but started again.  No drastic weight loss but yes, headaches have subsided (and that was my rpimary reason for taking it).  Weight loss is welcome though.

True on the thirsty feeling also, and I also find I am putting food in my mouth just to get rid of the tinny taste.  No hair loss, but then I have such long thick hair, I do not think it would matter.  I wish you success and hug those 3 little ones for me.
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I drink 1 beer with dinner each night, but then I find I don't want a second.  No side effects from alcohol, but the tingling heel stuff happens several times a day. Beer doesn't taste the same as it used too, which *****, because I LOVE beer, like some people love wine.  Doc also said it takes 12 weeks for Topomax to fully saturate your bodies chemistry and work properly...did anyone elses doc advise them of same?  I've been on it for 7 weeks.  Haven't lost a pound.  PS.   I have a 5mm colloid cyst in brain and am a migrain sufferer - that's why I take Topomax. -Painfreeplease in Las Vegas.
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Man I am REALLY glad I read alot of these.  I am about to be on my 3rd week of this med and my biggest gripe is the way my tonge feels.  It feels like I burned it and I cannot taste things like they should.  But from the sounds of it, it seems normal.  The tingling and stuff would be hard for me to judge cuz I am always losing feeling in my hands and feet anyhow.  And as far as the weight loss have not lost any yet.  On it for constant migraines though.  started with 25mg a day, just got finished with 25mg 2x a day, now I am going to 25mg in the am and 50mg in the pm.  I hope that this feeling goes away on my tongue soon, it hurts ALOT!!!

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Just started on Topamax a week ago for weight loss.  So far no bad side effects.  I'm on 50 mg now, but am supposed to go up to 100mg by the end of the month.  I think I'm a little groggy in the morning and hope this won't get worse since I have to go to work and can't be too groggy to work or drive.  I had some tingling in one  hand today but not too bad.  I seem to be kind of hyper which is unusual for me. I've lost 3 pounds.  I'm just wondering about getting off this medication when you loose the weight.  Do you have to say on it for the rest of your life?  I really didn't want to be addicted to something.  I'm already on thyroid medication and Celebrex.  Has anyone aleady lost the weight they needed to and then gotten off the medication?

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I've been taking Topamax for about 3 weeks now.  I first started at 25mgs at night only.  My Dr had suggested I also take L-Tyrosine (500-1000mgs) in the morning while I was taking the Topamax to counteract any memory problems.  The first few days I didn't take the L-Tyrosine...I'd forgotten to pick it up at the health food store...and I was EXHAUSTED those first few days.  I decided to try to L-Tyrosine to see if it helped...and it helped tremendously!  The first 2 days I tried just the 500mg dose in the morning, which seemed to help a little...about the amount a big cup of coffee would normally maybe.  I then went up to the 1000mg dose,  and it made a huge difference for me!  I feel better than I have in YEARS!  
Interestingly enough...I recently read something about a study that was done, that showed that longterm use of SSRI's actually depletes the amount of dopamine in your brain!  L-Tyrosine is the amino acid which is eventually turned into dopamine!  I found this very interesting since I have taken Welbutrin for several years now.  
Just thought I would share, thought this information may be of help to someone!
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Hi, I've been on Topamax for Migraines for 6 years and I have to say I am virtually migraine free. I also have Fibromyalgia so I do get some breakthrough neurological breakthrough migraine like pain but that is it.  My dose its 150 mg.  I also take Wellbutrin for Depression and energy 225mg. and Cymbalta I just started for the neuralgia in Fibromyalgia and depression 40mg.  I don't do well with SNRI's because of the serotonin part.  I don't lose weight when I'm on them because my digestive system slows down .  
We have serotonin receptors in our intestines which respond to the SSRI in these meds my dr. told me that is why I get "backed up".

I don't know what it is that still has me having difficulty losing weight.  In the last year I was on Topamax, Wellbutrin, annnnnnnnndddddddd Effexor, which could be the reason.  I was doing the "Nutrisystem" diet and in 10 months I only lost 16 lbs.  Now on their website they have chat threads like this one.  I was the slowest loser on the "Slow Poke" thread LOL !!!  I stuck to it though.  Now that I am off Effexor for 3 months and just on Cymbalta for one week and eating what I darn well please.  I have not gained!!!  Keep in mind Effexor has an effect on our Cholesterol also. I do not like that stuff, I had a headache for two years, a dull ache at the back of my head on it.

To NOMOREMIGRAINp.LZ - LTyrosine and it helps with memory problems due to Topamax?  People with FM have slow depletion in their hippocampus and eventually memory problems, but for me it is sporatic so I thought maybe it is not my brain and now you say it could be Topamax! Plus L-Tyrosine can help, YAY!! Thanks  YOU HELPED me.

I hope I have helped someone with my experience.
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I have been on Topamax since June of 2007.  Started with 100mg/daily and gradually built up to 400mg/bid by raising the amount every 4 weeks.  I lost 20 lbs in the first month, 30 in the second month, 40 in the third month, and over the course of the next year I lost 140 lbs.  I then tapered down to 200mg/bid, which is what I'm taking now.  I was 300 lbs and now weigh 169.5 lbs.  I gained all that weight as a result of having my thyroid destroyed by radioactive iodine given to me to treat  Graves Disease, (which was a very bad choice) and then being prescribed sythetic thyroid hormone, which my body didn't absorb well.  After many years, I found the natural Armour thyroid is much better (regardless of what most doctors try to tell you.)  
I've also been prescribed almost every antidepressant in the book over the last 30 years, most of which cause weight gain.  I'm currently on Wellbutrin SR 450mg.  I take 300mg in the morning, 150mg at night.  I take numerous other meds for blood pressure, fibromyalgia, allergies, anxiety and a few vitamin supplements.  I cannot take my thyroid with milk or any dairy products, calcium or iron supplements, or anything containing walnuts, so I take it early in the morning and go back to bed, taking the rest 4 hours later.
My 2 blood pressure meds are Quinapril which is a potassium saver, and Hctz, a water pill, which causes me to lose potassium and get leg cramps if I don't take a potassium supplement every other day.
My doctor prescribed vitamin D3-5, 5,000 IU every day because I was very deficient.  Also 1500mg calcium/daily.
I take One-A-Day Women 50+Advantage, milk thistle to cleanse my liver and evening primrose to heal any damage done by free radicals and other debris including medications.
Topamax magnifies the affects of most other medications you take.  The initial side affects, like soda pop tasting funny, went away after a few months.  It has been terrific for me going through menopause because I don't sweat or have hot flashes since I started taking it.  But for that reason, I have to be careful about getting overheated when doing something strenuous.
I have not changed my eating or exercise habits, but I did start smoking again, a pack a day, after not smoking for over 5 year.  I do plan to quit again soon, which may somewhat affect my weight.  I'll see.  
I have recently noticed serious short term memory loss, which may be due to the combined effect of Topamax and recently starting to take Xanax 1mg/daily.  I'm cutting the night time dose of Topomax, slowly, by 50mg every 2 months so that I don't have a suddent weight gain.  My goal is to get down to 200mg daily and stay there.
Topamax has been a miracle drug for me both for weight loss and as a mood stabilizer/antidepressant, but some people just can't tolerate it at all.  I tend to be highly resistant to all drugs, which may help.  There seems to be extreme differences in how it affects people, and I suspect part of that is due to the amplifying effect Topamax has on most other meds.  
I have no intentions of every discontinuing taking it all together.
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I started taking Topamax 25mg 2x a day, 5 months later my liver enzymes shot up beyond normal range (It should not be about 40 and it was 71) --So I went for an ultrasound after 2 blood tests showed this abnormality.  The ultrasound showed an enlarged liver.

I was directed to a gastroenterologist, he looked over my records and did a blood panel and he will check my blood again in a month during which I will stop taking TOPAMAX.  I am back to taking IMITREX for my headaches.

I do not want to do anything that will mess with my liver since that is a vital organ.

I was wondering if anyone else had this problem.

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I have been on topamax for over a year now and I am up to 200 mg a day  I have lost over 100 pounds this year and look a lot different then I did when I started and I am grateful because I have been trying for so long to get this weight off but I didn't start these meds for that reason in particular  I am bipolar and I have a phobia about my weight so my doctor was trying to help me by not putting me on something that would cause me to gain weight but also in the year that I have been on this medicine I have lost 60% of my hair and still losing and have no clue why have developed weird rashes I have had the tingling in my feet and the strange taste and all that the only thing that bothers me is I want my hair to stop falling out ans start growing back I am trying to find out what is causing it I think this medicine may have some kind of effect on your adrenal gland but I cam not sure yet but I am still trying to find out I am in the middle of testing every possible reason if you know anything please contact me at ***@****
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I have been taking topamax for about 6 months for really bad migraines.  Initially I experienced tingling in my fingers, complete loss of appetite, nausea (even vomiting), carbonated drinks tasted horrible, actually most foods tasted different even horrible, I was extremely tired and would lose my train of thought.  I lost 10 lbs in the first three weeks and have lost a total of 20 lbs.  I don't have any more to lose. Most of the side effects have gone away, except for the loss of appetite.

In listing all of the side effects I experienced, I must say that I would take them over my migraines any time.  I suffered from monthly migraines that would last up to 11 days with a recovery period of at least 7 days.  

I am on 100 mg (50mg am/50 mg pm) and recently because I still get migraines but for about 2 days once a month the dr. increased me to 200 mg.  The side effects came back in full force and I decided to go back to the 100 mg.  I mostly decided this because I can't afford to lose any more weight.  If the migraines get worse I will increase the dose and give it the time for the side effects to go away.  To me the side effects are worth it.  I was living 50% of my life in hell and in anxiety of the next migraine.
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Hi have just browsed the posts, so not sure if anyone mentioned Thyroid conditions. Wow, although I have never tried Topomax, I have tried many different antidepressants. Those least likely to cause weight gain for myself have been, Paxil, and Cymbalta, Prozac not bad.
Wellbutrin, does decrease appetite, but it is not an SSRI.
Currently I am taking a medication for Migraines, as I have just started having them.
I found out that my TSH-Thyroid Stimulating Hormone was a 23. The normal range is .4 to 4.0. I basically had no metabolism.
I take Armour Thyroid, which is a T4/T3 combination. It is amazing how much better I feel after a few weeks. The T3 portion of the medication boosts mood, and helps other medications work more effectively.

Most Dr.'s will check TSH-Thyroid, but fail to test for Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies, or Free T4 or Free T3.
After my experience I would suggest that any woman insist that her Dr. test her TSH, T4, T3, also, Free T4 and Free T3 and be certain to have Thyroid Peroxidase Levels checked. If these are present, it means your Thyroid will eventually stop working, and you will need to take a Thyroid replacement for the rest of your life. Not a big deal. So many Woman go undiagnosed. Read about it on Wiki. Weight Gain, Depression, Migraines, ADHD, Bipolar, Anxiety Disorders, can all mimic a Thyroid condition. Endocronologists could put Psychiatrists out of business.
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Hello everyone. I was prescribed Topomax by my neorologist a few years ago fpr my migraines and they helped somewhat. I liked the weight loss side effect but since I was partial to my brain cells and was finding that I was losing my memory decided to stop taking it. I then went to see a top specalist in New York who prescribed Apo-nadol which I must tell you is a miracle drug.....I was all but free of migraines, however I seem to have gained weight (not sure if it was from this drug or just age, life, stress etc).
Last week I went back to Topomax hoping to kick start my weight loss, )I need to lose about 40 lbs) but after a few days of taking only 25mg the side effects were so bad I dont knwo what to do. I am feeling, weak, faint, nauseous, so very tired, no energy, my memory has already been affected, headachey, increased appetite!! and just very very bad in general. I have stopped taking it because I just cant function while on it. ANd this is a pretty low dosage of 25mg.

Can anyone help me out??? Advise me as to what I should do? I am a real estate agent so a memory is kind of essential, not to mention energy. Should I continue taking it and ride out the side effects? HELP!!!
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unlinke most all of yall my dr put me on topamax 25 because of ocd problem and to take it at night but lord have mercy, i cannot stay awake when it gets to be around lunch time, does this get better once the body gets used to it or not?
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I have Epilepsy and suffer from various types of seizures ranging from Simple and Complex Partial Seizures to Gran Mal Seizures. It's a brain disorder I took on after severe head trauma from a car accident at the age of 6. You want to have Jesus Christ come in there and fix that for me? Thanks. {insert sarcasm here}
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Hi my name is Crystal and I really enjoy reading all the comments on here! ai started taking topamax almost a month ago now on May 18th, and I have my first follow up appointment in the AM with my neurologist. I started on 25 mg's a day and am currently on 100 mg's a day now, which will most likely be my dosage for a while. I am on this medication for migaines. I will tell you my side effects of course :) ~tingling in extremities, lips, eyes ~loss of appetite ~forgetfullness(not like it's that new, LOL) ~diarrhea after every meal ~slurred speech(sometimes) Ok so yes I have had quite a few side effects and they seemed way worse at first, like I became very irritable at first, which is not me at all. It scared me a lot because I have a 5 month old son, but I soon snapped out of it,I would say it only lasted the first 4 or 5 days. I had a few horrible nightmares in the first few nights which also quickly subsided. I had a lot of numbness and tingling at first, now just here and there, so it's managable. I still have loss of appetite, which is quite fine by me because I can stand to lose some weight! Having a child definitely changed my body! So I can't wait to get weighed tommorrow! I'll keep you posted!
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Ok It's Crystal again! I went to my first follow up appointment since being on the topamax. I have been on it since May 28th and today is June 15th, and I have already lost 11 pounds as of today, now that's quite amazing to me! I am really on the medication for migraines, but the weight loss is an added bonus in which AI will definitely not compain!!!!!!!!!!!   I was so happy but nervous when I stepped on that scale today, because i knew, just knew I had to lose at least a little bit, lol. Well I will keep you updated more and more! :)
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congratulations to you for losing the weight and also being successful in reducing the migraines.

Your body will adjust to the medication and the side effects will go away.  I am only on 25mg/daily & I have seen a drastic reduction in my headaches.
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I think as with every drug you try there is going to be side effects and our bodies react different. I personally like Topamax. I can deal with the tingling in my heals and fingers. (even as I type this!) I took 100 mgs for several months and my migraines were pretty well controlled. My neuro increased my dosage to 150 this past week because my headaches were coming back.  He is also adding Cymbalta to help with the stress induced migraines. I like the weight loss side effect. I am not overweight, but the 20 lbs I have lost have not hurt me at all!  

I take daily vitamins because I don't eat a lot and I know this. I am very pro-active and I try to keep a positive outlook on my life. If I sit here and worry about all the bad stuff, then all the bad stuff will happen! If I keep a positive attitude then only good stuff can happen! :)
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My Dr put me on Topomax two years ago.  I got very drowsy in the mornings.  The first few nights, I did get nightmares also but, they went away.  I am taking them for seizures so the does was high.  I am debating about going back on Topomas and Lamictal.  Has anyone ever tried this combination for seizures?
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It took a long time, maybe 7 months for me to start getting relief from using topomax, and it helped me to go from 158 to 132, but it took time and I also exercised. I stopped taking it in August cuz me n hubby are trying to have a baby, but if I am not pregnant this month, we are gonna stop trying for a while til I get my weight under control. I was on 400mg and had to wean myself off of it before we could start trying. I decreased one pill every two weeks, then had to be off of it for a full month before we could start. I was unable to control my cravings and appetite during all this time and have gone from 135 to 162 in a very short period of time. I have started back exercising now. So topomax did help with weightloss  and eventually helped with pain by decreasing the amount of migranes I had per month. I may start taking it again if we are not pregnant this month, then wean myself off again when I reach my goal. This time I will do better with my appetite and cravings because I know what happened last time. Lots of luck to you and I hope this helped you in some way.
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Zoloft is know to gain weight in patients. One will be cancelling out the other. Maybe go back to ur doc and see if there is an alternative med that would be suitable for you to try.best of luck.x
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Hello, I been on topamax now for 2 wks 1 day and lost 10 lbs already, I saw my dr 3 wks ago and weighed in @ 248, went back today and weighted in @ 238, now that was a + to me but the bad part is that my memory is bad, I'm 34 yrs old who suffers from severe migraines( just finding out) with a 15 mnth old baby girl and its hard on a day to day basis with her,  I have to really write things down so I don't forget what to do, the dry mouth is crazy, u keep drinking water n chewing sugar free gum or something to keep your mouth moist, the funny taste you get in your mouth is unbearable, the numbness and tingling in the hand and feet are a mess at times. It has helped ease my migraines also out of a 30 day it's down to 20 now and much milder before on a scale of 1/10 it was a 12 now it a 7, so that's a huge plus for me. So if you can take a few downs with a huge plus like me , go for it, drink plenty of water, walk, exercise, do whatever makes you happy, get your life back in control
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I have heard aabout huge weight gain with zoloft and also with other ssri antideoressants, and you are not at the level where eight loss is obtained  usually at 125 to 150 mg per day for the weight lossm try switching antidepressant to wellbutrin or effexor you may have better luck
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i just started on topamax 2 weeks ago, i also take cymbalta,flexeril,klonopin,many vitamins,,if i take my flexeril at bedtime like i am suppose to with the topomax i have the worst  nightmares and dreams ,i do not have them if i skip the flexeril,but now the Dr. wants me to take 50mg 2 times a day and there is no way i would be in bed all day because it puts me out,will be seeing my doctor to go over my meds and side effects and results of EEG  i hate taking these meds,but no headache
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