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I have been taking Topomax for one month.  My doc prescribed it for me for weight loss.( 50 mg/day) I have not lost a pound...nor have I lost my appetite.  Irritability?  Yes.  Weight Loss--no.  I am on Zoloft 50mg/day for depression for 11 years now.  Does anyone know if Zoloft can deter the weight loss?  I have been struggling with my weigbt for so long and have heard of people having such positive reults from Topomax.  Any advice from anyone?
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you need to scroll down to ,any luck with topamax ,and read they have alote of great stuff to say .i think some of the others are taking zoloft.good luck!!
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Hello all, this is my 1st time writing on this site.  I am finally on my maintenance dosage for topamax for my migraines today.  Of course I hope for the weight loss benefit, but mostly for the end of the migraines.  They have been dibilitating my life for a long time on and off.  This time for the past several months.  It has been very difficult to work, even though I have only misse one full day due to the migraines, I have suffered.  I look forward to living a healthier life.
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Hello- I just started taking 25 mg of Topomax for depression four days ago and thought I would share my side effects for others who are also just starting or considering taking this medication. First of all I should mention that I also take 300 mg of Wellbutrin once a day as well.

Unfortunately the Topamax has caused me to be quite hungry throughout the day and I find myself snacking frequently. This is obviously disappointing since I was hoping that I would lose weight like most of the people taking Topomax. But I am not extremely overweight to begin with, I could certainly use to lose 15-20 lbs that I have gained since taking SSRI's (Zoloft, Effexor, Cymbalta, Lexapro, Prozac and Paxil). After only two days, soda tasted flat and gross. I do find myself thirsty and drinking lots of flavored water. My heels are tingly and I actually have insomnia (and I take the pill at bedtime). Today I feel like a walking zombie. I am going to stick this out for at least a month because I have found most side effects subside with time. My biggest concern thus far is an incident last night. I had very vivid nightmares which resulted in terrible sleep and it was a scary experience. If that happens again I will obviously consult my Doctor and most likely have to stop taking this. But I am really hoping that the first few days are the worse and things will get better. I have been on enough medications to realize that they all come with side effects.

I hopr this might help someone else out there. I found it was helpful to hear that there were a couple of others who also had an increase in appeite as well. I will update if this changes.
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Hi I thought Id say how I am going on it..... It is day4 now and i have had a big appetite as usual until today ... ireally dont want to eat anything its a bit weird really... it could be because im really tired and time of month but ill soon find out!

Hope everyone else finds its working well for them
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Hi, it seems we started topomax around the same time... how r u going with it now?

That is very interesting and peculiar about the nightmares

best of luck to you
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Hello All,
I am doing pretty well on my maintenance dose of 100 mg. of topamax twice a day for migraines.  I also have other problems and take medication for bi-polar and clinical depression, and fibromyalgia.  It appears that topamax can be beneficial in all of my ongoing illnesses.  I am hoping that it will benefit me in everything.  I am still having some problems with some migraines, but they are much better than they were a few months ago.  I have lost 5lbs. now that I am at my maintenance dose, and I hope that benefit continues because I could truly stand to lose 40 or 50 lbs.  And of course that would help not only my fibromyalgia but also my self esteem which could always use a boost.  I am trying to be patient and trust and believe that God will help me through all of my daily trials and tribulations.  I hope that perhaps this will help someone out there.  I would be glad to hear from anyone who has anything similar to my situation or who would just like to write a note I would appreciate it.  Thanks
hi everyone I have been on topomax 25 for 2 weeks and 50 for 3 days so far no weight loss
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Hi everyone, I have been on topamax for 3 weeks. 10lbs latter i am very happy. My doctor didnt precribe it for weightloss though. I have seizures and migraines. My doctor thought it would help out both.I take wellbutin 300,and zyrtec d, I have very little appetite.I have been doing well on my migrains untill my menstral cycle. Oh my gosh i got the worst headache ever.Now on to the forth week and getting back on track. I dont know if i need to go up on my mg. I do try to keep my weight watcher points also. I do exercise now that my headaches are minamal.does anyone have any problems with once a month ?
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Hi everyone, I have been on topamax for 3 weeks. 10lbs latter i am very happy. My doctor didnt precribe it for weightloss though. I have seizures and migraines. My doctor thought it would help out both.I take wellbutin 300,and zyrtec d, I have very little appetite.I have been doing well on my migrains untill my menstral cycle. Oh my gosh i got the worst headache ever.Now on to the forth week and getting back on track. I dont know if i need to go up on my mg. I do try to keep my weight watcher points also. I do exercise now that my headaches are minamal.does anyone have any problems with once a month ?
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Hi there sorry to here you get that problem once a month.. brilliant that u lost 10 pounds tho well done... can i ask what dosage you are on?
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hi all,
did you all know there are 2 seperate posted pages for topamax?
well, there are.
anyhow... how is everyone? I am just fine. I just got off the treadmill. I am surprised at all the new found energy i now have. For any one new here, i am currently on 100mgs of topamax, and 300mgs of wellbutrin. I am 5'1'' and have been on welbutrin for a year this month. just started topamax. March 7 is a moth marker for me. I was 199lbs, and am now at 188lbs.  I am experiencing tingling in my heels mostly now, and most foods now have lost their normal taste for me. I have no appite. I do not eat a whole lot. I am not starving myself, i do have enough commonsense to eat... but i have to make myself eat meals, cause i have absolutly no interest in them.  I am trying to take advantage of the situation and loose as much weight as i can. I am a chubby gal, and have been for awhile. I was put on this med for migrains... it has helped me immensly. But i am alos enjoying the other side effect.... the heel thing, i can deal with. This drug is also a mood stableizer, and trust me... i need one.... and it IS helping me in that department to. Well, keep posting. I enjoy reading all of your enttries. It is nice to know that there are others out there with similiar issues willing to share their expeirences. It helps.
Thanks, Dawn.
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Hi everyone,
How are you doing, Me well,but i have found my appetite again. not quite as much though. I have been sick though.Sometimes antibiotics enhances appetite.I am doing great on the topomax though no headaches since my cycle. I am only on 50mg. I am lucky i guess. That means I have room for going up on a level. I am so happy with it. I do still have air headed moments. my husband says that they are more than normal. He He. I dont care.At least I am out of bed.Before I would just forget thoughts and other stuff after a bad head ache.I am back on track with weight watchers and my tread mill.I have a 10 year reunion this summer and i weigh 40lbs more than 10 years ago. I need to live on the treadmill he he. well talk to you latter. I hope you all are doing great. I really enjoy talking with you.Thanks for all the support.
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Hello again.... well im glad things are going well for you but most of all well done for taking up such a postive attitude as that is often the toughest thing in all of this and u are really doing brillaintly at that by the sounds of it! a real inspiration! As for me im just really hoping and praying that these pills will kick in!! Im on 100 mg (50 am and pm) as of yday and still feel the same in all aspects, including my terrible appetite :-( Things seem to be going downhill to be honest but i am trying to remain positive as it has only been 2 weeks...

Well keep me posted and i will do the same.. good luck on that tradmill a reunion is a good goal to work to, so keep you eye on it ;-)

I was just wondering as well .... you know the appetite thing.. did you find you lost your appetite straight away on the topamax or was it like after a few weeks?

Take care and good luck
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hi everyone.
i am still on 100mgs.
That is where my doc has decided to keep me.
i noticed anymore changes. I am still loosing weight...
about a pound or two a week.
But that is because i put effort into it, i think.....
I get on my treadmill daily, if not twice daily.
i have more energy now.
I have some feelings of hunger here and there, which are
odd to me, cause i would just eat when ever before. i never realy "felt hungry"
I do not feel the need to force my self to eat, although i have no interest in food at all. Nothing sounds good. I just eat a lean cusine meal or a bowl of strawberry frosted shredded wheats for my meals, they are about the only thing i realy think taste half way decent.... oh, and some soups. Pop still is crappy. That is probably a good thing. What good is pop anyhow? i am so glad that the snacking has been eliminated for me. That was the biggest problem for me with my weight gain.
I am more excited about this side effect than i am abot the fact that i have had no more realy bad migrains (yet) ......i have had headaches, though. not major ones, though.
well, hope all is well for everyone on both posted pages for topamax. i post comments on both pages. I am just gonna be lazy and copy and paste this posting onto both pages. (lol) take care everyone!
Later,  Dawn.
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Hey guys,
I found out that my appetite has every thing to do with my fluid intake. If i drink alot i have no appetitle.. If I dont drink I am hungry all the time. Also I found that when I dont take my Claritin D I also have a huge appetite... The mixture of the topamax and Claritin d or zyrtec d for some reason seem to have a great effect on energy and appetite. I also try to not drink caffeine or sugar. Crystal light is the trick.... Peach tea.. no calories,no sugar, no caffien. you cant go wrong.. I promiss you the more you drink on this medication the more weight you loose .... I kept a journal the fluid seems to speed the metobolism...I also take metamucile at night, fish oil in the morining and night and licorice at night..
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i think it is onerful news that Topamax is working for you!
So far it has been helping me too.
I have to say, i think you are on to something with the drinking plenty of water, because..... i've noticed that my weight loss has slowed down sice i have not been consumeing as much water as i had in the beginning.
I am gonna go back to "hording" water...
see what it does.
Thanks for the wake up call there. Bet that is all it takes, well that and some motivation, and movement.... GET ON THE TREADMILL!!!!!! i do! I love my treadmill!
Hey, how many Mgs are you currently on? i am on 100mgs....
my doctor refuses to go any higher, even after i told him i am still getting some headaches.... He suggested takeing something else, i said i would rather not. And so, he said it would be okay to reamain on topamax, but he is not willing to increase my dosage. You see, i like the fact that i do not have Big bad nasty headaches anymore, and do not want them again.... i like the weight loss... it has been awhile since i've been able to loose some weight.... and the mood stablizer, well... that along with the welbutrin i am on, i have never felt better mentally in a long time...why ruin a good thing?
no thanks. so, anyhow.... good for you! and thanks for the advice! please tell, how many mgs you are on, and what it does to your appitite. Have you been exerciseing? and how much have you lost....total, since when....
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Dear Miketish,
Hey I am on only 50mgs.I say only,but and BUT being the big word I also take wellbutin300,& Zyrtec D,Fish oil,and as needed metamucil at night.I think the zyrtec D is the fuel to the fire!!!!It is the combo that kicks the sinus head ache and migrains.Also the appetite. I have to constantly tell myself to drink and eat.Although I have stayed at the 10lbs mark, I havent gone to the doctors in a week. He told me to only weigh in there because all scales are different.I think he doesnt want me to get discouraged. Alot of people loose fast in the first few weeks and then creep in the next. I also have had verry little time to excercise this past 2 weeks vacation and then when we returned home i tried to rack up on hours at work to make up for the ones I lost. you know how that is give and take.I need to get up a little earlier and walk on the tread mill but my lazzy bum would rather sleep. he he. I would talk to your doctor or even try the over the counter claritin d.It is very similar. Becareful taking it though some people react differently to it. I get hipper. I could clean 2 houses, My mom could sleep 2 days. good luck keep drinking (WATER)!!!!!!
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Hey guys im so glad to hear you are doing so well on topamax! Its giving me hope that it still may work for me! Im going up to 125 mg or maybe 150 hopefully as of next week depending on what my doc says... its just not doing anything for me at the moment (im on 50 am and pm).... and also the weight loss thing is a dissapointment ... i was so looking forward to losing my appetite.... im getting very disheartened by this whole thing...
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Dear Miketish,
I got nosy and had to get on the scale last night. 11lbs in tottal.For one month really that is pretty good & only one headache a month (life is getting better)although i am a bitt miffed at my doctor for knowing about this medication and waiting so long to tell me.I have suffered for years.Well I have to go . Still no treadmill today. My grandma is comming i have to get moving. She makes life crazy around here for us.
Actully she is my Husbands grandmother.All she does is complain about being alone. I tell her if she doesnt stop complaining im moving her in here and she finnally stops. The woman is actually amazing. 88 beautiful,fit,bright,witty,and lonnelly and independence is a must.When i look at her I would guess she would be 67.I hope topamax helps me get back to shape like that.see ya...
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How high should you go on the topamx for headaches.I am only on 50mgs a day and i am **** okay.
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you only go as high as you doctor allows you!!!! mine will not go any higher than 100mgs.
and i still get headaches here and there. There just little ones, but i have alot of stress in my life. So i take sudafed sinus headache, it helps a little... i will just keep taking different otc meds for headaches... to figure out which one helps more than the other.
Good luck, take care.
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I dont know how you take sudafed. That stuff put me to sleep.
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I have been on Topomax since Sept 05.
I have been struggling with migraines for about 13 years, and i'm 29. I am also on birth control, Relpax (for onset of migraines), Effexor XR. I have been to the best dr's in the city of Pgh. I have even traveled outside of the city to get other opinions. NOt only do I have migraines, but I also get daily headaches, which most of the time, by late afternoon, turn into a migraine.
I am on 100mg of Topomax. I literally have tried every medication on the market - from Nortiptolene, Midrin, Fiorinal, Inderol, Paxil, Tegretol, Celebrex, etc..you name it. Have had wisdom teeth pulled, eyes checked, jaw surgery, in the hopes that this was the result of the headaches.
Topomax has been, as of now, the only drug that has partially, and I mean, partially helped me. They have taken away about 30% of my migraines. Instead of losing about 1 day of work a week, I lose maybe 1 day a month now. I still come home from work, and most of the time go to bed around 8pm, but that's better than years past - of going to bed around 6p, because I was a zombie, with all the drugs. I have to say this - yes, the side effects of Topomax aren't great. I had/ still have sometimes the unsteady gait, tingliness in hands/feet, nausausness, I have lost about 7-10 pounds - so I'm back to my original 95lbs (i'm only 5ft), but the thing that bothers me the most now is, the memory loss, and the not being able to say things that I want to say - they're right when they call it "Dopamax". It makes me feel pretty stupid most of the time. For now, I'm trading that for a somewhat normal life. I meet with my neurologist next month, to hopefully begin to go off of it, and talk about options of beginning a family, my only dream. I worry about the long term effects. I work in a hospital, and work with dr's, so I am definetly informed and know the right questions to ask.
You all should too. That's the biggest fear I have - the future in our bodies, AFTERwards.
I look forward to continue to read your emails. It's nice to know others are suffering and trying to deal with these issues too. Good Luck!
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Hello, I have been taking Topomax for over 6 months now.  In March, I had my 6 month check up and my mg. was increased due to my migraines worsening again to 100mg twice a day.  Since then I have notice a new side effect in addition to the tingling extremities, which by the way had subsided until the dosage was increased, my hair has started falling out by the hand fulls.  I am only 26 and at this rate if I keep taking this I am worried I will be bald by the time I am 30.  I called my neurologist he said it was an extremely rare side effect and I should take zinc and sellinium vitamins, but I am wondering if it is worth it to even keep taking Topomax at all.  Like Nicole said will the long term effects on our bodies be worth all of this... When I can just take imitrex when I get a migraine to get rid of it.  By the way, those of you interested in the weight loss that is not my intended use, but I have lost at least 10lbs. and forget to eat all the time... Hey there is the memory loss as well... Ha Ha!
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Hello - this is the first time I am posting a comment.  I have suffered from cluster headaches (a form of migraine but worse) for about 30 years and only about 5 years ago discovered that Topamax has been a God-send.  I am currently on 75MG's per day for about a year.  I have lost about 53 pounds - it just melted away!  I am greatful I found your forum because I had no idea why the weight was coming off (and still is) and why I have no energy at all.  You guys have answered all my questions!  One thing, tho.  Most of you state that you are taking some sort of allergy med with the Topamax.  Is there a reason?  I was never advised to do so.  I do take Paxil for depression but have taken that for about 12 years, long before I started the Topamax.
I look forward to any comments.
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