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Trying but can't lose

I've been trying to diet and exercise and the pounds are not shedding.  In the past I have been able to lose weight when I wanted to, but for some reason now the fat is staying put.  I'm 129 pounds and 5'1.5", I feel a normal weight is at LEAST 10 pounds lighter.  I would be happy at 119 pounds.  I was up to 140 pounds last summer and somehow lost 11 pounds.  How do I lose the extra 10?  The one habit I can't seem to break is eating before bedtime.  My body can't sleep if I haven't eaten enough during the day and so I have to compensate with a meal before bedtime so I can sleep properly.  I exercise 5-7 days a week for at least one hour running or swimming, sometimes both adding up to 1 1/2 hours.  I feel so much better about myself when I'm skinnier; I think this stems from the fact that I used to be a dancer.  Any words of advice.  I feel like I've exhausted my resources and I'm out of ideas.  Do I just have to settle for the curves I've acquired?  I'm only 23 years old and my mom and sister are both skinny.  Why can't I lose weight?
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One thing I realized is you can't eat a lot of fruit.  Fruit is good for you but has sugar.  I eat it only in the morning.  Low carb doesn't work (although it would for you actually because you're young).  You could try lower carb.....say 60 grams a day.  You'd be able to eat healthy and lose maybe a pound a week.

Also, look into raw food.  I just started eating more raw food and I lost 2 pounds this last week.  I, like you, seemed to be stalled for a long time...for me about a year.  I'm a lot less hungry with raw food because raw food gives your body what you need.

Linda Joy Allan
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Hi. Linda is definately right about the fruit and raw food.

I'm 23 also and I did atkins at one time and the weight just fell off of me. I kept it off until I got pregnant and had a baby but now it doesn't seem to work for me.

I just started the hcg protocol two weeks ago and have lost 14 pounds. I am very excited and it has been quite easy. My goal ist to lose at least 40 more so at this rate it shouldn't take long.
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Your body has "a mind of it's own". Start with a nutritious breakfast, eat 3 meals a day, healthy snacks in between. Don't eat a large meal just before bedtime. If you skip a meal, your body will "go into survival mode" and store the next meal as fat. If you exercise too hard, your body will burn blood sugar and hang onto the unwanted fat "in order to survive".  Your body also needs high fiber along with low-fat foods. Fiber gives you the feeling of fullness and reduces the urge to over-eat. You may need a colon-cleanse so your digestive tract will absorb the nutrition the body needs for fat-burning fuel.
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Hi, I was in the same boat... Was 240 pounds at 6'6", lost weight down to 223... hit plateau...Found a solution and got down to 197 in 3 months... Try this: Eat ONE colorful meal per day and replace TWO of your regular meals with meal-replacement shakes or smoothies. Healthy, low-fat-high-fiber snacks in between will help with urges. You can regulate and maintain your weight with this system. Other people are using this easy system and some have kept the weight off for 20 years (or 7 years, or whatever).
The bonus of this type of program is lower monthly food costs.
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