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Trying to lose 10-15... Diet Pills

Has anyone here found any diet pills that work?  I still have a very soft belly and some additional pounds from pregnancy and am looking for a little help in speeding up the process.  My husband and I are having a wedding on our daughter's first birthday (since we were orginally married in a courthouse) and then we are having a huge 1st birthday bash for her.  I really want to look great!  I am a stay at home mom and run a small online business that consumes a lot of time and stress.  I have taken different diet pills and successfully lost some weight but wonder if I am at a plateau?  Anyone know of anything that works really well?  Please no lectures!  I'm an adult and know my risks!  I work out and eat right, I just need something to help!
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I hate to say it but diet pills don't really work or if you ever find one that does it will be very short lived. If you want the last 10 lbs off then cardio it up and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Eating healthy is key 5-6 small meals a day.
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hi, thanks for your reply to my question!

the only other pill i've found that sounds effective is the Alli pill -- which is the only one that is FDA approved. it prevents your body from absorbing too much fat so if you eat high-fat meal, you can get some indigestion or diarrhea -- sounds gross but will go away if you eat low-fat. and if you want to give yourself a treat they say you can just skip one pill and you won't have the adverse effects. as a fat-blocker (not a fat-burner), it is a completely different class from pills such as hydroxycut, which work thermogenically. and like i said it is the only one FDA approved!

i also thought i would share with you some tips that have worked very, very well for me in the past. my mother is a martial artist and nutritionist who teaches and owns her own tae kwon do, cardio and pilates academy. she recommends eating six meals a day for a total of 1500 calories. you want to eat about 60-70 grams of protein a day. if you want very rapid results, *you should eat no refined sugars* -- this means no sugar, no wine, no white bread or pasta, no beer, no sugary soda. actually, for the first week, *no carbs,* and not even more than one piece of fruit or juice per day. so you're pretty much eating vegetables, legumes (lentils, quinoa is ok) and lean protein. after the first week you can add whole grains but you still want to stay away from alcohol and sugar and the grains shouldn't be more than one quarter of your caloric intake.

when i did this, i incorporated 1.5 hrs of cardio OR strength traning 5x per week and i was in wonderful shape within a month. it is important to remember that losing weight doesn't often work because muscle weighs more than fat, but the more muscle you have, the quicker you can burn calories and hence burn fat. so strength training, cardio, and the diet outlined above and you will definitely see results.

if you were to add the alli to all of that, i imagine you would have breathtaking results.
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i also want to add that it isn't healthy to eat no carbs for more than a month, but if you wanted to cut out the carbs for a full month you would probably benefit. also, if you find that you have no energy on 1500 calories -- you probably need more calories. it is better to eat more and exercise more than starve yourself and have no energy to exercise, because if you don't eat enough your body then goes into starvation-mode and clings to every last gram of fat that you eat! :-) whereas if you eat a lot (6x per day) and workout (5x per week) your metabolism will really kick in!

good luck!
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Phentermine, phentermine, phentermine...

Now before I get hate messages and lectures... Yes it is probably bad for you and there are a few side effects like, nervousness(which eventually goes away) and dry mouth and dry eyes.

But hey... if you don't care about the risk factors and you want to lose weight. I recommend it. I lost weight with it.

Just don't go back to eating bad when you are done taking the pills or it will all come back.
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hey i want to say that phentermine is the best way to go. i was on it for about 6-8 weeks i lost alot of weight. if i could find another doctor that would give me the pills again i would in a heart beat. so go for it. Good luck
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where can one buy this phentermine?
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